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Kingdom Hearts, just like every other Square-Enix game, is downright packed with side quests and mini-games and hidden things that are always a joy to find. For a littl ehelp along your travels, we have compiled a list of a few things that might help out. If you have a tip you'd like to send in, send an email to .

Tips & Tricks

Alternate ending sequence:
Successfully complete the game with all keyholes, 99 Dalmatians, and the Hades Cup.

  • Hint: Defeating Behemoth:
    At Hollow Bastion, you will have to fight a Behemoth. Climb on his back and attack his horn. Do the same thing in the Hades Cup.

  • Hint: Atlantica: Final Fantasy prelude:
    In Ariel's Grotto, examine the music box to hear a little song, which is the Final Fantasy prelude.

  • Hint: Atlantica: Return back to Monstro:
    Use the Gummiship to go to Agrabah. Fly at normal speed to Atlantica and Monstro will swallow you again. Note: This is if you defeat Parasite Cage the second time.

  • Hint: Deep Jungle: Jane's underwear:
    Go to the camp in Deep Jungle, and enter the tent. Stand to the left of Jane, and look carefully to see her underwear.

  • Hint: Destiny Island: Selphie's underwear:
    If Selphie is sitting on the edge of the pier, take a barrel and put it directly in front of her under the pier. If you stand on the barrel, you should be at eye level with Selphie's stomach. Occasionally, she will move and you can see her underwear.

  • Hint: Spells to use on white mushrooms:

    Shivering: Cast Fire
    Fanning themselves: Cast Blizzard
    Light over their head: Cast Thunder
    Floating in the air: Cast Gravity
    Spinning around: Cast Aero
    Laying on the ground: Cast Cure
    Completely motionless: Cast Stop

  • Hint: Postcard locations:

    In the Item Shop, attack the fan on the ceiling. This will be much easier if you lock on first. The second Postcard will give you a Mythril Shard.

    Go up the stairs to the right of the Accessory Shop, then go up the stairs on the left, up past what resembles a display case. In the far right corner, you should see a blue box. Examine the box to get a Postcard. The third Postcard will give you a Mega-Potion.

    Go to the Gizmo Shop located in the Second District and walk to the door on the other side. To the right will be a ladder. Walk up it past the bridge and across the rooftops until you reach a vertical hole that goes to the third district. Walk to the corner near the right to find the hidden postcard. The fourth postcard will give you a Mega-Ether.

    There is a Postcard on the roof of the Accessory Shop. If you look down the hall past the stairs to the right of the Accessory Shop, you will see several boxes. Push the largest of these boxes next to the side of the Accessory shop to reach the roof and the treasure chest next to the chimney for one Postcard. The fifth Postcard will give you a Mythril.

    As soon as enter the second district from the first district, look over to your right. You will see a treasure chest sitting on a ledge. Hop onto the street light on the edge of the street corner. That will get you close enough to make the jump onto the ledge. The sixth Postcard will give you an Elixir.

    The clock that is stopped at "6:54" has two Postcards.

    The blue trinity in the first district, NA.

  • Hint: 99 Dalmatian locations:

    1-3 Traverse Town District 3: Look behind the magic shop. You have to get Glide to get them.

    4-6 Traverse Town District 2: Use the Trinity move behind the item shop.

    7-9 Traverse Town District 1: You can find them in a chest. Use Item Forge.

    10-12 Traverse Town Sewers: Look for stairs going up in the sewers. The box is close.

    13-15 Wonderland: Go to Queen's courtyard. Find a chest near the exit in the ceiling.

    16-18 Wonderland: Go into the forest. There will be a blue chest in the trees.

    19-21 Wonderland: Use the exit that is up and Glide to Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

    22-24 Olympus Coliseum: Look for a Trinity mark at the entrance, then activate it.

    25-27 Deep Jungle: When you jump over the hippos, look for a chest near a vine.

    28-30 Deep Jungle: Go into the high jungle and look for the dogs in the tree branches.

    31-33 Deep Jungle: Activate the Trinity mark near the exit in the jungle nest.

    34-36 Deep Jungle: Activate the Trinity mark near exit of the camp.

    37-39 Agrabah: Go into Aladdin's house and find a chest.

    40-42 Halloween Town: The chest is in the pumpkin patch.

    43-45 Neverland: Go to the Big Ben area. Fly and look for puppies behind the starting location.

    46-48 Agrabah: Go into the fourth market square and use High Jump to get it.

    49-51 Agrabah: Go into the magic cave and Glide to the pedestal.

    52-54 Agrabah: Get Aladdin in your party and activate the crystal in the treasure room.

    55-57 Monstro: In the third area, you can see it near the upper exit to the sixth area.

    58-60 Wonderland: Return to the Queen's courtyard, then go to the pot in the dining room.

    61-63 Hollow Bastion: Finish every challenge, then go to the lab to get the puppies.

    64-66 Halloween Town: Reach the doors next to the platform in the pumpkin patch to reach the crypt and chest.

    67-69 Halloween Town: Look underneath of the stairs in one of the houses.

    70-72 Halloween Town: Located in the big pumpkin statue. Jump and Glide to get it.

    73-75 Monstro: Look for a red chest in the mouth.

    76-78 Monstro: Go to the upper platforms in the third area and look around. Then, jump and Glide to the chest.

    79-81 Monstro: In the second area, look for a chest on a barrel in the high area.

    82-84 Neverland. Go into the ship and go to the middle of the room near the brig.

    85-87 Neverland: Active the Trinity mark inside the ship.

    88-90 Neverland: Located in the captains quarters, on the bed.

    91-93 Hollow Bastion: Located near the falls.

    94-96 Hollow Bastion: Located outside of the castle. Open the emblem door, then jump into the moving elevator.

    97-99: Use Gravija, then get the floating chest outside the castle.

    Credits to Kingdom Heartz for the info.
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