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Final Fantasy 4's characters each have their own rich and diverse back-story and, of course, their own strengths and weaknesses. As you travel the world, each of these adventurers (except for Golbez) will join your party and will help you to defeat the evils of the world.


Name Cecil Harvey
Class Dark Knight / Paladin
Gender Male
Age 20
Height 178cm (5'10")
Weight 58kg (128 lbs)
Dexterity Right Handed
Origins Baron Kingdom

Skills D.Knight: Fight, Dark, Item
Paladin: Fight, White, Cover / Off, Item

Weapons D.Knight: Dark Swords
Paladin: Light Swords, Broadswords, Axes, Staves, Daggers, Bows

Cecil is our main character, the commander of Baron Kingdom's prestigious fleet of airships, the Red Wings. Orphaned at a young age, Cecil was adopted by the King of Baron at the age of two. Cecil entered the Baron Military Academy with schoolmate Kain. After completing their secondary education, Cecil soon became a platoon commander, it was then that his military prowess was recognized. At the behest of the King, he mastered the dark sword and becomes a Dark Knight...the embodiment of darkness. Around this time Baron's Red Wings were established and he was placed in command as Captain by order of the King. While he maintains his humainity despite his profession, he will not allow himself to accept the affections for Rosa, a white wizard and long time friend. It is Cecil which our story revolves you will see Cecil was destined to become the hero of our story from his very birth...


Name Cid Pollendina
Class Engineer / Mechanic
Gender Male
Age 54
Height 159cm (5'3")
Weight 67kg (148 lbs)
Dexterity Right Handed
Origins Baron City

Skills Fight, Peep, Item

Weapons Mallets, Bows, Dirks

Cid is the Chief Engineer of well as the inventor of the Airship...the machine at the heart of Baron Kingdom's power, the Red Wings Fleet...though Cid doesn't always agree with the aggressive utilization of his dream. Cid loves the skies and loves being around people. He lives alone with his daughter after the passing of his wife. Cid has known Cecil, Rosa, and Kain since they were young and treats them like family. As a fighter Cid isn't as strong as his younger friends but his airships will do his part in the race to save the Blue Planet.


Name Edward "Edge" Geraldine
Class Ninja
Gender Male
Age 26
Height 165cm (5'9")
Weight 51kg (112 lbs)
Dexterity Ambidextrous
Origins Eblan

Skills Fight, Sneak, Dart, Ninja, Item

Weapons Katan Blades

Late in the game you will meet Edward Geraldine, Crown Prince of Eblan. Eblanians are known for their skills in the Ninjitsu arts, which combine the fighting techniques of Knights, Monks, and Mages. "Edge", as he is known, is a master of the ninja style. Edge is a very confident, albeit pompous, individual. He fancies himself a ladies man. Underneath this proud exterior lies a honorable heart with a profound sense of justice...which will guide him someday when he ascends the Eblanian throne.


Name FuSoYa
Class Lunarian Sage
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Dexterity Right handed
Origins Unknown

Skills Fight, White, Black, Regen, Item

Weapons Staves & Rods

The last playable character you encounter will be this man... FuSoYa. He is a mysterious individual who is not of the Blue Planet, known only as a "lunarian". FuSoYa, while mysterious to us, knows a great deal about the war on the Blue Planet as well as Cecil, Golbez, and others. FuSoYa also has all of the magic that is known to the world, including the legendary "Meteo". He is a powerful ally and an essential source to learning the truth behind the Crystals.

Gilbart (A.K.A. Edward)

Name Gilbart Chris von Muir (Edward Damcyan)
Class Bard
Gender Male
Age 24
Height 174cm (5'8")
Weight 51kg (112lbs)
Dexterity Right handed
Origins Damcyan

Skills Fight, Sing, Heal, Hide / Show, Item

Weapons Lyre

Gilbart is the Crown Prince of Damcyan, heir to become the seventh king of the region. Reared in an indulgent royal family during peaceful times Gilbart grew to become a mild- mannered and soft-hearted young man. As a Damcyan Royal it was expected for him to excel at recitation and business skills. Gilbart was blessed with a talent for oration, and is admired by the citizens of the kingdom. Yet he shows no interest in business or wealth. He leaves the kingdom for a while to entertain the people of the world as a bard. It was during this time that he meet the love of his life...Anna. They later eloped and returned to Damcyan without the knowledge of Anna's father, Tellah.

Golbez (NPC)

Name Golbez
Class* Dark Warrior Mage
Gender Male
Age* 24
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Dexterity Right handed
Origins Unknown

Skills* Fight, [Black, Summon,] Item

Weapons* [Rod, Sword, Spear?]

Golbez, the man of darkness, eventually gains control of Baron's Red Wings and begins to collect all the Crystals for the King. Golbez appears to be very influential over the recent evil sweeping the land. Not much is known about Golbez but when you find out...the reality is a shock to everyone, especially Cecil. To learn What lies behind his cloak of darkness you will have to play the game to find out. Golbez is a non-playable character (without a cheat device) and is covered because of story significance.

* There was no official data for this character, so we made an "educated guess" as to what would best describe the character given the known information


Name Kain Highwind
Class Dragon Knight (Dragoon)
Gender Male
Age 21
Height 183cm (6')
Weight 61kg (134lbs)
Dexterity Left handed
Origins Baron Kingdom

Skills Fight, Jump, Item

Weapons Spears, Broadwords, Axes

Kain is Cecil's rival...and best friend who specializes in air fighting techniques. Kain comes from a long line of Dragoons and is a master of the spear. In Baron, where most soldiers are pressured to master the dark sword, he shuns this path to follow in his father's footsteps instead and live as a dragoon. Enigmatic yet compassionate, Kain is a valiant warrior. Unknown to Cecil, Kain secretly has feelings for Rosa though his sense of friendship and honor has always kept him from the pursuit.


Name Rosa Farrell
Class White Wizard
Gender Female
Age 19
Height 162cm (5'4")
Weight 47kg (104lbs)
Dexterity Right handed
Origins Baron City

Skills Fight, White, Pray, Aim, Item

Weapons Bows & Staves

Rosa is a childhood friend of Cecil and Kain, and by this very fact the Heroine of our story. She follows in the footsteps of her mother, who once defended the knights of Baron as a white mage. As did her mother for her father, Rosa studies white magic largely to help her sweethart, Cecil. She also has mastered the skill of archery with the longbow, making her fairly self sufficent. Although usually reserved, Rosa has a strong will and an adamant side to her that suprises even Cecil.


Name Rydia of Mist
Class Summoner
Gender Female
Age Chronologically about 7
Height 107cm (3'6")
Weight 18kg (40lbs)
Dexterity Right handed
Origins Mist Village

Skills Young: Fight, White, Black, Call, Item
Mature: Fight, Black, Call, Item

Weapons Young: Staves, Rods, Bows
Mature: Rods, Whips, Bows

Rydia is a girl who once lived peacefully with her mother in the summoner's village, Mist. Like her mother, she has the ability to summon magical beasts, and can cast black and white magic spells. Her honest, cheerful, and courageous personality lifts the party's spirits when the going gets rough. Don't be fooled by her demure beauty, Rydia is strong minded and won't take any disrespect from anyone...including a brash young ninja.


Name Tellah
Class Sage
Gender Male
Age 60
Height 177cm (5'10")
Weight 48kg (106lbs)
Dexterity Right handed
Origins Mysidia

Skills Fight, White, Black, Recall, Item

Weapons Rods & Staves

Tellah was the greatest sage the world had ever known, until he began to forget all the advanced spells he had learned (though he occasionally remembers some of them). When you first meet him he is on his way to Damcyan to see about his daughter Anna. She has run off with some "Bard" and he will need your help to get through to the Damcyan capitol to find her. Tellah is a stubborn, close minded old man. But his intentions are in the right place, and he's a powerful ally who'll be the first to rush into the fray when the situation looks bleak.


Name Yang "Fang" Lieden
Class Karate Master / Monk
Gender Male
Age 35
Height 182cm (5'11")
Weight 76kg (168lbs)
Dexterity Ambidextrous
Origins Fabul Kingdom

Skills Fight, Power, Bear, Kick, Item

Weapons Claws

Yang is a humble and taciturn monk from the eastern kingdom of Fabul. Through his training as a monk, Yang achieved a high level of is rumored that he is second to none. Thus renown for his skill and prowess in fighting among his peers, Yang was given command over the Monks of Fabul and oversight of their training. Despite his achievements Yang maintains his honor and humility, making him a powerful ally and devastating foe.

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