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Skill User Description
[ - ] Skills List
Cover Paladin Cecil Fully playing the part of the true pure hero that he becomes, Cecil can leap in front of his friends and take some of their blows for them.
Jump Kain Dragoon attack! Like the mighty Flying Dragon, Kain leaps into the air (and temporarily out of his enemy's reach) and pierces his foes with his powerful lance. As cool and useful as it sounds.
White Magic Paladin Cecil, Young Rydia, Tellah, Rosa, Porom, FuSoYa Oh, if only we had White Magic in real life... This Recovery Magic is pretty much integral if you want to survive in FF4's world.
Black Magic Rydia, Tellah, Palom, FuSoYa Oh, but BLACK magic would be so fun in real life as well... Imagine, using powerful attack or status causing spells on the school bully.
Call Magic Rydia For the first time in America, Final Fantasy Mages get to Call gigantic, hulking beasts (and the occasional cute little Ice Goddess...) to aide them in their battles. Life is good.
Sing Edward "Oh my! Look at the big strong monster! I'd better..... SING!" -_- Almost as useless as it sounds. Edward can... sing... and it causes various things to happen (nothing good, mind you.)
Hide Edward "I'm done singing. That monster... just seems to look madder now... better hide!" Draws Edward out of the fight, therefore not letting his sorry butt get kicked even harder.
Aim Rosa Uses bow and arrow to aim at the enemy and cause more damage than the normal attack.
Kick Yang Cool kick that causes a bit of damage to all enemies.
Twin Magic Palom & Porom Palom & Porom cast these spels together during battle. For being so annoying, these spells rule! :)
Peep Cid Same as "Peep" spell. Shows HP/MP of enemy as well as its weaknesses. Fairly cool.
Sneak Edge Steals an item from the enemy. I don't know why it's called "Sneak" and not "Steal," but... blah.
Dart Edge Throws a knife/sword/projectile at the enemy. (It helps A LOT.)
Ninja Magic Edge Magic passed down through the ages by Ninjas. Spells are similar to white & black magic. Pretty nice.

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