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Name Description Cost
[ - ] Curatives
Alarm Wake all N/A
Unicorn Heals non perm stats in battle N/A
Cure1 Recovers HP 30
Cure2 Recovers HP 150
Cure3 Recovers HP N/A
Ether1 Recovers MP 10,000
Ether2 Recovers MP 50,000
Elixir Restores HP / MP 100,000
Life Restores Life 150
Gold-Pin Cures Stone N/A
MaidKiss Cures Frog N/A
Aprntice Cures Small N/A
DietFood Cures Piggy N/A
EchoHerb Cures Silence N/A
Eyedrop Cures Darkness N/A
Antidote Cures Poison N/A
Symbol Cures Curse N/A
Heal Restores Status 100
Golden Permanently raises HP by 100 N/A
Silver Permanently raises HP by 50 N/A
SomaDrop Permanently raises MP by 10 N/A
Tent Rest: Recovers HP/MP 200
Cabin Rest: Restores HP/MP 1000
[ - ] Attack
??? ??? 6250
Fragment Casts Fire2 N/A
RightArm Casts Fire3 N/A
S. Pole Casts Ice-2 N/A
N. Pole Casts Ice-3 N/A
ZeusRage Casts Lit-2 N/A
GodWrath Casts Lit-3 N/A
Stardust Casts W-Medio N/A
Lillith Casts Psych N/A
Vampire Casts Drain N/A
Bacchus Casts Bersk N/A
Hermes Casts Haste N/A
Copper Stops Enemy (short) N/A
Silver Stops Enemy (medium) N/A
Golden Stops Enemy (long) N/A
Skape Casts Image N/A
Fire-Bomb Fire Attack N/A
Ice-Ball Ice Attack N/A
Lit-Bolt Lit Attack N/A
Light Casts Wall N/A
Spirit Casts Explode N/A
Lunar Casts Wall N/A
Silence Casts Mute N/A
Quake Casts Quake N/A
Cuahl Casts Fatal N/A
Summoner Calls Random Summon N/A
Monster Casts Search N/A
Alarm Calls Enemies N/A
PornoMag Favorite Book N/A
Teleport Casts Exit N/A
DwfBread Casts Sight N/A
Imp Magic N/A
Bomb Magic N/A
Coctrice Magic N/A
Mage Magic N/A
DkMatter Reduces Zeromus's Attack Damage N/A
Dummy **** N/A
Dummy **** N/A
Sort The Sort Command N/A
Trash Wow! I have two TrashCans N/A
[ - ] Scenario And Extra
Package Destroys Mist N/A
SandRuby Heals Rosa N/A
Baron Opens the way to Baron Castle N/A
TwinHarp Communicate with Edward N/A
Earth Trade for Rosa N/A
Magma Opens the way to Underground N/A
Tower Opes the way to SuperCannon N/A
Luca Opens Sealed Cave N/A
Darkness Darkness Crystal N/A
Rat Trade for Adamant N/A
Pan Smack Yang with it N/A
Adamant Give to Smithy for Excalibur N/A
Crystal Use to see Zeromus's true form N/A
Pass Use to get into the Show N/A
Pink Trade for Adamant Armor N/A
[ - ] Chocobo Stuff
Carrot Summons Chocobo at "Smells like Chocobo" Spots 50
Whistle Summons Chocobo Anywhere 20,000

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