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Final Fantasy 4 doesn't have many secrets, but those that do exist are very interesting. In several different areas you can find new information, hidden enemies or amazing items that you wouldn't find anywhere else. Take these secrets into account when playing your game to get some neat items.


Where the hells that Pink Puff?
The Pinkpuff At the end of the game in the crystal room (right before the final fight) you can encounter an extremely rare enemy called the "Pink puff" if you are lucky, you can win a pink tail off of him and give it to the tail guy and he will award you with the best armor in the game (adamant armor).

Getting the Excalibur
This sword is really easy to miss. Remember that rat tail you found in the land of summoned monsters? well take it to the guy in the cave by silveria and he will give you a piece of adamant. Take it to the dwarf smith in the underworld and he will forge you the excalibur.

Beating Bahamut
Extremely late in the game you will notice there is a cave on the moon that is optional to complete. Inside there is bahamut, There is only one way to defeat him. and that is to reflect his Mega Flare attack using the spell "wall" doing so this wil make this fight easy as possible. *note you must have defeated leviathan before bahamut will challenge you.

Getting Odin
Late in the game, Visit the basement of Baron castle and fight odin, If you beat him. you will be able to call him.

Dark Matter
During the fight with zermous you can steal an item called "dark matter" with edge, having it in your inventory protects you from the "big bang" attack.

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