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Item Location Effect
[ - ] Rare Items
Adamant Armor On B5 of the Lunar Underground find an interior room with a chest containing a cabin. Walk around until you encounter a group of PudPrincesses. Beat them to randomly get Pink Tail. Bring it to the tail collector near Silvera to get more adamant. Bring the adamant to the blacksmith in the underground to forge the armor. Will only take a few points of damage per physical attack.
Ancient Sword Go to the watery pass between Baron and the Castle. At the save room there are boulders lining the wall to the right. There is one space you can walk through. Go through a secret passage to get it. Puts Curse on enemy...Very weak
Apparite Wand Go to Mist village with an airship. Find the house with the unlit fireplace and walk through it. You will reach a treasure room. Walk down and you'll find the chest. Changes characters from / to frogs, pigs, or tiny
Artemis Wand Fight Warlocks and Karys in the Lunar Underground (first level I think) or the cave that leads to Bahamut. Best bow. Win Artemis Arrows from them Karys.
Avenger Sword In Sylvan cave you will reach a room with 6 treasure chests. The sword is in the bottom middle chest. Two handed, and picks the enemy to fight randomly. Pretty powerful though.
Blood Spear On the top floor of the right tower in Castle Eblana you will see a chest right behind the pitfall. In the upper right corner of the room, walk through the wall and around to get to the chest. Drains HP from enemies to user. Reverse effect on undead. Not very powerful.
Cleaver Go to the Sylvan cave and find Yang after you left him in the tower of Babil. Go back to Fabul and talk to Yang's wife. She will give you a pan, go back and use it on Yang in the Sylvan cave. Go back and give the pan to Yang's wife again. She will give you the Cleaver. Does 9999 damage when thrown by Edge.
Crystal Ring Fight Red Dragons in the Moon's Core Best ring.
Cursed Ring Fight Spirits and Souls on Mt. Ordeals or Skull Dragons and Zombiesaurs in the Lunar Underground. Lowers your stats
Dragon Spear Fight Blue Dragons in the Lunar Underground. Effective against undead and has a low chance of instant death. It's probably the spear that you want to keep.
Dragon Whip Fight Blue Dragons in the Lunar Underground. Very effective against Dragons (3000+ damage).
Energy Staff Comes with FuSoYa and can be bought in the Phantom Land. ?? Try using it on an ally with Wall on them. Does strange things.
Giant Gauntlet Fight Skeletons and Bloody bones on Mt. Ordeals, Skulljars and Bloody Bones in the Eblana Cave. The best gauntlet, around a third better than the Crystal Gauntlet.
GlassMask Fight Phases in the Moon's Core. Best helmet, much stronger than any other one.
Lilith Rod Fight Liliths on Mt. Ordeals. Very weak. Casts Osmose when used as an item. Probably not worth it.
BreakBlade Won from Black Liz's and Eggs where Black Liz's hatch. Will take a long time, 3 hours or more fighting. Has average attack power and turns your enemies to stone.
Minerva Robe Found in a chest in the Lunar Underground or can be won from Warlocks or Karys who can be found in the beginning of the Lunar Underground or the cave that leads to Bahamut. Second only to the Adamant ARmor for Rydia or Rosa
Power Robe Fight Behemoths in the cave that leads to Bahamut or the Lunar Underground. Very weak, don't bother getting.
Ribbon Helmet Find a pair after fighting a two Lunarsauruses in the Lunar Underground. Can also get some by fighting Warlocks and Karys in the cave that leads to Bahamut. Most powerful helmet a wizard can wear besides the GlassMask.
RuneAxe Fight DemonSoldr in the early levels of the Lunar Underground or in the cave where Bahamut can be located. Has a very low hit rate (10%). Very effective against Wizards and magic users.
Silence Staff Won from Summoner in the path to the Summon Land. Casts Mute as an item, and has a high attack power.
Slumber Sword Go to the left tower of Eblana Castle. After you enter the door (you will be out of sight), go right. This is a secret passage that leads to the chest. Puts enemies to sleep. Not very powerful but worth a lot of money.

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