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Item Description
[ - ] Items List
Antidote Cure poisoned party member.
Dried meat Recover 150 HP.
Echo screen Remove mute spells.
Elixir Replenish completely HP/MP to one party member.
Ether Refills 150 MP.
Eyedrop victims of dark spell can clear their eyes with this item.
Fenix Down With this item, wounded party members revive.
Green Cherry Reverse the effect of imp spell.
Magicite Call a random esper.
Megalixir Recover HP/MP to all party member anywhere in the game.
Potion Refills 250 HP.
Remedy Recover all status ailments except zombie.
Rename Card Item to change the name of your characters.
Revivify Recover from zombie effect.
Sleeping bag Recover Hp/Mp completely to one party member at a save point.
Smoke Bomb Escaping from a battle.
Soft Reverse the effect of stone.
Super Ball cause injuries to the enemies.
Tent Recover HP/MP to all party members at a save point.
Tincture Refills 50 MP.
Tonic Refills 50 HP.
X-Ether Refills completely the MP of a party member.
X-Potion Refills completely the HP of a party member.
Warp Stone Same effect as smoke bomb + can escape from underground dungeons.
[ - ] Tools List (Only usable by Edgar & Gogo)
Air anchor Enemies will start to destroy themselves if attacked by this item.
AutoCrossbow Fires arrow at all enemies.
Bio Blaster Use it to enshroud your enemies in a green cloud of poisonous gaz.
Chain Saw Dispatch enemies with it.
Debilitator Create a weak point to an enemy.
Drill Slash through an enemy with this powerful drill.
Flash Stun your enemies with a bright flash from this camera.
Noise Blaster Confuse your enemies with this tool.
[ - ] Flying Weapons List (Usable by Shadow & Gogo)
Bolt Edge Attack by creating a lightning storm.
Fire Skean Attack with a blazing wall of flame.
Inviz Edge The thrower become invisible to the enemies.
Shadow Edge Cast a series of shadows of the thrower.
Water Edge Attack with the power of a massive tsunami with this item.

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