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Name Abilities Cost Equip
[ - ] Relics List
Economizer All Magic costs 1 Mp X All
Marvel Shoes Various Effects X All
Wall Ring Casts Wall 6000 All
Mithril Glove Defence +6, Casts safe when HP is low 700 All
Star Pendant Protects against Poison 500 All
True Knight Protects members whose HP is low 1000 All
Sniper Sight 100% Hit Rate 3000 All
Sprint Shoes Allows group to run 1500 All
Tintinabar Recvers HP with each step X All
White Cape Def +5, Mbl +10%, Protects against imp, mute 5000 All
Peace Ring Protects against berserk, muddle 3000 All
Earrings Raises magic damage 5000 All
Hyper Wrist Vig +50% 8000 All
Jewel Ring Protects against dark, petrify 1000 All
Fairy Ring Protects against poison, dark ?? All
Barrier Ring Casts Shell when HP is low 500 All
Black Belt Random counter attack 5000 All
Ribbon Protects against all status ailments X All
Back Guard Protects against back attack, pincer attack 7000 All
Cure Ring Casts regenerate X All
Running Shoes Casts Haste 7000 All
Goggles Protects against dark 500 All
Sneak Ring Raises success rate of steal, Sp +5 3000 L
Atlas Armlet Raises fight damage 5000 All
Gold Hairpin MP cost +50% X All
Blizzard Orb Let's umaro use an ice attack, Mag +5 X U
Guard Ring Casts Safe 5000 All
Genji Glove Equip two weapons X All
Dragoon Boots Changes fight to jump 9000 All
Muscle Belt HP +50% X All
Dragon Horn Everyone in group can jump X All
Relic Ring Makes character undead X All
Czarina Ring Casts Safe, shell when HP is low 3000 T,Ce
Coin Toss Changes Slot into GP Rain X Se
Cherub Down Casts Float 6300 All
Beads Ev +20% 4000 All
Zephyr Cape Ev +10%, Mbl +10 % 7000 All
Rage Ring Makes Umaro much stronger, Vig +5 X U
Gale Hairpin Increases chance of pre-emptive attack X All
Safety Bit Protects against mortal magic attacks X All
Moogle Charm No random enemy encounters X M
Crystal Orb MP +50% X All
Merit Award Character can equip anything X All
Exp. Egg Doubles experience earned X All
Gauntlet Weapons can be held in both hands X All
Amulet Protects against zombie, dark, poison 5000 All
Thief Glove Changes Steal into Capture X L
Charm Bangle Fewer Enemy encounters X All
Pod Bracelet Casts safe, shell X All
Gem Box Changes Magic into X-Magic X All
Offering Changes Fight into X-Fight X All
Fake Mustache Changes Sketch into Control X R
Hero Ring Raises fight and magic damage X All
Cursed Ring Cursed, learn X-Zone X5 X All
Memento Ring Protects against mortal magic attacks X Sh, R

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