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Every Final Fantasy game has several different secrets. Many Final Fantasy fans enjoy these secrets because it allows them to go deeper into the game and learn new and exciting things or get new items. We hope you may use these secrets to your advantage while playing Final Fantasy 6.


Get Another Memento Ring
On the top floor of Strago's house, in Thamasa, you can get another Memento Ring by going to the left corner of the room, by the table and chairs. Face down and press A. (Note that only Relm and Shadow can equip the Memento Ring. Could this one be Shadow's Memento Ring?)

At the world of ruins,go to the weapon shop at Narshe and you'll be given choice to pick up Esper Ragnarok or Ragnarok Sword.I'd prefer 'Ragnarok Sword' since you can also learn ultima (besides from the 'ragnarok' esper) by uncursing the Cursed Shield.

Air Anchor
You can get an Air Anchor in the Fanatic's Tower, instead of betting Genji Armor at the Collosseum. Go to the second treasure room, go to the space directly to the right of the treasure chest, face up, and press A. Now go out of the room. Down one flight of stairs is a new room.

Finding the Break Blade
To find the Break Blade: in the MagiTek Factory, there is a corridor of empty, intact glass tubes (just before the room where you meet Cid and get a lot of Magicite). There is an invisible walkspace by the bottom-left tube; check for a treasure chest down there.

Odin to Raiden
You can change the Esper Odin into Raiden by doing as follows: Get Odin in the Ancient Castle, then go to the Queen's throne (the one on the right from your view). Walk five steps down from there, and you'll step on an invisible switch, which creates a stairway to the right. Go down the stairs and talk to the Queen. You might want to wait before you get Raiden, because Odin is the only Esper which gives a speed bonus at level up.

World of Ruin Experience Building
A good experience building tactic for the World of Ruin: Take one party member who knows Vanish to the island Doma Castle is on. Cast Vanish, and walk around on the green (grass), fighting monsters (don't forget the Exp. Egg!). Fights can give you character up to 20,000 experience points per battle, and there is very little risk. The only attack that can cause damage is LifeShaver, which is cast by TumbleWeeds.

Beat the MagiMaster
To beat the MagiMaster with no problems, simply cast Bserk on him. He won't be able to WallChange and he'll lose a lot of spellcasting abilities. Be sure to cast Life3 on party members, because he'll cast Ultima at the end of the battle.

Multi-Party Saving Trick
If you are in a multi-party situation (like the Phoenix Cave or Kefka's Tower), you can save and use tents for all party members when only one of them is at a save point. Leave one party on a save point, then venture forward until another party reaches a save point, then trade.

Gain A Tintinabar
In Mobliz in the World of Ruin, visit the wounded soldier. He will ask you to send a letter for him. Send it by going to the post office, then take a rest at the Inn. Go back to the soldier, and he will have another letter to send. Repeat these steps several times, and eventually you will get a Tintinabar.

Some Nifty Items
In south Figaro, when you play Locke's scenario, go staight down after it asks you if you want to change clothes (right before you go and save Celes). There are some nifty items in that secret basement.

White Cape
In the Returners Hideout, go to the northmost room (there are three chests and a bunch of boxes in it). Walk around to the right of the boxes, then go down and to the right to get a White Cape.

Cyan Cinema
In Cyan's Dream, when you drop into Doma, go into Cyan's room before you fight Wrexsoul. There will be a cinema of Cyan there. Also, look around other places in Doma during Cyan's dream. There are several cinema scenes.

Seven Shadow Dreams
According to SquareSoft, Shadow has seven dreams. Many people have written to me telling me they can only see five, and I myself have not seen all seven. Try sleeping in Thamasa, Doma Castle, and the Colosseum in the World of Ruin. A few dreams can be seen in the World of Balance, also. If you see all seven dreams (you have to sleep over and over and over), Shadow's portion of the ending will be different, and he'll stay alive!

Be Careful Sleeping Around
In the World of Balance when you have to be concerned about money, be careful about using Tents and Sleeping Bags. If you have one or two people in your party, use Sleeping Bags. If you have three or four people in your party, use tents. Sleeping Bags cost 400 GP, and Tents cost 1200 GP.

Pay For Shadow's Services
When you travel to Kohlingen from Narshe in the World of Balance to find Terra, bring only three in your party. You'll meet Shadow at the Inn, and he'll join you ... for a price.

Leave That Treasure!
When you travel from Figaro Castle to South Figaro through the cave early in the game, leave all the treasure chests alone! When you return there in the World of Ruin, the treasures there will be more valuable.

Quick Ribbon
Find the second basement floor in South Figaro (in Locke's Scenario) and walk straight down from the treasure chest and press A. There is a hidden chest with a Ribbon in it.

Top Of Fanatics' Tower Quicker
To get to the top of the Fanatics' Tower easily, just bring Mog and have him wear the Moogle Charm. The Moogle Charm is in the World of Ruin where Mog was standing in his cave in Narshe. Stand there and press A to get it.

Missed This Cutscene?
A cut scene in the game that most people miss: After the airship crashes in the World of Balance, go back to it and go into the engine room. You'll learn more about Daryl.

Magicite Auction
At the Auction house in Jidoor, you can get the Magicite for the Epsers "Golem" and "Zoneseek".

Edgar's Chainsaw
Set the clock in Zozo to 6:10:50 to get Edgar's chainsaw

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