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Every game in the Final Fantasy series has a series of rumors. Some of them are true, and, of course, some of them are false. Listed below are just some of the rumors for Final Fantasy 6.

  1. If you battle 1000 times in the forest north of the veldt, in the world of ruin, you will get a special item which you use on General Leo's grave to bring him back to life and gain him in your party.

  2. If you get the 7th dream for Shadow, he remembers that Relm is his daughter and so he stays alive when you finish the game. It has also been said that some confused this "UNCONFIRMED" dream as being the dream Relm gets if you don't wait for Shadow before leaving the Floating Island.

  3. Landing in a specific area in the water will lead you to a place where you get Emperor Gestahl in your party (World of Ruin)

  4. When Terra is alone and has gained her Morph ability, you can press the A button while outside on map to fly.

  5. If you defeat Siegfried in the colosseum, he will then appear on the Veldt. If he does and you defeat him, he will join your party.

  6. After you defeat Wrexsoul, you can notice that one of the characters is in Magitek armor. It can be found in Doma castle if you find a hidden switch located in the castle which will open a hedden room in which the Magitek armor is contained and you may "equip" or "unequip" to whomever you choose.

  7. Rumor has it that GOGO is actually one of the following: Daryl (She crashed in a distant land and her body wasn't found), Emperor Gestahl (He was kicked off the floating Continent, he could have survived and has a grudge against Kefka), or even Baram (The one who was Shadow's partner when they were thieves).

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