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Though magic is scarce in the world of Final Fantasy 6, it abounds in certain characters and should be used as often as the chance arises. This valuable type of attack can save lives in even the hardest of battles.

Magic List

Spell Description MP Cost
[ - ] White Magic
Cure1 Recover some HP 5
Cure2 Recover more HP 25
Cure3 Recover a lot of HP 40
Antidot Cure "Poison" status 3
Life Recover from death 30
Life2 Recover from death with all HP 60
Life3 Equivalent of Auto-Life 50
Regen Gradually recover HP 10
Remedy Recover from all status ailments 15
[ - ] Black Magic
Fire Fire elemental attack (weak) 4
Fire2 Fire elemental attack (moderate) 20
Fire3 Fire elemental attack (strong) 51
Ice Ice elemental attack (weak) 4
Ice2 Ice elemental attack (moderate) 21
Ice3 Ice elemental attack (strong) 52
Bolt Bolt elemental attack (weak) 4
Bolt2 Bolt elemental attack (moderate) 22
Bolt3 Bolt elemental attack (strong) 53
Poison Enemy gradually loses HP 3
Drain Steals HP from an enemy 15
Bio Enemy loses HP quicker 26
Break An enemy turns to stone 25
Doom Instantly kills an enemy 35
Pearl Holy elemental attack 40
Flare Attacks one enemy with blazing fire 45
Demi Removes 1/2 of an enemy's HP 33
Quarter Removes 3/4 of an enemy's HP 48
X-Zone sends an enemy into another dimension 53
Meteor Meteors rain down on all enemies 62
Ultima The ultimate black magic 80
Quake Earth elemental attack 50
W. Wind Takes 90% of an enemy's HP 75
Merton A big ball of fire attacks everything on screen, even your party 85
[ - ] Strategic Magic
scan Checks the HP / MP of an enemy 3
Slow Slows down an enemy's movement 5
Rasp Decreases enemy's MP 12
Mute One enemy cannot cast spells 8
Safe Raises an ally's defense 12
Sleep Puts one enemy to sleep 5
Muddle COnfuses an enemy 8
Haste Raises attack rate of an ally 10
Stop Literally stops an enemy 10
Berserk Allies only attack, but with more power and more often 16
Float All earth attacks are negated 17
Imp Turns an enemy into an Imp 10
Reflect Magic spells bounce back on caster 22
Shell Raises magic defense 15
Vanish Allies cannot be physically attacked 18
Haste2 Same as haste, but for all allies 15
Slow2 Same as slow, but for all enemies 26
Osmose Steal an enemy's MP 1
Warp Lets you escape from battles and dungeons 20
Quick Gives you 2 attacks before anyone else 99
Dispel Removes all negative status effects from an ally 25

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