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Final Fantasy 6 has several different tips & tricks that can help you on your journey throughout the world. Whether by meeting new people or gaining new information, hopefully these tips and tricks will add an extra something to your game.

Tips & Tricks

Save Cid
At the start of World Ruins,you need to feed Cid so he doesn't die.You have to feed him with the fast moving fish 10 times or he dies.If you feed it with the rotten fish (the slow one),he'll die also.The fast moving fish isn't there everytime,to fix this problem,just talk to cid again.Everytime you talk to cid,the kind and numbers of fish at the shores will change ! Here's the tip,after you get the fast moving fish (You can see from your rare item list),go save your game.Then talk to cid and go back to the shores.If the fast moving fish isn't there,simply load your game,and talk to cid twice.Repeat this until you found the fast moving fish and catch it.Also don't go in and out from Cid's house too often or he will die.
Submitted By LMagnuz

Cast Magic For Everyone
You can actually cast magic to everyone (IE : Cure,Fire,Bolt,etc).Just press your L and R button at the same time.
Submitted By LMagnuz

Half Price To Buy Items
When you get to Figaro caste (the one you can move between the desert),put Edgar in the lead and go shopping there,as the price will be cutted to half :D
Submitted By LMagnuz

More Tips:

1) To make a lot of levels quickly, bring only one person to the forest north of the Veldt (in the World of Ruin), and equip that character with an Experience Egg. After you win the battles with the Tyranossaurs,you'll get around 17 000 exp.To kill the Trex faster,just cast Vanish then Doom and he'll die instantly.You may also equip Gem Box if you want.Note : In this forest you can also encounter the other dinosaur (i forgot its name) that much harder than the trex and give you more exp and magic points, but it's very rare. Vanish/Doom trick also works on this one.

We call this "Dino Forest" :P

2) To rack up some magic points in the World of Balance, go to the Triangal Island and use Doom on Intagnirs when they show up. You'll get 10 per fight.

3) To gain magic points in the World of Ruin, go to the desert south of Maranda and you'll fight Cactrots that give you 10 magic points and Hoovers that give you 5 magic points. You'll also gan a bonus 10 000 gp for every battle.

4) The clock in ZOZO must be set to 6:10:50

5) In Daryl's tomb, use the Phantom Esper and you will be invulnerable throughout the entire journey till the boss.

6) When Terra is asked by Banon to join the Returners, say no. Then go to a room far up. The man in there will give you a Genji glove.

7) (SUGGESTION)Instead of taking the Ragnarok Esper, take the sword, then trade it for the Illumina at the colloseum. To learn Ultima, equip the Cursed shield and a Ribbon and fight in 255 battles to get the Paladin Shield. With this, you learn Ultima at a rate of x1.

8) In Kefka's tower, bring Locke and Strago to battle all the three statues. This way, by fighting Doom, you can get the Force Field Lore, plus the Three Statues have rare items wich can be stolen.

9) The best tactic to defeat most of the enemies is first to cast Vanish on them, and follow it up with a Doom spell. (This isn't suggested for players who like epic battles with every boss, but it can be good at the right times).

10) If you have a controller with an AUTO function, play until the Lete river. Change the options for bannon so that Health is first instead of fight. Once you reach a place where it asks if you want to go left or up, leave the controller on AUTO. Leave the game on for as long as you want, and when you'll return, you will be happy to see an increase in levels.

11) For those who are power hungry, try not to gain too many levels until you get the Airship in the World of Ruin. Once there, use the Level building trick as stated above, but equip the character with an esper that gives +2 to a certain ability. (good suggestions are +2 strenght espers to Cyan and Sabin, +2 magic espers to Terra, Celes and Strago, etc...).

12) Do not get the Raiden Esper immediately after getting the Odin Esper. Instead, bring one character to the Dino forest ot make levels and equip that character with the Odin Esper. Making levels, that character will gain 1 point to his speed per level. Once the speed is in the 100's, the character will be quicker than a normally hasted one, and when the quick character is hasted, well... (I suggest Locke but any charcter of your choosing is just as good. It all depends on one's personal choice).

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