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Remiem Temple is a vast temple just off of the entrance to the Calm Lands. This temple is home to a number of mini-games that yield vast and interesting rewards. Fulfilling all of the mini-games in this area is well worth the time and effort.

Remiem Temple Information

Remiem Temple
(Click to Enlarge)

Getting There

So you're wondering how you get to Remiem Temple? Remiem is hidden away within the Calm Lands, and the only way to get there is via Chocobo. Once you've got a Chocobo from one of the people in the Calm Lands, steer your large chicken towards the entrance and you'll find a Chocobo feather. Press X at the feather, and you'll hop down to a previously-inaccessible area. Enter, and there you'll be!

The Race

The Remiem Temple race starts when you hop aboard your Chocobo on the right side of the Temple. The other Chocobo (your opponent) is on the opposite side of the Temple. Your objective is to get to the end of the massive maze before your opponent. Following the red line in the image above is our suggested course. Making it to the end under certain circumstances can yield some wonderful prizes.

First Time: Cloudy / Clouded Mirror
Touch 0 treasure chests: Potion
Touch 1 treasure chest: Elixir
Touch 2 treasure chests: Mega Elixir
Touch 3 treasure chests: Wings to Discovery x30
Touch 4 treasure chests: Pendulum x30
Touch 5 treasure chests: Three Stars x60

The Aeons

Remiem Temple is also home to Belgemime, that summoner that you met several times along the road. She is the summoner who is "in charge" of the Magus Sisters summon. Please see our Aeons page for more information.

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