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Thanks to our very knowledgeable and learned visitors, we have a number of visitor's game guides to peruse through. These guides are as informative (if not moreso) than our own information, so feel free to look through them if you get the chance! If you have a guide you'd like to add to our collection, send am email to .

FAQ / Walkthrough File Size Author
[ - ] Game Guides
Kimari's Blue Magic Guide 2 KB [email protected]
Gameshark Guide ? KB [email protected]
Gameshark Guide (#2) ? KB [email protected]
Instruction Manual Translation 17 KB [email protected]
Story Translation Guide 303 KB [email protected]
Inorigo Training Room Walkthrough 11 KB [email protected]
Wairo (Bribe) FAQ 6 KB [email protected]
Item Usage List 14 KB [email protected]
Al Bhed Book Location FAQ 3 KB [email protected]
Steal FAQ 6 KB [email protected]
FAQ/Walkthrough 41 KB [email protected]
Action Replay 2 Codes 22 KB [email protected]
Secrets Guide 37 KB [email protected]
Sphere Board Translation 159 KB [email protected]

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