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Dark Aeons are, without question, the hardest bosses in any version of Final Fantasy 10. If you're looking for a challenge, you've come to the right place. Note, however, that these bosses are only available in the International version of FF10. You won't find them in any other version.

Dark Aeons

Dark Valefor

Location: Entrance to Besaid Village
Tactics: Very Easy, a perfect attack reel will kill her. Auto-phoenix to play safe.

Dark Ifrit

Location: Entrance to destroyed Al-Bhed Home (Bikanel Island Extreme North)
Tactics: Easy, attack reel and blitz ace will kill her. Use aeons when her overdrive is full to block. Auto-phoenix recommended.

Dark Ixion:

Location: Thunder Plains (talk to soldier under lightning tower north of trading post)
Tactics: Easy, as long as you have sleepproof, or better still ribbon, and auto-phoenix. This is bacause his normal attacks cause sleep in addition to full break. You need to fight him twice.The first time you fight him,he will only cast Aerospark when his overdrive is fully charged. Beware of his Thor's Hammer overdrive during the second fight. Use Aeons to block if your HP is low, and as his second incarnation is slower, quick hits should take him down before he has a chance to use it.

Dark Shiva:

Location: Entrance to Macalania Temple.
Tactics: Max agility is a must otherwise she will kill you before you have a chance to attack. Use Aim several times to be able to hit her. Beware her Heavenly Strike which is instant kill even with ribbon armor, rely on Auto Phoenix. Use Aeons to block her overdrive as usual. Other than that she is not so hard.

Dark Bahamut:

Location: Place where you fought Yunalesca (Where the Sun Crest is)
Tactics: This is where is starts to get tough. Use all the tactics mentioned above and use Aeons just before his overdrive is full and shield because he will do Mega Flare as soon as his bar is full circumventing your turn (i.e. bar almost full, hits you, bar full, immediately Mega Flare before you have a chance to retaliate). Auto-Life helps against his Impulse. His favourite tactic is to do impulse when his bar is full, then immediately uses the full overdrive to do Mega Flare. Impulse has a 100% chance of turning you to stone, so stoneproof, or better still ribbon is a must.

Dark Yojimbo:

Location: Caverns of the Stolen Fayth (Teleport to end then walk out)
Tactics: Firstly, you need to fight him 5 times by chasing the summoner back to the entrance of the cave, you can save between fights but if you reload you have to start all over again. So i recommend going to save points to recover between fights. His attacks all have a chance of instantly killing your characters by doing 99,999 damage, and his evade is very high so do Aim MANY times. Quick hit is the way to go with back up from Blitz Ace and Attack Reel. His attacks can also do status effects but i had ribbon so i am not sure what they are. His overdrive attack is an instant kill and even if you have auto-life, you will not be revived so using Aeons to block is a must.

Dark Anima:

Location: Mount Gagazet, redo the challenge in which Wakka had to throw a ball at the revolving thing then teleport back to the entrance to Mount Gagazet and Dark Anima will be there waiting for you. I had the most trouble finding her and must thank my cousin, Izaac, for noticing that Anima looked fishy (remember the shell) and so made me go swimming around Mount Gagazet.
Tactics: She is hard, and not just for the HP. Her "Pain" is an instant kill attack which does not damage so overdrive comrade mode will not charge. Her Mega Graviton attack will do incredible damage based on your max HP, so unlike other gravity based attacks it can kill you outright if your HP is low. Her overdrive does incredible damage not to mention draining MP. Lastly for such a huge lump, she is very hard to hit, so once again do Aim like it is free, actually it is so just do it until you feel comfortable. As noted from her huge HP, this battle will take a long time but the standard tactic of lots of aiming, Quick Hits and using Aeons to block his overdrive will win out eventually.

Dark Magus sister:

Location: Mushroom Rock, from exit of Mi'ihen Highroad walk until you encounter two summoners. A cutscene will commence then the combat.
Tactics: I don't know, I just grand summoned Yojimbo, paid him 1.3 Million Gil and hoped for Zanmato. Normal way of fighting not sure how but i suggest using an Aeon to block Delta Attack as they start in overdrive then concentrate on one of the sisters and kill her to stop future Delta Attacks.

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