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Beneath each character's HP and MP is an overdrive guage. When it's fully charged, the character in question cna perform a special attack called an "Overdrive". When this becomes available, press <- (LEFT) to access your overdrive(s). Guages charge whenever a character takes damage. This setting can be changed as you travel through the game.



Tidus' Overdrive attack is similar to Squalls' Renzokuken. After taking, or inflicting enough damage Tidus will reach his overdrive mode. In all his overdrives there is a moving bar that you have to stop in the middle, the quicker you can stop it, the stronger the attack will be. The following is a list of Tidus' Overdrives.

Overdrive Target Attempts Required To Learn
Spiral Cut One enemy Default
Slice and Dice Random Perform 10 successful Overdrives
Energy Rain All enemies Perform 30 successful Overdrives
Blitz Ace All Enemies Perform 80 successful Overdrive


Yuna's Overdrive is Grand Summon. Any Aeon so summoned will appear with it's overdrive gauge at maximum. After the Aeon uses it's Overdrive attack the Overdrive gauge returns to it previous position thus the previous gauge wasn't wasted


Auron's Overdrives require the swift input of button combinations much like Zell's. The quicker you input the combination the stronger the attack will be. Auron gains a new Overdrive after acquiring recorded spheres throughout Spira.



Status Ailment Attempts Req.

Dragon Fang

All enemies



Shooting Star

One enemy


1 Sphere

Banishing Blade

One Enemy

Power Break, Armor Break, Magic Break, and Mental Break

3 Spheres


All Enemies


All 10 Spheres

Sphere Location
Jecht Sphere Locations
Jecht Sphere 1 Spheromorph boss fight, Macalania Forest
Jecht Sphere 2 Besaid Village, to the right of the temple entrance
Jecht Sphere 3 SS Liki, on the bridge (board at Besaid)
Jecht Sphere 4 Luca Stadium, Basement A
Jecht Sphere 5 Mi'ihen Highroad, Oldroad, South
Jecht Sphere 6 Moonflow, South Wharf
Jecht Sphere 7 Thunder Plains, South
Jecht Sphere 8 Macalania Woods, South
Auron's Sphere Mushroom Rock Road, Precipice
Braska's Sphere Mountain Trail, Mt. Gagazet


Kimahri's Overdrive is Ronso Rage, in other Final Fantasy games, such as Final Fantasy 9, it is referred to as Blue Magic, or Enemy Skill. Except for Jump Kimahri has to use his Lancet ability to learn new Ronso Rages. Kimahri's Overdrive gauge will fill immediately once he learns a new Ronso Rage.

Name Description Get it from...
Blue Magic / Kimahri Skills
Jump Damage single enemy Kimahri begins with this
Seed Cannon Damage single enemy Grath, Balsam
Rotate Kick Damage single enemy Metal Soldier Type 11
Aqua Breath Damage by Water to all the enemies Kimaira, Kimaira Brain
White Wind Recovers half of the HP of all the allies Dark Purine
Mighty Guard Cast Barrier and shield to all allies Behemoth, King Behemoth
Flame Damage by Fire to all the enemies Grendel, Dual Horn
Self Destruct Forces suicide on enemies Bomb, Grenade
Stone Breath Cause the Petrified state to all enemies Basilisk, Hedge Viper
Death Sentence The enemies die in 5 turns Ghost
Bad Breath Causes several altered states to all enemies Marlboro, Marlboro Great
Nova Damage to all the enemies Omega


Wakka starts off with Element Reels and acquires his other Overdrives by winning blitzball games in both leagues and tournaments. Whenever you use Element Reels slots will start spinning and it is up to you to stop them correctly. If you match three of the same elements (red is fire, white is blizzard, blue is water, yellow is lightning) Wakka will attack all enemies with that element for massive damage. If you match two status elements then Wakka will only attack one randomly selected enemy, with medium damage. The same goes for his three other overdrives.


Lulu Overdrive is fury. With fury lulu can cast any Magic spell that she has learned several times without spending any MP. Select fury, then start moving the right analog stick in a circular motion clockwise. Lulu can use her Overdrive even if she has silence on her, and her magic isn't effected my Shell or Reflect.


Rikku's Overdrive is Mix. With Mix you can take two items, and put them together and see the outcome. There are 64 different combinations, so if you would like some help on mixing some stuff, see our combinations list.

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