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The "Bribe" ability is an extremely useful ability in its own respect. By quite literally paying your enemies, Rikku can nab some of the best items in the game. Be wary! This move is extremely expensive. Use it if / when you really need to only.

Bribe Information

The first thing you need to do to use Bribe is to, of course, learn it! It is an ability on the sphere grid that will most likely be learned by Rikku first. After using bribe and finishing a battle, your will gain your item(s). The following is a list of items you can get by bribing:

[ Items Name - Ammount of Item you'll get - Monsters Name - (Monsters Location) ]

Door Of Tommorow * x1-3 for 74,000 from Mech Leader (Mt.Gagazet)
Lvl. 3 Key Sphere x40 for 900,000 gil from Demonolith (Omega Ruins/Inside Sin)
Lvl. 4 Key Sphere x2 for 196,000 gil from Chimera Brain (Calm Plains)
Skill Sphere x2 for 360,000 gil from Zu (Bikanel Island)
White Magic Sphere x2 for 256,000 gil from Dark Flan (Gagazet MT Cave)
Black Magic Sphere x2 for 152,000 gil from Black Element (Near the save point at Omega Ruins)
Mega Phoenix x2 for 8,600 gil from the Alcyone (Bikanel Island)
Special Sphere x6 for 1,088,000 gil from Adamantoise (Inside Sin / Omega Ruins)
Chocobo Wing x60 for 360,000 gil from Machea (Omega Ruins)
Wings to Discovery x4 for 540,000 gil from Malboro (Calm Plains)
Pendulum x99 for 1,400,000 from Ultima Weapon [1 TIME ONLY] (Omega Ruins)
Remedy x80 for 92,980 gil from Lord Ochu (Djose Road)
Remedy x8 for 15,600 gil from Ragora (Kilika Island)
Supreme Gem x20 for 260,000 from Halma (Omega Ruins)
Winning Formula X15 for 900,000 from Sand Worm (Bikanel Island)
Stamina Tablet x50 for 188,000 from Ogre (Calm Lands)
Mega Elixir x20 for 1,120,000 gil from Varuna (Near the save point at Omega Ruins)
Return Sphere x3 for 36,000 gil from Dark Element

* Note: You need to get 10 of these to learn the AP OVERDRIVE ability, which will allow you to use the AP trick to level up faster. After you learn this ability, equip it to a weapon and set your Overdrive mode to Stoic or Comrade. All received hits will be converted to AP after battle. For more information, read the AP Trick FAQ by CronoRye.


Tip #1
If you've already captured some of the listed monsters before, you can just go back to the Monster Arena and fight them. This way, you don't have to spend more time searching for the monsters again and again. Just remember, some types of Robots like Defender Z, Mech Leader, etc. cannot be captured).

Tip #2 (Easy Money)
Sometimes, when you walk around the save point at the Omega Ruins, you'll find one enemy guarding a treasure chest. If you steal the treasure chest (don't Mug), it will give you items like Turbo Either or Mega Potion. If you're lucky, a secret monster will sometimes appear instead, called Mimic. Beat this monster to get 50,000 Gil. If you have the Gillionaire Ability (from Rikku's Ultimate Weapon), you'll get 100,000 Gil for each fight.

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