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Macalania Woods is home to yet another mini game, in this case the butterfly mini-game. In this game, you have to collect a certain number of butterflies in a short amount of time. Doing so awards you Kimahri's Saturn Sigil!

Butterfly Mini-Game

Butterfly Mini Game Butterfly Mini Game Butterfly Mini Game

Click the pictures above to enlarge. The leftmost map is the first version of the butterfly minigame, playable when you first get to Macalania Forest. The middle map is the second version of this minigame, playable after defeating the Spherimorph boss. The rightmost map is the third and most difficult version of this minigame, playable after you can control the airship.

In all of these pictures, the top map is the central forest, and the bottom map is the north forest. The red circles on each map are obviously the red butterflies to avoid, and the blue circles are the blue butterflies you need to touch. The red line that runs through each map is the suggested route. Prizes are as follows:

- First version, completing one map: MP Sphere x1
- First version, completing two maps: Ether x1
- Second version, completing one map: Mega Elixir x2
- Second version, completing two maps: Elixir x2
- Third version, completing one map: Teleport Sphere x1
- Third version, completing two maps: Kimahri's Saturn Sigil

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