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Blitzball is, without a question, Final Fantasy 10's most important mini-game. Though some people enjoy it and others hate it, this mini-game can keep just about anyone addicted for hours at a time. Below is a list of key tips that may help you in your Blitzballing ventures.

Blitzball Information

Key Legend

HP - Ability Points
EN - Withstand attacks
AT - Attack strength
PA - Passing strength
BL - Blocking
CA - Catching (goalie only)
ST - Shooting Points

A Blitzball Sphere

Offense / Attacking
  • Each team has 6 players.
  • As you move around the field, your teammates will move accordingly.
  • You can choose between automatic or manual control. In automatic control you do not have to worry about moving the offensive palyer.
  • Each player has a preset amount of HP that is depleted as you move around the field. Once a player's HP is completely depleted, they must pass or shoot.
  • Players that do not have control of the ball regain HP over time.
  • Players also have a preset number of PS that will determine if a pass will be successful. Your PS must be greater than the amount required to pass to your teammate.
  • There is also a preset amount of ST. As you approach the goal, your ST will decrease. You must have at least 1 ST to shoot, and it must be higher than the goalie's CU to produce a successful goal.
  • Every person can learn special abilities; as a rule these abilities cost more points, but are well worht it in the end.

Tidus gets tackled...or the closest thing to it.

  • If a defensive player has a CU equal to or greater than the a player who is passing, that player's pass will be intercepted.
  • The offensive player can use a move called Breakthrough, that has a chance of avoiding defensive players.
  • At certain times, players may use the "Capture" abilitiy. This ability will allow the player to capture an opponent's move and use it against them later.

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