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Each of Final Fantasy 10's characters are, in their own way, complex and extremely fascinating. Their backstories span across genders, areas, and even years. Though, indeed, some of them can be a little irritating, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses.



Tidus Name: Tidus
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Japanese Voice: Seiichi Morita
English Voice: James Arnold Taylor

Tidus is a young rambunctuous Blitzball player, and the main character in Final Fantasy X. Ever since his childhood, Tidus has hated his father. He values his friends and is always willing to save the ones he loves.


Yuna Name: Yuna
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Japanese Voice: Mayuko Aoki
English Voice: Hedy Burress

Yuna is a young summoner who is determined to defeat Sin. She is tired of living in her the shadow of her father, High Summoner Braska. Her and her guardians travel from temple to temple to obtain Aeons. She also uses White Magic.


Kimahri Ronso Name: Kimahri Ronso
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Japanese Voice: Katsumi Chou
English Voice: John Di Maggio

Kimahri is a warrier from the Ronso tribe. He has watched over Yuna since her early years. He is devoted to Yuna and serves her loyally as a guardian (even though he rarely talks).


Seymour Guado Name: Seymour Guado
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Japanese Voice: Sunichi Suirabe
English Voice: Alex Fernandez

Seymour is head of the Guado Race, and the newest Maester of Yevon. Seymour, however, is only part Guado. His father, Lord Jyscal, was a Guado who married a human: a fact that he loathes about his upbringing.


Lulu Name: Lulu
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Japanese Voice: Rio Natsuki
English Voice: Paula Tiso

Lulu is very wise and full of vigor. Her experience is very valuable to the party. Lulu treats Yuna as if she were her sister. Although she may seem insensitive at times, she truly is a caring person. She specializes in the art of Black Magic.


Rikku Name: Rikku
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Japanese Voice: Marika Matsmoto
English Voice: Tara Strong

Rikku is a young, cheerful, and hyper Al Bhed girl. Her father is the leader of the Al Bhed tribe, and Yuna is her cousin. Since she is Al Bhed, she destroys mechanical enemies with ease, and can steal from enemies as well.


Auron Name: Auron
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Japanese Voice: Hideo Ishikawa
English Voice: Matt McKenzie

Auron is the legendary guardian who accompanied High Summoner Braska on his pilgrimage to defeat Sin ten years ago. He has a cold personality, but his intentions are pure: to guide Yuna on her pilgrimage, and give Tidus a hand on the way.


Wakka Name: Wakka
Age: 24 (or so)
Gender: Male
Japanese Voice: Kazuya Nakai
English Voice: John Di Maggio

Wakka is captain of the Besaid Aurochs Blitzball Team. He plans to retiroe from the sport after this year's tournamnet so he can become a full-time guardian. He strongly believes in Yevon, and thinks that it can do no wrong.


Cid Name: Cid
Age: ??
Gender: Male
Japanese Voice: K˘ichi Sakaguchi
English Voice: Michael McShane

Cid is the leader of the Al Bhed people, and Rikku's father.

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