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Thunder Plains is one of the many areas that you travel through along your quest, and home to several different side-quests. You'll be coming back here a lot, so get used to it!

Thunder Plains

Thunder Plains Map

Click the picture above to enlarge. The map on the left is the south plain, and the map on the right is the north plain. Frequency of lightning strikes is denoted by number of bolts. One bolt means infrequent, two bolts means somewhat frequent, and three bolts is very frequent. The circles with X's are lightning towers. Dodge bolts by pressing the [x] button in the US release, and [circle] in the Japanese import. The prizes are as follows:

- 5 consecutive bolts dodged: X-Potion x2 (US) (JP)
- 10 consecutive bolts dodged: Mega Potion x2 (US) (JP)
- 20 consecutive bolts dodged: MP Sphere x2 (US) (JP)
- 50 consecutive bolts dodged: Strength Sphere x3 (US), Attack Power Sphere x3 (JP)
- 100 consecutive bolts dodged: HP Sphere x3 (US) (JP)
- 150 consecutive bolts dodged: Mega Elixir x4 (US), Last Elixir x4 (JP)
- 200 consecutive bolts dodged: Venus Sigil (US), Fire Star Holy Seal (JP)
- 30 combined bolts dodged or struck by: Ether x1 (US) (JP)
- 80 combined bolts dodged or struck by: Elixir x1 (US) (JP)

For the Cactuar stone sidequest at the thunder plains, read see our Ultimate Weapons page.

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