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Name Location(s) Effect
[ - ] Accessories
Star Pendant Shinra HQ, Gongaga village Protects against Poison
Talisman Defeat H0512, Gongaga Village, Rocket Town Spirit +10
Protect Vest Defeat Rufus, Rocket Town Vitality +10
Poison Ring Defeat Motorball Absorbs Poison
Power Wrist Defeat Bottomswell, Rocket Town Power +10
Silver Glasses Junon, Gongaga Village Protects against Darkness
Headband Junon, Gongaga Village Protects against Sleep
White Cape Defeat Jenova Birth, Gongaga Village, Mideel (after destruction) Protects against Frog and Small
Fire Ring Costa Del Sol Mansion Basement, Mideel Nullifies Fire
Fury Ring Gongaga Village Invokes Berserk
Fairy Ring Cave of Gi, Mideel (after destruction) Protects from Poison and Darkness
Jem Ring Defeat Materia Keeper, Mideel (after destruction) Protects from Paralyze, Petrify and Slow
Earrings Rocket Town Magic +10
Choco Feather Wutai Dexterity +10
Peace Ring Defeat Rapps Protects against Berserk, Fury and Sadness
Champion Belt 16,000 BP at Battle Square Power & Strength +30
Ribbon Temple of the Ancients Immune to all status effects
Water Bracelet Correl Valley Drains Water attacks
HypnoCrown Correl Valley Cave Increase Manipulation rate
Safety Belt Great Glacier Immune to Sudden-Death, Petiry and Slow
Reflect Defeat Jenova Death Sets up Reflect
Ice Ring Mideel Shop (after destruction) Nullifies Ice
Amulet Mideel Shop (after destruction) Luck +10
Bolt Ring Mideel Shop (after destruction) Nullifies Lightning
Touph Ring Steal from Reno at Crashed Gelnika, Midgar Vitality & Spirit +50
Tetra Elemental Cactuars Absorbs Fire / Ice / Lightning / Earth
Sneak Glove Sector 6 Slums (Disc 2) Increases Steal %
Cat's Bell Chocobo Racing prize Restores HP as you walk

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