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Final Fantasy 7's travelling system provides you with a number of vehicles which enable you to cross several different terrains. Ranging from Chocobos to airships, you won't ever go bored with the variety FF7 offers.


Walking is the standard form of transportation. You'll find this movement type in any game you find (and in real life), so there's nothing really new about this. Walking on terrain will pit you up against random enemies. You cannot walk through the ocean or through streams.

Chocobos are kind of like a cross between giant chickens and horses, in that they look like giant chickens and you can ride them to and from places. There are several different types of chocobo, each allowing you to pass through different types of terrain. The Gold Chocobo, the ultimate one, allows you to cross any type of terrain. The gold chocobo cannot fly like in Final Fantasy 9, though.

Accepting Dio's challenge and winning at the Gold Saucer will land you with a slightly faster form of walking: the buggy. This large truck allows you to cross streams and land (but not mountains or water) at a slightly faster pace than walking. You still must fight random encounters while in the buggy, though.

Tiny Bronco
The Tiny Bronco is a small airplane made by Cid Highwind that, once you get it, can't fly. Though it cannot fly, however, this small plane has its benefits, ranging from crossing oceans to crossing streams. That's all it can do, though.

Stealing the Submarine from the Shinra underwater base allows you to use it as often as you like. This vessel allows you to dive underwater, go across oceans and go through streams. Using the Submarine is the only way to fight Emerald Weapon or examine the Sunken Gelnika.

The Highwind is the best form of transportation in the world of Final Fantasy 7. This airship allows you to fly wherever you wish (assuming it has grass to land on) at a very fast pace. The airship is also equipped with a resting and saving point and a Chocobo stable, allowing you to take your Chocobo wherever you go.

There are actually two different "stages" of the Highwind. When you first get it, the Higwhind is completely powered by propellers. However, at a specific point in the game the propellers pop off to reveal rocket-engines. This will allow you to go across the world at a faster pace.

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