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If the Gold Saucer were a place in the real world, it would be, by far, one of the most popular theme parks. Final Fantasy 7's Gold Saucer is full of side quests, mini games and, of course, fun!

"Welcome to Gold Saucer! Many attractions await you here at Gold Saucer. You will be moved and excited, thrilled and terrified! Led from one zone to another...Unlike anything you've ever experienced! Make YOUR memories...Today"

Ok � first an overview. The Gold Saucer is the huge plant-like thing you can see when approaching Corel - but the only way to get to it is by going through North Corel. There you'll find the ropeway station and the entrance to the fantastic-ness that is the park (the FMV you'll get to see when going for the first time will say it all).

To enter the park you can either pay 3000 gil for a single pass (allows you one entry into the park) or a lifetime pass/gold ticket for 30000 gil. You can also get a gold ticket with 300GP, but more on that later. You'll see a save point � which you won't be able to use until you get some GP � like Disney Land, Gold Saucer is a bit of a rip-off when it comes to prices, but it's definitely worth it. If you're lucky, you'll see a little bloke right in the far corner of the screen near the save point � if you talk to him and have enough gil, you can exchange it for GP. Winner!

The park is made up of 8 'squares': Chocobo Square, Battle Square, Wonder Square, Event Square, Ghost Square, Round Square, Station Square (haha...Oh I'm so easily amused) and Speed Square. I'll go into detail of each one:

The Squares

Station Square
This is where you are when you first come in. Nothing interesting, except for the trolly-thing back to Corel, the GP guy at the back and the ticket seller at the front.

Wonder Square
"A number of games await you here. Collect GP at Wonder Square and play some more!"

If this is your first visit to the Gold Saucer, you'll meet the fantastic Cait Sith right here. He'll entertain you with a great fortune-telling dance and eventually join your party. Unfortunately, a lot of the best mini-games will be locked.

However, if you're on the later discs, then they'll all be open and you'll be able to relieve those fantastic quests like Snowboarding or the Highway Chase - You get GP for beating them as well...Well, for most of them...

Arm Wrestling Mega Sumo (100 Gil)
A bit pointless, this one, but good if you really hate your control pad. You can choose two levels: Sumo Wrestler or a simple Wrestler - Choose one and beat the living daylights out of hte circle button for a while. You'll get 1GP for beating the sumo and 2GP for beating the Wrestler.

Super Dunk (200 Gil)
A really big pain in the backside: hold and release circle to hopefully throw the ball into the basket.

Wonder Catcher (100 Gil)
Another pointless one - But you get items from it sometimes.

G Bike (200 Gil)
The Highway Chase from disc 1. I don't need to go into this one. You get 10 gil for beating it each time.

Fortune Telling (50 Gil)
Just randomly tells you useless things

Mog House (100 Gil)
It's so darn cute. You help a little mog named Mog (coincidence? I think not!) to fly, get a mate and have lots of hot, steamy...Nevermind. There's a knack to doing this. Feed the fat bugger a nut and then wait a few seconds - if he does a little pose and makes one of those cut mog noises, then leave him alone and he'll get whatever it is he's doing right. Over-feed him and he'll fall falt on his face. After you've finished it all you'll see the end sequence - talk to the person standing behind you and he'll give you 30 GP.

3D Battle (200 Gil)
Most annoying game ever: It's like Rock, Paper, Scissors but harder. Just tap the Triangle, Square and X buttons and hope for the best. Don't ask me about GP - I've only ever gotten to stage 3.

Submarine Game (200 Gil)
The Submarine Huge Materia episode relived. Every time you beat this game you'll receive 20 GP.

Snowboard Game (200 Gil)
The snowboarding episode relived: definitely the best mini-game in here because it expands depending on how well you do. You get 10GP for the first completion.

Once you're done enjoying yourself with these mini-games, check the first screen and talk to the woman in the corner. She will sell you things for GP:

Item Price
Potion 1 GP
Ether 20 GP
X-Potion 80 GP
Turbo Ether 100 GP
Gold Ticket 300 GP
??? Materia 500 GP
EXP Plus Materia 1000 GP
GIL Plus Materia 2000 GP

Battle Square
"Go to the limits in heated battles! Try your hand at the special Gold Attack!"

At the cost of 10GP for turn, this is a really good place to test not only your battle skills, but also your battle strategy. This square takes place gauntlet style: one character of your choices goes into the battle arena and takes on a number of battles, each time gaining a handicap:

Battle Square Handicaps
Lucky 7 - No Handicap
Cure - Some HP restored
Small arrow down - Down Five Levels
Big arrow down - Down ten levels
Boot - Speed down
Poison - Poisoned
Small sword - Minimum -> character is put into a mini status
Green Materia - magic materia is locked
Blue Materia � support Materia locked
Red materia � summon materia locked
Yellow materia � command materia broken
Pink materia � independent materia broken
All materia icons � All materia locked
Item sack � Item command locked
Frog � toad status inflicted
Watch � x30 damage -> a lot of HP is taken from you
MP � MP is reduced by half
HP � HP reduced by half
HP/MP � reduced by half
MP0 � Zero MP
Armour symbol � Armour broken (defence is lessened by a lot)
Accessory symbol � Accessory broken
Weapon symbol � Weapon broken (weapon does less damage)

The handicaps that you choose from the slots decide how much BP you get after the battles. Here's a hint: tap the square button a bit during the slots sequence; they'll slow down slightly and you\;ll get a chance to see all of the options. Choose them well. It's handy to have a ribbon as well, as that nullifies the negative effects (except level decreases, x30 damage, speed changes, etc.).

With your new-found BP, you can buy some items from the machine slightly below and across from the information desk.

Item Price
Remedy 100 BP
Enemy Lure Materia 250 BP
Right Arm 500 BP
Pre-Emptive 1000 BP
Regan Greens 2000 BP
Speed Plus Materia 4000 BP
Stardust 8000 BP
Championship Belt 16,000 BP
Omnislash * 32,000 BP
W-Summon Materia * 64,000 GP

* These items can only be bought once

Be warned: Once you leave the Battle Square, your BP count goes back to 0. Make sure you have plenty of GP before-hand!

Also, if this is your first visit, you'll encounter a pretty big event here, but I'm not going into it. Find out for yourself!

Chocobo Square
"Chocobo Racing takes you into the world of Virtual Reality! Wark! Wark!"

Here, you can bet on Chocobos. Just talk with the lady at the front desk at any time and bet on a specific chocobo of your choice. Should you win, you're offered either an item or some GP.

You can also ride your own Chocobos here, which is helpful both for GP purposes and for the Chocobo Sidequest. You'll learn all about this type of racing soon after your first visit to Gold Saucer.

Event Square
"An entertaining show is awaiting you."

Not much happens here if you pop in randomly -- HOWEVER, on 'Enchantment Night', you and that special someone will be the main parts of a play -- But I'll let you find that one out.

Ghost Square
"Please come and stay at the hotel...ha ha ha..."

Take a breather or buy some items (maybe tel la story if you're at that point of the game) in this tacky, themed hotel.

Round Square
"Take a tour of the park and see the beautiful night scenery of Gold Saucer."

Not much happens here unless you're at a specific point in the game. If you go at any other time it'll just be you and whoever you choose, going around and generally doing nothing.

Speed Square
"A shooting Roller Coaster is waiting to take you into the world of excitement."

Now if only this was real -- It would be so cool. Costing 10GP, you and your party go on a roller coaster and shoot random things that appear -- if you get enough points, you cna earn several useless items. BUT, if you earn over 5000 points, you'll get an item called "Flayer", which is a decent weapon for Cid.

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