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Level 4 Limit Breaks

Cloud Strife (Omnislash)
Bought from Battle Square in Gold Saucer for 32,000 BP
"Physically impossible" would be one phrase to describe this. Another would be "absolutely fantastic." Thirteen hard, fast slashes on all enemies. 'Nuff said.
Barret Wallace (Catastrophe)
After the huge materia episode in Corel - If you saved it from the train, then go into a hut in the northwest part of the town. Talk to a woman there and she'll give it to you.
Barret decides to do something to the ground with his gun, which makes him take a superhuman leap into the air and fire a huge blast of God-knows-what ont oa party of unsuuspecting enemies - probably killing them all with its multiple hits.
Tifa Lockheart (Final Heaven)
First, make sure you have Tifa in your party, then go to Nibelheim. Go into Tifa's house, into her room and go to the piano. Play the highwind theme on that piano with the following sequence: X, Square, Triangle, Triangle+L1, Square+L1, X, Square, Triangle, X+L1, O, X, Square, X, Start. Cloud will ponder for a while, before Tifa goes on about sheet music. She'll find a letter, read it and then jump around a bit.
Tifa gathers one heck of a lot of energy into a single fist and slams it into an enemy.
Aeris Gainsborough (Great Gospel)
This one is a bit tricky and should be gained as early as possible on disc 1: After gaining the buggy � go to Junon and get the boat back to the Western Continent. Head North-ish until you come to a river that you previously couldn't cross. Go into the cave and speak to the man. Here's where it'll get annoying: if the last digits of you total fight counter is equal (say 311 or 155 the man will wake up and give you some Mythril) if not, then fight until you do. After this � head back to Eastern Continent and look for the house that's on its own. Go inside and talk to the bloke inside � he'll ask you if you have any Mythril � which you do. Give it to him and he'll give you a choice of either a big or small box. Choose the small one by going upstairs and going to the left � there you'll get the item you need.
Aeris throws her staff and starts praying. A bunch of angels appear to show you with their goodness, reviving any dead party members, curing any negative status ailments, fully restoring HP and MP AND making you invulernable to hits for a while.
Red XIII (Cosmo Memory)
Getting this limit break is actually pretty simple: first go into Nibelheim mansion and go to the safe -- open it using the combo Right 36, Left 10, Right 59, and Right 97 and then fight "Lost Number." Beating it will get you a key, the Odin materia and also the Cosmo Memory item.
Red howls some more and creats a big ball which then explodes towards the enemies, sending huge chunks of eath upwards and basically hurting them quite a bit.
Cid Highwind (Highwind)
Go to the Sunken Gelnika once you have the sub and enter the cargo hold. It will be on the bottom part.
Cid summons the Highwind to come and pelt all enemies with an enormous number of missiles. This is one of the, if not the, best Limit Break in the game.
Yuffie Kisaragi (All Creation)
Go to Wutai and beat Seven Shades of Chi out of the Pagoda Masters. Godo will then give you the item you need.
Yuffie creates a huge blast which attacks all enemies. Doom of the Living is better, though.
Cait Sith (Slots)
Kill 40 enemies.
Another limit involving slots - this one has several different icons that do different things. There ar several combos that each deal damage to the enemies:

  • 3 Stars: [Mog Dance] A small Mog appears and restore the party's HP, MP and negative status effects.
  • 3 Kings: [Toy Soldier] Six toy soldiers appear and attack all enemies.
  • 3 Bars: [Summon] Cait Sith uses a spell at random.
  • 3 Mogs: [Transform] Cait Sith turns into a giant, causing the other party members to leave the battle until the end. Cait is the only one who gains experience, and the other two party members' HP drop to 3333.
  • 3 Hearts: [Lucky Girl] Hit percentage raises to 100% for the rest of the battle.
  • 3 Cait Sith: [Instant Victory] All enemies on the screen, even bosses, die instantly. This is EXTREMELY rare.
  • 2 Cait Sith and a bar: [Death] Your party dies instantly. This is also EXTREMELY rare.
  • Anything else: [Toy Box] A toy box will appear and deal small damage to the enemy / enemies.

Vincent Valentine (Chaos)
On the Western continent is a pool of water with a waterfall; get a chocobo and go under the waterfall with Vincent in your party. Inside, you'll meet Lucrecia and some stuff will happen. After this, you'll be back outside. Fight for a while, and then go back inside the waterfall. Run up to the "throne" and Vincent will find his ultimate weapon and the item he needs.
Vincent transforms into the devil.
  • Chaos Sabre: Like the Slash-All materia.
  • Satan Slam: A large skull appears and does tremendous damage to all enemies. If any survive, flaming skulls attack them.

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