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During the production of a game, the game itself goes through several changes. Throughout this period of time, there are several versions of the game created for magazines, beta testers, and of course to be released as demo versions. These changes can be small things from the swapping or adding of a sound effect, all the way to the extremes such as removing entire scenes, locations, characters, or plot points. Final Fantasy VII has a lot more interest in it's betas than any other Final Fantasy game: Mainly thanks to the poor translation, the Aeris Revival Rumours (the everlasting question� did it at one point exist?), and a few other unanswered questions in the game. In this section of UFFSite, we've catalogued every different piece of beta we can find, from Magazine shots, to the few demos released, right down to actual pieces of unused art, characters, and anything else leftover in the game. If you have any beta information or media we don't have, contact us. You will receive full credit on the sie for any contributions made.

Demo Versions

There are several demo versions of FFVII, and we're looking to get our hands on every one. We do know there is a demo with Aeris in it (Which we have), and a demo with Tifa in it (which we do not have). If you have one and wish to help the site out, please contact us. It won't require you to send us your disk if you don't want to! You will receive full credit on the site for any contributions you make.

Aeris Version

The intro begins as normal. No background music, though

First strange thing, a piece of text appears explaining who Shinra is. This could be debated to be either a demo thing so people know what Shinra is, or in fact from the real game intro; a way of showing you the basics without the help of character dialogue. A prologue, of sorts.

Same idea, extended. Explaining what Avalanche is. This speaks of the group as "The Inhabitants" as opposed to a small group and this seems to suggest that Avalanche could be much bigger, involving more than a few people.

More of the same, this time telling you what's going on with Cloud, and what he is doing with Avalanche. It also gives you some extra information you wouldn't usually get � that Cloud met with Avalanche in a bar.

This new screen gives you even more of the same thing, with just one more extra line, involving the word "Makoro", which isn't the usual term for Mako energy. This is probably due to the bad, quick translation the demo probably received.

The rest is the same as it is in the final game. There is one slight difference, which is that the train makes no noise as it enters the station and flashes on screen.

First difference, as you enter your first battle...not just Cloud, but Barret and Aeris join you! Each character has Magic attacks, which are as follows:
  • Barret
    • Fire
    • Fire2
    • Demi
  • Aeris
    • Cure
    • Cure2
    • Cure3
    • Ice
    • Ice2
    • Summon: Leviathan
  • Cloud
    • Cure
    • Bolt (With All materia)
    • Bolt2

Notice the MP has no "Out of"figure. It just reads "30/". Also notice the "Limit" bar is now "Special". More on that later.

Notice the portraits of the characters seem to have some definite colour difference: Particularly Aeris', the colour seems off. Cloud's is a totally different picture. This isn't his normal OR his kid Cloud picture. However, it does look familiar to some official art I've seen before.

Our first case of different dialogue in the demo. Now, as people who've played the game, we know Cloud used to be in SOLDIER, a Shinra organisation. However, in this dialogue Biggs talks about Cloud as an Ex-Soldier, in the sense that we would talk about an "Ex US Army Soldier", or something similar. It seems that at one point SOLDIER was not an elite soldier group, but in fact just normal Shinra infantry.

These screens are even more examples of "Makoro", and generally changed dialogue.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but "Guard Hound" was not the proper name for this enemy.

Another example of changed dialogue. Strange how Wedge, a member of Avalanche, can't believe what they're doing.

More examples of changed dialogue. Notice that it continues to hint that Cloud was nothing more than a regular infantry soldier.

You cannot talk to Jessie here. In fact, you can walk straight through her!

Limit Breaks were called "Special" attacks in this demo version.

More dialogue changes. Cloud says "It's not my problem" in the final version.

A couple more dialogue changes.

This screen shows how the game told you your limit break was ready.

I don't believe this line remained in the final game.

This boss doesn't have two foot-soldiers with it in the final game.

The timer wasn't programmed into the game yet. Instead, a message appeared that informed you when you had 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1:30, 1 minute, etc.

Jessie gets stuck in a different place.

Not only do you have to save Jessie, but also Biggs. He's lying on the floor, having been attacked by some soldiers.

Regardless of whether you beat the stage, die, or run out of time, the demo will end.

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