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Event 20: Search for Sephiroth and Snowboarding

Follow Sephiroth to Shell village and past the caves. Go the Glacier Lounge near the mountain tops. Explore the town and enter the house on the eastern edge of town. Look at the map of the wall. Take the map and talk to the man on the north end of the town and tell him you want down the hill. You will be stopped by the Shinra. Elena tries to punch you. Dodge to the left and you will laugh at her falling down the mountain. The town has now been placed under Shinra guards. Go in the little house in the center of town and talk to the boy. He will give you a snowboard. You can now snowboard down the hill. This part is pretty long, but in my opinion one of the funnest parts in the game. You can do tricks by doing different presses of the buttons off of jumps. Collect as many items as you can. When you get to the bottom, get your map and go to the red spot on it. Touch the steaming lakes and there is Materia here. You will eventually pass out. Talk to the old man and he will tell you how to climb the cliff. Sleep and then climb. Make sure your body temperature is higher than 25 degrees, or you will have to start all over. If you press the Square button, Cloud will run in place and you will generate body heat. You will eventually find a cave. Go into it. Push the first rock to reveal a path. Go in it. Follow the passage and you must break the four icicles. (In combat) A bridge will appear in the room below if you do it. Go out and fight the boss. Use normal attacks on his left arm and magic attacks on his right to kill him. When you get to the top of the mountain, enjoy the CG sequence. Follow the path to the crater. Tifa will join if she is not already in your party. Continue on the path and go north. Time your movements through the barriers and you will run into Sephiroth.

Event 21: The Meteor and the Shinra

You have to defeat a boss here. You will get the Black Materia. You give it to Red XIII since you lose control. Pass through the final barrier. This part is really awesome...the game takes many twists here. You are in control of Tifa now. In the Shinra Air base, Junon, talk to Barrett and a series with Rufus will show that you are in trouble. Follow the guards out of the room, and go to the conference. Go to the gas chamber door. You will see and cool CG. Run to the corridors and look for help. In the upper level Yuffie will be in a disguise. Follow Cait Sith to the airship. You switch over to control Tifa, and you must get her free. Press the buttons in this order: X, X, Triangle, X+Triangle, Triangle+Circle, Circle. Turn off the gas and look for the door out. Go to the edge of the cannon, and now a sequence of Tifa and Scarlet will follow. Quickly tap Circle button to slap her faster. You will see another CG and you will go on your Airship.

Event 22: Yuffie and her Family

Go to the main control and talk to everyone. Red XIII will tell you to go to Mideel, on a small island to the southeast, but if you have Yuffie, head back to her hometown. Go back to the town of Wutai and go to the temple to the northwest. You have to battle through 5 floors of it, by yourself. You have to battle your father later. If you beat all of the bosses, your objective is done. Go to the village of Mideel.

Event 23: The Shinra Train

Explore the town, and you will find your lost friend soon. He is different, and Tifa will stay with him. Go back to the airship and into the control room. Fly the airship to the Mako Refinery to the North of the Gold Saucer. Head across the railroad tracks and fight all of the battles. You will have 10 minutes to catch up with the train. You have to press Triangle in a timely maneuver to catch up with it. When you catch it you will jump out to their train. Fight everyone you can on the way to the engine. Make the Engine in time and you get a HUGE Materia, so if you don't get there in time, reset the game. Board the Airship and go to Condor Fort.

Event 24: The Chase and Mideel

Talk to the guard outside and tell him you will assist him. Talk to everyone inside and gather all of the info. You have to destroy the army going up the hill. Use more of the weapons at the bottom of the hill. If you win you get another Huge Materia, and grab the Phoenix Summon Materia on the way out. Go on the airship and head to Mideel. Search all of the shops and buy all that you need. If you have the Mimett Greens give it to the small white Chocobo. Give it the food, pet it's ears, and it will give you a Materia. Go to the weapon shop and look at the locked door. Search behind the old man and you will find a Rusty Key. Use the key on the door and the store owner will eventually give you the Ring of the Cursed. Go to the hospital and talk to Tifa. Go outside and battle the Ultimate Weapon. This boss is very hard. After you beat it, the whole city will fall apart, and Cloud and Tifa will fall into the lifestream.

Event 25: Cloud's Mind and the Final Search

Work your way through the different sequences that represent Cloud's life. You will eventually return to the airship. Go back to Junon and enter the base. Go to the main street and follow the gray path. You will work your way to the underwater base. You will find many enemies and a boss. Head towards the submarine. Get every treasure that you see, because one has a item you will need later. Go to the control room in the Sub, and you will be in an underwater shooter! You have to destroy all of the submarines on your radar. Avoid all of the missiles and mines. After you win, you will find out that Shinra took the final Huge Materia to Rocket Village. Search the ocean floor for the red sub that you killed. Grab the Materia and go to Junon. You will see an FMV so go back underwater and look for the aircraft. There are many good items here. There is a underwater passage that leads to the Shell Key. There is also a passage that leads to a waterfall inside of a crater. Go to the Sub and put Vincent in your party. Go underneath the waterfall and Vincent will meet someone. You can't get to do anything now, but special items appear here in Disc 3.

Event 26: The Red Glare and the Understanding

Go to the Rocket Village and go to the Rocket. The men in blue are not difficult if you have a healer in your party. Go to the control room and release the Huge Materia. To release press: Circle, Square, X, X on the control panel. Go back to the airship and go to Cosmo Canyon. Head up to the observatory and talk to Bugenhagen. He will say that you should and him should go to Shell Village. (Make sure you have the Shell Key) View the Materia floating around. They are called Huge Materia and are needed to make the Master Materia. To make the Master Materia you need to collect all the Materia available in the game, and touch the red Huge Materia. (Note: If you have Neo Bahamut and Bahamut Summon Materia and you touch the red Materia, you will get Bahamut Zero.) Go to the airship and go to Shell Village.

Event 27: There is Hope

Follow the left path and you will come to the blue stream. Cloud will realize what must be done. (I won't ruin it) Cait Sith will call with information on Shinra. Go to the shores of Midgar, and save before this. Talk to the big man once he reaches the shore. After you defeated the Weapon, go north to the crater on the north continent. You have to fly into Midgar City and stop Hojo. Follow Cait Sith down in the underground and you will run into the Turks again. (Cait Sith's Ultimate weapon is in the lockers of the 64th floor of the Shinra building) Kill the Turks and go north. Battle up to the Mako cannon and you will battle Hojo. Beat him and prepare for the final battle. Insert Disc 3.

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