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Any party member that holds the "Morph" Materia in their equipment automatically have the ability to morph a number of enemies into different sources. Yuffie is arguably the most useful in this endeavour, so if you wish to try it out, take her and the Conformer and have a field-day.

Note: Only enemies that can be morphed are listed in each area. There are always more enemies, but they are not listed for ease-of-use. Also, we know that some areas are missing. If you'd like to help us fully complete this list, please send an email to .

Enemy Morphing List

Temple of the Ancients:

Under Lizard: Remedy
Kelzmelzer - Antidote
8 Eye - Magic Source

Sleeping Forest/Forgotten Capital

Boundfat - Dazers

Icicle Area/Great Clacier

Bandersnatch - Ice Crystal
Jumping - Antarctic Wind
Vlakorados - Elixer

Gaia's Cliff

Stilva - Holy Torch
Evilhead - Holy Torch
Headbomber - Tranquilizer
Zolokalter - Antidote

Whirlwind Maze

Gremlin - X-Potion
Wind Wing - Phoenix Down

Mideel Area

Spiral - Guard Source

Midgar Area

Devil Ride - Hi-Potion
Kalm Fang - Hi-Potion
Prowler - Hi-Potion
Custom Sweeper - Hi-Potion

Grasslands Area (near the chocobo ranch)

Mandragora - ether
Levrikon - Hi-Potion
Mu - Hi-Potion
Midgar Zolom - X-Potion

Mythril Mine

Ark Dragon - Phoenix Down
Madouge - Hi-Potion

Junon Area

Formula - Speed Drink
Hell Rider VR2 - Hi-Potion
Zemzelett - Hi-Potion

Junon Path (on the way to the underwater reactor)

Ghost Ship - Guide Book
Corvette - Light Curtain

Corel Area

Beach Plug - Turbo Ether
Needle Kiss - Remedy

Mt. Corel

Bomb - Shrapnel
Search Crown - Hi-Potion
Needle Kiss - Remedy
Cokatolis - Soft
Bagnadrana - Guard Source

Corel Train (That bit with the huge materia)

Bloatfloat - Hi-Potion
Bagnadrana - Guard Source

Gold Saucer Area

Flapbeat - T/S bomb
Harpy - Elixer

Gongaga Area

Beach Plug - Turbo Ether
Gagighandi - Ether
Touch Me - Remedy
Grand Horn - Hi-Potion


Heavy Tank - Power Source

Cosmo Area

Skeeskee - Hyper
Crown Lance - Dream Powder
Desert Sahagin - Fire Veil
Griffin - Phoenix Down

Nibel Area

Battery Cap - X
Valron - Hi-Potion
Crown Lance - Dream Powder
Nibel Wolf - Hi-Potion

Shinra Mansion

Dorky Face - Mute Mask

Mount Nibel

Sonic Speed - Speed Drink
Kyuvilduns - Hi-Potion
Twin Brain - Turbo Ether

Rocket Launch Pad Area

Nibel Wolf - Hi-Potion
Crown Lance - Dream Powder

Woodlands Area (Near Temple of the Ancients)

Kelzmelzer - Antidote
Slaps - Hyper

Midgar Sector 8

Maximum Kimaira - Guard Source


Unknown 1 - Power Source
Unknown 2 - Guard Source
Unknown 3 - Magic Source
Bad Rap - Luck Source
Poodler - Speed Source

Cactuar Island

Cactuar - Tetra Elemental

Northen Crater

Parasite - Remedy
Dark Dragon - Remedy
Armored Golem - Guard Source
Mover - Protect Ring
Master Tonberry - Ribbon

Inside the Planet

Iron man - escort guard

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