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At a certain point in the game, your party will reach the Gold Saucer. After having many a good time at the Gold Saucer, you decide to take a rest at the Inn. While at the Inn, you (as Cloud) get the chance to date one of four characters: Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie or...Barret. Each date follows the same guidelines, but has different dialogue.

Date Yuffie

Everyone likes Yuffie, the 16 year old ninja with spunk. Finally, you can do the ultimate (clean) fantasy - you can date Yuffie! But then half the fun of slaving through the guide is the fact that you can kick dirt in Aeris and Tifa's face, call them worthless, irresponsible and ugly, and they'll STILL like you in the end! So here we go:

Always try to have Red 13 and Barret in your party before getting Yuffie. After getting Yuffie, make sure she's always the second character, unless specified otherwise, (like when a character insists on joining you). The third character can be anybody but one of the girls (unless specified otherwise).

When you talk to allies, always talk to Yuffie first.

If you're in doubt when making choices, remember the object is of getting Tifa/Aeris's favour of you down (that is, be nasty to them), and getting Yuffie's favour of you up.

Finally, make sure the Cover materia is always equipped on Cloud when Yuffie's in your party, so that he can protect her.

Below is what choices you need to make to date Yuffie - don't be daunted by the number of instructions. And note that skipping out on a minor choice or two is fine, but watch for the major ones. Good luck dating Yuffie!

When you first meet Aeris after the bombing mission and she asks, 'What happened?', tell her, 'Nothing has. Listen..'

Then 'Nevermind.'

When she asks if Cloud would like a flower, say 'Forget it.'

Talk to Jessie in the train a few times, then choose 'I'll be waiting'.

In front of 7th Heaven, don't talk to Barret a second time.

When Tifa asks 'Did you fight with Barret?' say 'Not this time'.

Talk to Biggs. When he comments about the food, say 'Yeah, why not.'

Talk to Wedge, and choose to drink with him.

When you talk to Tifa at the bar, say 'I don't feel like talking.'

In the Avalanche hideout, after talking to Barret and then talking to Tifa, choose '....sorry.'

Then, when Tifa asks, 'Did you sleep well?' say 'Barret's snoring kept me up.'

When Barret asks about using materia, say 'Okay, I'll explain it.'

In Johnny's house, when you talk to his father a third time and he asks about Cloud's hometown, say 'Who cares!' not 'Nibelheim..'

When you're in the train to attack the second mako reactor, Jessie asks 'Do I look good in Shinra uniform?' say, 'Yeah..'

When falling from bridge, say to Tifa, 'I mightn't be able to make it,' not 'I don't think I can hold on.'

When Aeris asks 'do you remember me?', say 'Never seen you before.'

When Aeris says 'I've got a lot of things to tell you,' don't say 'Okay, I'll listen,' instead say, 'there's nothing to talk about.

When Reno enters and Aeris says, 'Ignore him,' talk to Reno.

When Aeris is attacked, and she says 'Cloud, help me,' say, 'Wait a minute', and drop all the wrong barrels.

At Aeris's house, when Aeris asks if Tifa is your girlfriend, say, 'Yes, that's right'.

At the park, when Aeris says, 'I don't want to go home,' say 'I'll take you to 7th Heaven'.

Don't go to the Honey Inn in the wall market, and try to make Aeris be chosen (only three dress-up items).

When in Don Corneo's house, say when you save Tifa, 'We've gotta save Aeris!'

In the sewer after the boss, talk to Aeris then Tifa.

When you talk to Marlene at Aeris's house, and she asks, 'Is Aeris your girlfriend?' say 'I don't know.'

In front of the Shinra building, say, 'Let's bust on in!'

At the 61st floor, talk to the guy who has keycard to the 62nd floor, and say first, 'Where's Aeris?' then, '....'.

At 68th floor, when you first save Aeris and you get to choose who takes Aeris away, say 'Tifa, I'm counting on you.'

In jail, talk to Red XIII first, then talk to Barret, then talk to Aeris, then talk to Tifa. When Tifa says, 'Can you get us out of here,' don't choose 'Leave it to me,' choose 'It'll be difficult.'

And then go to sleep.

Before the bike race, in your party to fight that bulldozer boss, have Red and Barret in your party.

Talk to Red first when you escape.

Then talk to Barret, and say 'I'm not sure.'

Then when talking to Tifa and Aeris, say 'The journey's going to be dangerous, are you sure you still want to go?'

Now have Red and Barret in your party until past the Mithril cave.

In the Kalm flashblack, say you did go into Tifa's house.

Say you did go into Tifa's room,

Say you looked at Tifa's letter on desk

Say you read it.

Say you remember it very well.

Look at the drawers, and then say 'Yes, I really did look in your drawers.'

After the flashback, when you talk to Barret about him wanting to go off and fight now, say 'Is that all?'

After going through Mythril mine, go and get Yuffie straight away (before going to Junon). It helps if you're at a high level, and remember, this is based on luck, so use any Luck Sources you may have.

In front of the Fort Condor, with PHS, make the members of the party, Aeris and Tifa.

After going inside, talk to the sitting guy, say 'Not interested' twice.

Go outside, and with PHS, make Yuffie and Red members. Then go in, talk to the same guy and say, 'Well, lets do it.'

After someone says in Fort Condor, 'Are you going to rest?' say 'I want to rest'.

In Junon, if you don't have any 'Tranquilizer', buy some.

In the cargo ship, talk to Yuffie, and she talks about 'Tranquilizers', say, 'I'll use it.'

When Aeris says, 'The Airship is wonderful, isn't it?' say 'I dunno,' not 'I'll let you on one day.'

Tifa says, 'I wish war'd disappear. Right, Cloud?', say 'I dunno.'

When you make up a party to fight first Jenova boss, use Yuffie and Red.

When you go to Costa del Sol, go to the beach and say, 'Hey, look at that girl in the bikini!', don't say, 'Hey that's Hojo!'

In the inn, talk to Aeris lying in her bed and when she says, 'What do you think of me?' say, 'Nothing much.'

Go house next to bar, talk to Tifa who's talking to Johnny, when she says, 'Don't worry', say 'I'm not worried.'

Talk to the person on Corel path.

At the save point on the Correl railway, with PHS, make members Tifa and Aeris.

Investigate the birds nest and say, 'Take the treasure.'

Straight away in North Correl, make a member change to Yuffie and Red.

In the talk before going on Ropeway to Gold Saucer, choose 'Let's get on.'

In the Gold Saucer, just talk to Yuffie and make her a part of the team.

In prison, because Barret must be in your party, make the party with Barret and Yuffie.

After the escape from prison, make the party Yuffie and Cait Sith.

At Gongaga, when with Reno and Rude, don't say 'Get outta my way,' say 'Sector 7?'

Listen to Scarlet and Tseng's conversation.

Go outside and change members to Aeris and Tifa.

Go to Zack's house, and when Aeris and Tifa leave you, ignore them and leave.

After out of Gongaga, make the party Yuffie and Red.

At Cosmo Canyon, talk to Yuffie (she's in the materia shop, surprise, surprise!)

In the Planetarium, put Yuffie and Cait Sith into the party.

When you're around the Cosmo Candle, talk in this order: Yuffie, Barret, Aeris, Tifa, Red.

In Gi clan's cave, make the party as Yuffie and Red.

At Nibelheim, make Vincent part of your party, and then talk to Sephiroth.

In the Rocket Town, when you get the Tiny Bronco, listen to Yuffie when she says, 'Lets go to the west (to Wutai).'

At Wutai, Yuffie takes your materia. At this time, although there'll be less members, do not replace Yuffie before she runs off.

After the battle with the Shinra Soldiers, choose your party between Vincent, Cait Sith, Cid, and Red.

At Wutai, when you've caught Yuffie, pull the left lever as she says.

Finish the Wutai events.

Try and beat the Pagoda. I managed to beat the four-face boss by using the ???? enemy skill, maxing her with HP Plus materia and keeping Yuffie just high enough so that she survives if he uses Beast Sword.

Then go to Gold Saucer, get the Keystone, and watch the date sequence begin!

Congratulations! You should now date Yuffie! And remember, say Something! :)

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