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Amarant Coral

Amarant is the outcast of the party in Final Fantasy 9, wishing to do whatever he wishes and not really caring what others think of him. His first meeting with the party is a hostile one: he is a bounty hunter intent on stealing Garnet's Crown Jewel back. However, when Zidane beats him in battle, he reluctantly decides ot join them and, perhaps, understand more about himself.

Amarant's past is a large mystery. From what hte story suggests, he was just an ordinary man from Treno for a long while. After a short while, he got a job as a security guard at the Treno Knight's House. All the while he wanted something to occupy his time and, when one certain member of Tatnalus arrived, he had that chance. Things turned out bad for him however, and he became a bounty hunter.

As the "Monk" of the party, Amarant is extremely helpful in a great deal of things. He has the ability to cast devastating "Flair" skills, as well as inflict large amounts of damage with physical attacks. If you're looking for a balanced party member, you should look no further than Amarant.

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