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Thanks to our many astute readers of the site, we have collected a number of tips and tricks that might help you as you travel through the world of Gaia. If you have a tip or trick you'd like to add to this page, don't hesitate to [email protected].

Tips & Tricks

Infinite number of Madain's Rings

Before you get out of Fossile Roo, there is a little room where a man excavating and a moogle named 'Kuppo' is found. Talk to the guy, he will let you excavate if you give him a potion. Dig the spot that the man had been digging. You may have to dig up to 10 times, but you will eventually get Madain Ring, which you can sell for some extra gils, or use to learn some new abilities. Once you found a Madain Ring, talk to the man to quit. You should get out of the room first, so you can see the man excavating at the same spot again. Then talk to the guy and dig the spot to find another one. Keep repeating until you have...who knows how many Madain Rings you want and what kind of patience you got. Hope you found it helpful.

CORRECTION: Actually the location Madain Ring is found is quite random (But you are more likely to find the rings on the upstair, near the bridge). But You will definitely stock up on the rings as many as you can by digging around...
Submitted by: [email protected]

Easy Level Up for Zidane

When at ispens castle, you defeat the monster and then go back into the castle to look for aramant, zidane will be alone. there is a monster in there that is a magician with a book and a gargoyle he brings to life. the trick is to have auto-regen and high tide and preferably level up on, begin a battle with this monster and just get hit till trance comes. when he reaches his trance use the best one, and it should hit 9999 on both the guys killing them. exp. for doing this is 29,000 with level up on it is 45,000 !!
Submitted by: [email protected]

Strategy for Ozma

My party of choice was Zidane (76lvl), Freya(49Lvl), Eiko(61lvl) and Steiner(58lvl). Notice that none of them are subject to Level 5 death. The party members should have the following:

Zidane: Master Thief
Eiko: Phoenix with as many Phoenix Pinions as you can get (call it 'insurance')
Freya: Dragon Crest maxed out at 9999 (this is easy if you fight the grand dragons!)
Steiner: Shock (9999)

Also, ensure your characters are near trance. Particularly Eiko and Zidane. You don't need the fairy blessing. The attacks you'll be using will not be physical. Equip Auto-Regen on all of your characters. Do not equip 'auto-potion' as it wastes time and gives Ozma extra oppurtunities to attack.

The goal here is 'keep Freya and Steiner alive and attacking! This is what your characters should be doing:

Zidane: First round, steal. Hope for the 'Dark Matter'. If not, have Zidane toss the Dark Matter you have. After that, use Zidane to help Eiko keep Freya and Steiner alive and well. If Zindane trances, you might want to use him to attack. Solution 9 works wonderfully.

Eiko: Hold Eiko's action until Ozma acts. When Ozma attacks, heal, life, or Esuna the person required. When Eiko trances, you'll be able to heal / esuna / life faster. If more than one person dies, you might want to use 2 'full life' spells... alternately, you can use Phoenix to bring them back. Eiko is there to heal you and keep Freya and Steiner attacking. If no one needs healing and you're confident that Ozma's not about to do something painfully deadly, have Eiko Haste either Steiner or Freya. This should be done only when she's Tranced though, just in case you need to heal quickly.

Freya: Dragon Crest! Always. Hold your attack if she's mini'ed. If not, beat Ozma in his head!

Steiner: Shock! Always. As above.
Submitted by: [email protected]

Beat Ozma tips

A good way to beat Ozma (with relative ease) is to do the following: We had Zidane, Steiner, Dagger and Quinna in the party, all at around level 80 (although Zidane at 90 as when your levelling up you can't swap him!).

We had Quinna use Magic Hammer every single time. It takes off a huge chunk of MP to start with, then gets less as Ozma's magic gets less. We had Zidane almost at trance so he trances after the first hit off Ozma, and perform his Grand Dyne Lethal, which takes off 9999, Steiner doing Shock which takes off 9999, and Dagger summoning Bahamut, in between healing.

If Ozma's attacks Flare Star and Metoer seem to be the worst, and Doomsday hardly did anything at that level. After a few rounds with Magic Hammer, Ozma starts performing Osmose to steal MP, which he then uses to cure himself. Keep hitting and healing after that using Quinna's Frog drop which at level 80 and 130 frogs equals 9999 damage, and Ozma is virtually paralized for the rest of the fight apart from healing himself. Then watch him fry! It took about 5 minutes but was well worth it. Also after stealing most of Ozma's magic and if Zidane and Steiner have used up most of their MP on Shock and Grand Lethal Dyne, and Dagger summoning Bahamut, there's not much he can steal from you, so he's pretty much had it!

If you beat him, you get the pumice which you can later get from Hades to enable Dagger to summon tha ark. After beating Ozma, and finding Hades he is then shocked you have defeated Ozma and fights you anyway, but he doesn't perform anything for the first few rounds, and then starts to count down to charging up his sword. In this time you could can get a round in of each person before the next number down (from 3-1). If you use Zidane's theivery (takes off about 6000), Steiners Shock (9999), Dagger's Ark (9000), and Quinna's Frog Drop (9999), you can kill Hades before he gets chance to use his sword on you. Easy!

It pays to be at level 80. You don't really need to be at any more than that, but it makes for quicker battles! and you get some good stuff at the end of it.

None of this would have been as easy if the chocobo hot and cold, stellazio, and freindly ghosts side quests hadn't been completed. They don't take long, and you can have fun, knowing you've not just played the main game, but all the mini games too.
Submitted by: [email protected]

Dead pepper

You can also get them from the chocobo seated to the left of Fat Chocobo at Chocobo's Air Garden who will give you 99 Dead Peppers.
Submitted by: [email protected]


When vivi has doomsday and nobody in the party can prevent or absorb it have steiner cast doomsday sword and it will only hit(attack) the enemy. also if the enemy casts reflect on itself have steiner cast a magic sword and it will go through the reflect. and Steiner must have auto-regen on and when he uses darkside he will take about 500 or so damage from him but since he has auto- regen he will get that amout of health back.
Submitted by: [email protected]

Level Up

There is another easy way to get exp. on disc 3 while in Oeilvert when you fight the mirror creatures(the ones that send out copies of your characters), well if you kill the mirrored image, it will send out another and another and still one more, when the creature itself is attacked or stolen from(hint steal from it does less damage). keep killing these images. for each image that you kill you can get roughly 1500-1700 exp. the most i got was 9800 or so. just want to make sure that you have some SOFTS.
Submitted by : Aaron

Beat Kuja and Nevron in a short time

First off, you need the characters Zidane, Garnet, Eiko, and Steiner. You will also need the AT LEAST, 5 ethers and/or elixers and 1 Dark Matter from the Treno Auction House. You need to get all of these people up to level 65-80, (Zidane probably being higher then the rest.), and you need to have the secong highest weapon for Steiner, Ragnarok, which can be gotten only by using Chocobo. I recommend you use the Quina Lv 5 Death method OR just fight the enemies in Memoria for leveling up. **I know, it will be boring, but it will help. ^.^**

When you go to fight Tranced Kuja, use the 1 Dark Matter with Zidane and use the move "Shock" (A Swd Attack move with Steiner you recieve after equipting Ragnarok) untill he dies. Use Eiko and Garnet to heal both Zidane and Steiner. You could even assign each girl to 1 character. After Kuja is defeated in a matter of seconds, or minutes, and blows up the platform, you go to fight Necron. Pick the same characters you used for Tranced Kuja, and go into battle.

This is where the ether/elixers come in handy. Use them on Steiner so he can continue to use "Shock." Now, the name of the game here, is "Keep Steiner Alive as Long as You Can!!" Make sure you have the Magic Stones equipted on as many of the Abilities such as "Antibody", "Clearheaded", "Bright Eyes", etc., etc. as you can. Necron uses a move called Holy Cross, and not only does it hammer you down on the HP side, but it puts just about every bad Status effect on you as well. You definatly wanna have "Clearheaded" equipted though, so you can at least make commands after the attack.

Use Eiko to get rid of the status effects with "Esuna" and "Panacea", and use Garnet to heal the party with "Curaga". Make sure that when you use "Esuna" with Eiko, use it on Steiner first, so he can continue with his "Shock" move. Keep this stratagy up, keeping Steiner alive (not to mention everyone else ^_^) and you should be able to beat Necron within 5-10 minutes (depending on how many times you face him and at what level you characters are at.)
Submitted By : Adam Toews

Easy Level Up

Make sure you have the Mace of Zues equipt to Vivi so you can do the spell Doomsday, it doesnt matter who else is in your party just make sure Vivi is. Then go outside the entrence of Daguerreo, equipt two people with a pumice peice, wich you should have when your on the 4th CD, then equipt the other two character's with the Ninja Gear or Black Robe. This will make it so when you use the Doomsday spell you while the Grand Dragons outside of the entrance for 7,000-9,999 points of damage depending on your leveland will always heal the character's with the Pumice Piece and Ninja Gear on and will heal the character with the Black Robe on most of the time, making it so if the Grand Dragon ever get's a chance to attack you with his Thundaga spell you can just cast Doomsday right after it cureing your party to there max amount of HP, making it so you can get into 100 fights with a Grand DRagon and not once have to use Hi-Potions, Tents, Elixers, or Cure spells, the one stipulation to all this is that you'll need to ne packin alot of Ether's to keep Vivi's MP up.
Submitted By : [email protected]

Dead Pepper

Ok,i receive so many emails everyday asking about where to find the dead pepper,so here it is :
You can get dead peppers during the chocobo hot & cold mini game once you already got the light blue chocobo or red chocobo.Please don't send my another question about Dead pepper since the answer already posted here.

Iron Man

Limit Gloove is very effective against Iron Man (found inside Memoria) when he goes "helm devide" .
Submitted By : [email protected]

Summoning phoenix even though you're dead...

You can summon phoenix evevn if Eiko is dead.You must know the phoenix technique.When you fight someone Eiko has to die last.It automatically uses phoenix.It looks a little different but its cool.
Submitted By : Suzi Kang

Card Game at Memoria

You can play cards in memoria against a guy who has pretty good cards.Just press the square buttom when a ? appears. You can do this at 4 different places in memoria.

9999 Damage

If you equp Reflect ring, reflect, and reflect X2 (i dont know if you need this) on Vivi and use flare on yourself it deals your opponent 9999 damage
Submitted By : [email protected]

How to make money by combining weapons

Buy as many "Wrist" as possible at the village of Dali, and buy "Steepled Hat" in Mog Shop at Burmecia.Go to synthesis shop and make "Cotton robe." If you sell cotton robes at the weapon shop, you can make 610 gil a cotton robe. Wrist (130 gil) + Steepled Hat (260 gil) + mixing fee (1000 gil) -- you can get a Cotton robe. You can sell a Cotton robe by 2000 gil, so you can make money 610 gil by making one cotton robe.If you make up 99 Cotton robes, you can make money 60390 gil! In this way,you can get 180.000 gil in just 30 minutes !!!
By : Rei

Other Floor at Daguerreo

Once you get the lever working again for yhe weapon smith walk around abit on that floor you will see a scholar in a room walk him to were the books are then go back to the room he was in. Walk around in that room you will see a ! over zidane
Submitted By : Klee

Angel Earrings:

In the Battle of Alexandria, Dagger has to give orders to the Knights of Pluto. If done corectly you can get "Angel Earings", so here's the order to give them in. Gather info "Blutzen and Kohel", Protect Town "Haagen and Weimar", Contact Lindblum for erinforcement "Laudo and Breireicht", Begin prepartion to fire the canons Dojebon and Mullenkedheim.
Submitted By : Patricia Misczuk

More places to dig in chocobos forest

Once you get a red chocobo go to chocobos forest and you can climb the walls.
Submitted By: I forgot who... :(

Level Up on Disc one:

On your way to burmecia through Gizamalukes Groto you can go climb the vine to enter the area where the grand dragons are. To beat them, have quina in your party and have her at 1hp, you can do this by killing her than using a phoenix down and it may give you 1hp or more, its random so keep trying. so what you do is get into a fight with a grand dragon and immediatly use Limit Glove which does 9999. after that do blizzara with vivi and the dragon should be gone, after every fight, save your game, and if quina dies, reset and try again, you can get to level 60 easily within a days worth of playing, (and youre on disc 1!!) and if youre too weak to start fighting the grand dragons, go in the forest and fight the birds until youre strong enough to fight the dragons, same process with the birds, save every time, it gets tedious, but its worth it.

Level Up on Disc one #2:

A good tip for getting around level 60 on the first disk is at gizamulukes grotto there is a room with a few moogles in it, in this room there are some vines on the other side. Go up them and you will be on the world map. If your not on that good levels then just battle around in the forest until your on at least level 30. Then go onto the grass and you will encounter a grand dragon with which you get 8,830 exp per battle. (It will be alot easier if you get some coral rings which you can get at the start of disk 2 with garnet and steiner youll need a lightening staff and a rod)
Submitted by: [email protected]


If you press square to call the moogle and then cancel on him a lot of times (let say...about 25 times), he says various quotes like: ''You're starting to tick me off, Kupo'', ''I'm sharpening my knife, Kupo'' and STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT, KU-PHEU!!!


In disc 4, Memoria hosts some decent things to fight, make sure you have Vaccines. Have body temp, antibody and level/ability up if ya want. Once you get in Memeria, run around the enterance by the save/tent ball. Fight Chimera, you can use Soul Blade with the Masamune and cast Death Sentence or if you are lucky use Steiner's Lai Strike and just kill him! While his lif is whitiling away steal to get items such as tents and garnets.
Submitted By : Braver2K

Free Medicine

Instead of blowing all your money on potions and status-changing removers (e.g soft, antidote, echo screen etc) in shops, get all your medicinal needs in the Chocobo's treasure hunt in the Chocobo's Forest/ Lagoon/ Air Garden. It only costs 60 Gil per game (30 in the Lagoon if Choco hasn't learnt the Sea ability yet) and if you're quick -and lucky - enough, you can get up to 8 items in a 60 Gil game, whereas in a normal shop a single Potion costs a 100 Gil. It saves money, plus you can level up Choco's beak faster if you play more games. It's also a good way to get cheap gysahl greens ^_^
Submitted by : Fox Takumi

Card Game

You can keep the cards you have in the card game by saving before every card game. So if you lose, you can just reset it and try again. This will raise your card ranking.
Submitted by : Mercury

Restore large HP

Equip on your healers (Dagger or Eiko) the ability CONCENTRATE (learn from Robe of Lords). When you equip this ability it will raise the magic effect of cure, cura and curaga. This can be useful in battles.
Submitted by : Al


Various type of jewels/gems can make your Summon do more damage than before.For example,if you have 99 Garnets in your inventory,Bahamut Summon will deal about 8000 to 9999 damage to the enemies !!! Here's the list:

Garnet = Bahamut
Amethyst = Atomos
Topaz = Ifrit
Sapphire = Fenrir
Peridot = Ramuh
Opal = Shiva
Aquamarine = Leviathan *

* Note that you can get 1 Aquamarine for every 5 Ores you place in the dragon statue,at Daguerreo.
Submited by : Scott

Random Battles

It works like19 times and this is the thing if you dont want any more random battles just walk a lil then press Triangle then Circle then walk a lil more and do the same thing it carries you quite a distance without and random battles.
Submitted by : Vincent ko

Fast level building!!! WITHOUT CHEATING!!

1. Take Quina and have him/her learn Lv. 5 Death. The fastest way to do this is to go to the upper area of the Forgotten Continent, where it sticks out. It looks like a little arm pointing towards Vile Island, where the Yans are. You should encounter a Dracozombie, whom you can eat to learn the ability from.

2. Fight another Dracozombie, but before you kill it, K/O everyone in your party *except* for Quina and whomever you want to build levels with. Now let the Dracozombie cast Zombify (or whatever it's called) on Quina.

3. Now you should have the character you want to build levels with, and Quina, zombified. Kill the Dracozombie and goto the menu. DE-EQUIP auto-regen from Quina, as *any* form of health will hurt her. Equip both characters with Auto-Haste, Auto-Reflect, and Antibody. Equip the person you want to level up with Level Up, Add Status, and Ability Up.

4. Go to I believe they are called Popo's Islands. They are in the very center of Mist Continent, right by Gizamaluke's Grotto. Land on the edge of the mountain right in between 2 forests. It's a ledge with a small forest, grass, and another bigger forest, and that's it.

5. Run around in the grassy area until you encounter a Grand Dragon. As long as you are in the grassy area you will encounter them 100% of the time. If you aren't fighting them, you're in the wrong area, or in the forest next to the grass.

6. Now if you followed all the rules, simply wait for Quina's turn to come up, and cast Lv. 5 Death. Instant kill and you will then gain 35,280 EXP for the person you wanted to gain levels, since Quina cannot get EXP in Zombie state.

On top of that, the Level Up/Abilty Up/Add Status (Not sure which of the three does it, I believe it's level up) gives you half that of 35,280, for a grand total of 52,920 for your character. The best part is you are almost invincible while fighting. The Grand Dragon only has time for one turn before you can cast Lv. 5 Death. He'll either do Thundaga, which will be reflected off of you and hit him, Poison Strike, which will only do about 1,400, or he'll do the spell that attempts to give you poisen, I think it's called Venom Strike or something. Anyway, you'll just guard that. On the final note, when Quina is low on life, use a tent on the world map or in battle to heal it. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GIVE IT HP while it is a zombie. There you go! 52,920 a round. You can level up pretty quickly like this. Save a lot, because OCCASIONALLY the Grand Dragon will get a Critical Hit which does roughly 3,240 and can kill you if you are on a low level. And it can be a pain to re-zombify Quina. Also be sure to give whomever is gaining levels Auto-Regen, it really helps.
By : JHawkZZ

Defeating SoulCage at IIFA Tree

Just Throw One Elixir on it, and it will die instantly.

Black Jack Mini Game

To access the mini-game, get to the post credits The End screen at the end of the game and enter R2, L1, R2, R2, Up, Right, Circle, Down, Triangle, L2, R1, R2, L1, Square, Square and Start.(note that it will not work if you try the short-cut-to-The-End method) After entering the button sequence, the Black Jack game should begin.

Black Jack Mini-Game
Black Jack Mini-Game

Level Up Faster

Easily Defeat Grand Dragon With One Person(DISC 4)Equip Coral Ring. Equip antibody(ABILITY)Equip Level-UpEquip Restore Hp When you do this, the dragon will severly hurt you in a physical attack but cure you in THUNDAGA.You will recieve 35205 experience(I Think)
Submitted by : Nick Harvey

Learn An Abilities Faster

Just equip all the equipments that lets you learn the same ability to your character,and you'll receive more AP than before.Also,don't forget to equip "Ability UP" ability to that characther. In this way,you will gain AP very fast and you will learn the ability to that character in just a few battles.
Submitted by : Me

Desert Palace

If you don`t want to fight an Antlion again (At the four sinkholes) while searching for Kuja`s palace, look closely at the four sinkholes. There`s one sinkhole where no 'sandclouds' come from, that`s the sinkhole to Kuja`s palace.
Submitted by : Leroy


The Peridot will strenthen the Ramuh summon. The more Peridots you have, the stronger the Ramuh summon is.
Submitted by : Lee Parker

Another way to gain EXP

Instead of killing the other characters off in the battle, just cast zombie on them, it is just the same as killing them off because Zombie makes them undead, so they wont recieve any EXP or AP.
Submitted by : Viper

Better leveling tip

Give characters Virus status ailment and it will have the same effect as having those characters be dead. (exp. will be divided between characterswithout virus!)
Submitted by : Vastet

Freya's Dragon Crest Skill

Actually,Freya's dragon crest skill becomes more powerful as your party keep defeating dragons.For example : Grand Dragon.You can found it outside daguerreo,and you can even kill it in a minute.Read this for more details.Notice that Freya's Dragon Crest skill can reach up to 9999 HP of damage.
Submitted by : Me

Zidane's Thievery Skill

Just like Freya's dragon crest skill,Zidane's Thievery skill can becomes more powerful as Zidane keeps stealing from the enemies.Also notice that Zidane's Thievery can reach up to 9999 HP of damage !!! Wow...
Submitted by : Me

Frog Drop ?

Quina's Frog Drop Blue magic can becomes more powerful as Quina catches lots of frogs in the Qu's Marsh,or when Quina's level increases. Frog Drop has a 100% success rate (It's a Non Elemental Damage !) and the formula to calculate the damage caused is:

Quina level x amount of Frog(s) = HP damage

For example, if Quina is at level 40 and he has caught 50 frogs, the damage that Frog Drop will cause is 40 x 50 = 2000 HP damage.
Source: Play Online,Yee Seng Fuu's Side Quest Guide

Unlimited health and magic

You need Zidane and Freya in your team, Zidane needs to have learned auto-life and sacrifice already, and Freya needs to know white draw. Now, just have your other team fight and cast their most powerful spells. Then when you need a recharge, Zidane can just slap on Sacrifice and everyone else is good to go, immediately after Zidane does his Sac, Freya should cast white-draw so that Z boy is ready to go again if you need a quick health boost right away. Heal Zidane and get ready to rinse. Obviously after the first time he comes back to life you'll need to waste a spell or item to bring him back -- no big, just cast Phoenix :)
Submitted by : John

Grand Cross

Having a hard time with Necron`s grand cross-attack? Simply get all kinds of abilities like antibody, clear headed, insomniac and stuff. If you equip these, Necton`s Grand cross won`t even bother you!
Submitted by : Leroy


Having a hard time with Ozma's Doomsday attack ? Just simply equip Demon's Vest or Ninja's Gear (sold at Daguerreo weapon shop) to the entire party,and you'll not receive any damage from it ! You can even absorb it if you equip "Pumice Piece" to one of your characters.
Submitted by : Darren

Beating Grand Dragon

Just use Quina's "Level 5 Death" blue magic,and it will die instantly ^_^
You can also kill all characters except Quina,and cast "Level 5 Death" to it,and you'll receive about 32000 EXP ! Don't forget to equip "Level Up" ability.
Submitted by : Me

Cure your party with one cure

If your party is weak,have Dagger or Eiko in your party and go to the menu and go to abilities. Go to Dagger's or Eiko's screen and you will be able to use cure,cura or curaga. When you press X on it, you will go to a new screen that will have the party's faces on it. So you press right and you will see that the hand will be on all of your characters. Then, you press X until your party HP is at max. By doing this, you won't waste that much MP when curing a member by him/her-self.
Submitted by : E.R

Easy Gain levels tip:

In the battle,kill all characters except the one you want to increase levels,then kill the enemies.In this way,all EXP point will go to that specific character.
Submitted by : Me

* All information below this line was taken from Gamewinners or Gamefaqs.

Jump rope mini-game

Have Vivi approach the girls jumping rope near the ticket both in Alexandria. Talk to them and they will let Vivi join them. Press X when the symbol appears over Vivi's head to jump. Keep jumping successfully to get Gil, rare cards, and other items.

Other endings

End the game with the "Zeus Hammer" and/or the "Save The Queen" in your inventory to get additional endings.
By : Rusty616

Unlimited MP

Have Amarant in your party and make sure he has learned the Chakra skill. Also, the minimum MP needed for this trick to work is 4 MP. Enter a battle and have Amarant cast Chakra on himself. For 4 MP, he will restore MP equivalent to about 20% of his maximum MP. Continually cast it until you get reached your maximum MP. Since you can do this to other characters in the party as well, you can end up will everyone with maximum MP.
By : John Eric Sy.

Easy AP

Walk around in the darkness for awhile in the field and forests around the town that has the auction house and lady who collects the zodiac signs. You will encounter a ghost. Give it some ore and you will win the battle, resulting in 10 AP.
By : Alex Bartow.

Catching frogs

Silk Rode
Silver Fork
Bistro Fork
Battle Boots
Battle Master Quale to receive Gastro Fork

Ragtime Mouse

If you find the Ragtime Mouse (it resides in wooded areas) and properly answer its questions, you can earn some extra Gil. Answer by choosing either "True" nor "False." The mouse will then give you Gil in return for each correct answer, as well as keep track of your percentages. Some locations the Ragtime Mouse have been known to inhabit include Gunitas Basin, Lindblum Plateau, Bentini Heights, Lucid Plains, Pualei Plains, and Alexandria Plateau. The rewards for correct answers in a row are:
By : HIEN.

Question 1: 1,000 Gil
Question 2: 1,000 Gil
Question 3: 1,000 Gil
Question 4: 2,000 Gil
Question 5: 2,000 Gil
Question 6: 3,000 Gil
Question 7: 3,000 Gil
Question 8: 4,000 Gil
Question 9: 4,000 Gil
Questions 10: 5,000 Gil

Some questions the Ragtime Mouse have been known to ask include:
By : HIEN.

The 15th Lindblum War started in 1600? (False)
Chocobo Forest is located between Lindblum and South Gate (False)
The Theather Ship Prima Vista was built in Artania Shipyards (False)
"I Want to Be Your Canary" was written by Lord Afon (False)
Lindblum Castle is larger than Alexandria Castle (True)
Lindblum's air cabs operate around the clock (True)
Some Mus are friendly and don't attack (True)
Berkmea Cable Cars have been running for eight years (True)
Fossil Roo is a tunnel that connects Treno and Alexandria (False)
Theater Ship Prima Vista uses Mist as its source of energy (True)

Hint: Defeating the Iifa Tree

When fighting the Iifa Tree, simply cast "Life" on it and it will die instantly. It is an "undead" creature, so "Life" is essentially "Death".
By : JoshBabb.

Hint: Defeating Ozma

If you encountered all the spirits in Gaia and satisfied their requests go to Chocobo Aerial Garden (you will need a Gold Chocobo and a Dead Pepper). Examine the stone on the second platform and choose the third option, then the first option to fight Ozma. To defeat Ozma, put Zidane, Dagger, Quina and Eiko in your party. Have Quina use Magic Hammer three or four times to steal all Ozma's Magic Points -- from now on it cannot use any spells. Then, have Zidane and Quina attack and Dagger and Eiko heal (do not use summons, you need a large amount of MP in this battle). With some of patience (an half of an hour if you are lucky), you should defeat Ozma.
By : Annonymous.

Hint: Defeating undead creatures

When battling a creature of the undead type, use an anti-KO item and it will instantly "kill" them.
By : POLAR490.

Hint: Gilgamesh

Once you have completed the Chocobo side quest and found all of the treasures, go to Daguerreo. Talk to the four-armed man. He should say something about an "S-Rank" and run off. Follow him and talk to him again. He should give you the S-Rank Medal, and reveal his true self (Gilgamesh).
By : Disepshan.

Hint: Quadruple magic attack

When you get a reflect ring, have the four characters you regularly have in your party with learn "Auto Reflect". When they all have it turned on, cast a reflective party spell, such as Bio or any of the elements, at yourself, This will effectively quadruple the power of the spell on a single target. However, this is only helpful for lower levels and is virtually useless if you have great spells.
By : Scarekrow9.

Hint: 9999 damage with Atomost

The formula For Dagger's summon Atomost is as follows:

Full Animation: (30+ Party's number of Amethysts)% of enemies HP.
Short Animation: 2/3 of Full Animation formula.

For example, if you have 70 Amethysts, it takes 100% of the enemies HP off, with a limit of 9,999. This means an enemy with 12,000 health will lose 9,999. This is useful while training against Yans, Grand Dragons, and other difficult enemies.
By : Derek RR Ginrich.

Hint: Change Airship altitude:

Put the Airship on auto-pilot, then press Up or Down to change its altitude while flying to your destination.
By : Scu13rocky.

Hint: Early Grand Dragon

When you first go to Gizamaluke's Grotto on Disc 1, notice the ladder to the outside in the room with the Moogle couple. Once outside, it leads to an area with a fight involving a Grand Dragon, which definitely increases your level.
By : KSolis9799.

Hint: Steiner: Peeking

When you reach Alexandrian territory as Steiner, he will be carrying a bag of rotten stuff. That is actually Dagger. When he goes to the corner of the alley, she will think of changing into her costume while he is looking forward. You will get an option for about five seconds to either keep looking or go to the other side. Within those five seconds, if you have good reflexes, you can also choose to look the other way.
By : Patriot376.

Hint: Vivi: Chased by monster

Defeat most of the monsters of Lindblum during the Festival Of The Hunt and go to the Business Center. You will see Vivi being chased by a very weak monster.
By : Patriot376.

Hint: Vivi: Stronger MAGIC with Carbuncle

Summon Carbuncle and then cast Fira or something reflectable. Usualy Vivi's Fira will do 500 damage. With everyone with reflect it will do 2000 and so on.
By : red8913.

Hint: Zidane: Easy kills early in game

Get the beast/bird/dragon/etc. killer. When you go to Lindblum the first time, you will probably have a Mage Masher. Go to the weapons shop and instead of buying the Mythril Dagger, purchase another Mage Masher. Go to the synthesis shop there and get an Ogre Sword. Equipping the killer with the Ogre Sword for Zidane can be lethal (about 400 to 700 for critical hits) until Disc 1 is passed.
By : Patriot376.

Hint: Winning the Festival of the Hunt

If you want Zidane to win the Festival of the Hunt, make sure to equip him with The Ogre. One hit should be enough to kill any monster in town. First, go to the end of the Theater District, wait in front of the barrels for a moment, then kill the Fang that appears. Next, go to the Business District and go north. Kill the Fang on the left side of the screen, then head down the right-hand path. You should see the Zaghnol. If not, exit and re-enter until it appears. When you go to kill it, Freya should appear to help you. Use her jump skill and have Zidane attack. If Zidane kills the Zaghnol, he will be catapulted into the lead. After winning, you will receive 5000 Gil.

If you want Freya to win, just kill Zidane. She will receive a Coral Ring.

If you want Vivi to win, follow these instructions exactly. As soon as you step off the tram, immediately get back on and head to the Business District. Head north, fighting as few monsters as possible, and take the left path into the church area. Kill the Fang that is there, then head back out. Vivi should run by, chased by a Fang. Kill the Fang that is chasing Vivi, then head to the right-hand path, where the Zaghnol is located. When you fight the Zaghnol, just have Zidane and Freya kill each other. With luck, Vivi should win the Festival and get a Theater Ship card.
By : GlnnMiller.

Hint: Alexandria card

You can get the Alexandria card after Alexandria is destroyed at the start of Disc 3. Go to the center of the town and talk to the girl who is chasing the boy. She will say that she does not need it and give it to you.
By : Damaan46.

Hint: Ramuh and Shiva cards

When you start Disc 3, go to the church with the bell and the Save Mog. Save, go onto the ladder, and pull the rope. You will get a Goblin, Fang, Ramuh, and Shiva cards.
By : DaRadiskull.

Hint: Lindblum card

After Lindblum is attacked in Disc 2, go north of the inn until you enter another screen. Go to the wreckage that blocks the path to the north. The Lindblum card will be lying around in that area.
By : Damaan46.

Hint: Changing names

You must have the Namingway card. Go to Daguerreo and go to the inn. There is a ladder behind the library. Descend and go left. Talk to the man on the left and he will offer you to change your names if you just show him the Namingway card.
By : DarkMana.

Hint: Cloud and Squall reference

After you complete the game with either ending, you will watch part of a play. The line "Neither Cloud nor Squall shall stop me." can be seen.
By : Rusty616.

Hint: Cloud reference

In Lindblum's weapon shop, Zidane will get a (!) over his head and mention something about a guy with spiky hair that had a sword just like the one on the wall.
By : Speed.

Hint: Kain's Lance reference

In Memoria on Disc 4, go past the save spot at the entrance and head for the door. Before you reach it, stick to the right against the wall. You will go in and find Kain's Lance. This Lance belongs to Kain from Final Fantasy 2.
By : Brian Ruff.

Hint: Final Fantasy 3 music

Buy Une's mirror and Doga artifact at the Treno Auction House. Go to the Black Mage Village. Enter the inn and talk to the Black Mage in front of the music box. You will hear a very old song until you stay in the village.
By : DarkMana.

Hint: Final Fantasy 7 music

After you crash the airship into the evil woods at the start of the game, go inside to hear a band play the music from Final Fantasy 7, during the parade for Rufus.
By : Alex Bartow.

Wait about ten seconds after dying to hear music from Final Fantasy 7.
By : Jusjon65.

Quan's Dwelling Reunion

After the destruction in Alexandria by Kuja in disc three, return to Quan's Dwelling with Quina and Vivi in your party. Quina starts to dream about food and a conversation soon takes place on the patio. I won't reveal anything about this conversation but you will meet a very important person here and learn some profound things. After the conversation, search the stopped clock on the patio to find a Running Shoes.
By : Yee Seng Fu

Blessing Of The Dragon God

Head to the entrance of Daguerreo and then examine the mosaic, which deplicts the Water Dragon God. Zidane suggests placing Ore into the fountain. For every five Ores that Zidane put inside, you will receive an Add-on gem, Aquamarine. Aquamarine lets Dagger learn the powerful summon, Leviathan. Take note that this is cumulative. If you put four Ores in and come back later to put one Ore in, you will receive an Aquamarine also. So, it doesn't mean that if you put only one Ore in and not five Ores at the same time, you lose that one Ore that you put in for nothing. This is also a great chance to build up the number of Aquamarine in your inventory and increase the strength of the Leviathan summon.
By : Yee Seng Fu

Excalibur II

Reach the Terrace in Memoria within 12 hours. You will encounter a boss fight there. Defeat Lich there and quickly check the second pillar from the right. You should see a '!' mark appearing over Zidane's head. This mark indicates the position of the sword, Excalibur II. If you exceed the time limit, the '!' mark will immediately disappear.
By : Yee Seng Fu

Easy Level Up for Steiner

Make sure you have given up at least four of the Sellazzio's to the lady in Treno, so as to receive the Blood Sword. With this sword equiped, Steiner will recover hit points equal to what he hits his enemies for. On disc 2, after he and Marcus escape the cage, Alexandrian soldiers run towards Stiener to attack. With a turbo controller, have the X button pressed and just let the game play for a while. I let mine go for a day and when I came back, Stiener was at level 82 and I had 2.5 million Gil in my inventory... Not too shabby! As far as Marcus... let him die, he leaves the party anyways... and you may as well keep his equipment for yourself.
By : Mogster76

Soft Reset

I suppose anyone who has been playing any SquareSoft games will know this trick. This trick works for other Final Fantasties, Chrono Cross, Legend Of Mana and MORE. Are you fustrated of having to restart your PlayStation over and over again? Here is a trick that allows you to restart your game very quickly. Simply hold the four buttons at the top, as well as the Select and Start. In short, it is to hold L1, L2, R1, R2, Select and Start. The game will restart within seconds and the usual logo which says 'Published by Square Electronic Arts L.C.C' will appear.
By : Yee Seng Fu

Glitch: Walk through people

Keep on running into someone (except for people guarding an exit or unexplorable area) for two seconds to walk through them.
By : DaRadiskull.

Hades Tip

When I did it, I had zidane at 61, vivi at 58 eiko at 58 and dagger at 59. You have 4 turns to attack before he does anything at all, so what you do is use holy/madien for eiko(each cause 9999 damage). Have zidane equipped with ultima weapon and attack on every turn. Also have auto reflect on him so vivi can do flare with the reflectx2 ability. That does 9999 damage.Have dagger do bahamut with as many garnets and possible. I had 30 and it did 8000 damage. As long as your at full health and MP before you fight him, you should end up killing him in your 4 turns to act. It also wouldn't hurt to have zidane at trance so he can do grand lethal. That causes 9999 also.

Excalibur 2 Tip

Time saver for excalibur 2
how to get high lever in disk one
party member zadaine,quina,vivi,freya

make sure quina learns limit glove by eating Manddragora the forest just a little bit north of chocobo forest and have him to 1 hp. when you get to the two couple moogles in GIZAMALUKE'S GROTTO save it there and go outside to fight the grand dragon. have quina first cast limit glove and everyone waits and revive the dead party member if grad dragon kills any. this should take at least 2 turn with quina. when it gets to quinas 2nd turn use "eat" command on grand dragon and he should die giving quina the abilitie lv3 def-less. make sure everyone lives. do this as much as you want, but you just letting you know you will do a lot of resting. I was at level 5 at this point and everyone went up twelve level to level 17. this should help you a lot and from now on you will be at a comfortible level so just keep on using flee from every battle you fight to gain more time.

Got my excalibur 2 from doing this trick.

More Gil Tips

One of the better ways to gain Gil from monsters is not the Grand Dragon. It only gives you 2000 some odd gil. Pilot the Blue Narciss, Deep Blue or Gold chocobo, Hilda Garde 3, or Invincible (or other mode of transportation) to the Lost Continent. Immediately head into the forest by the volcano. You should find a group of Green Vepal. These are fairly difficult at low levels, but extremely easy after level 40 or so. They should give you about 3000 gil, 50% more than Grand Dragons, and will give you a fair amount of Exp and AP.
Submitted By: (-_-)

Unlimited Gil Easy

Once you have a gold chocobo, you can get 99 dead peppers from the chocobo to the left of the fat chocobo in chocobo's paradise. Go outside and fly Choco to the nearest town (Daguerro recommended), sell all 99 peppers, fly back to chocobo's paradise, and repeat as many times as you want. You get nearly 10,000 gil each round, so it's worth the effort.
Submitted By: (-_-)

Easy Gems

Been trying forever to get gems like Garnet and Topaz so your summons will be stronger? It's easy. Try and have a party of Eiko, Dagger, Vivi, and of course Zidane. Make sure Eiko has the Jewel spell and Auto-Haste, Dagger has Blind, Mini, and Silence, and Vivi has Slow and/or Stop, and Zidane has the Bandit ability. Go to any area you want, preferably one with weak monsters. Get into a battle. Immediately have Vivi cast Slow or Stop, depending on which one works better on the monster, Dagger cast Blind, then Mini, then Silence, and Zidane steal. Hopefully you got an ore while stealing. Have Eiko cast Jewel every round. If her MP gets low, give her an ether or elixer. If the minimized damage gets to be too much, have Dagger cast Cure. Once you're satisfied with your amount of Ore, go to Daguerro and Synth with medicines to get gems. Also, you can get Aquamarine just downstairs there for 5 ore, so it is the ideal place.
Submitted By: (-_-)

Easy Leveling For Individual Characters

If you are the end of the game and are trying to get all characters to lvl 99 then this is the way to do it. First you need to equip the level up ability (which can be found in fairy earrings and other items) you also need to equip antibody, body temp and having auto-haste and auto-regen always helps. Now go to Memoria and stay in the first room (with the first save point) and try to get in to a battle with a chimera and get all your characters infected with virus except one (the one you want to get the exp) to get a character infected you need to have that character hit first, once that character has hit, chimera will only attack that character. It will attack with poison breath and cold breath before it uses virus crunch (so wait) you should be guarded against both attacks once the character has the virus kill the chimera. Repeat the process until you have 3 characters with the virus then stay in this room and continue to train, because 3 of your characters have the virus only one character will get exp with the level up ability on you should get a little over 64000 exp per battle (2-4 battles to lvl). With the virus on you still have full use of all character.

Also in the current room you will only fight iron men and chimera�s, the chimera�s shouldn�t be able to do anything to you and as for the iron men with auto-regen (and auto-haste) you wont have to worry about healing(helm divider wont matter) and you can continue attacking. Finally it is best to have the 3 infected character as your best physical attackers with the demon killer ability on (both enemies are demons) so you can simply enter a battle and hold the X button until its over. This method is very effective for players around the lvl 70 mark if you are too low to withstand the iron mans attack then you should probly be sticking to grand dragons.

(trust me this is faster than doing all 4 characters at once because of the way the level up ability works)

Submitted by: Raven

Easy Level Up

This trick requires a turbo controller. Be sure to have turbo mode on. On Disc 4 in Memoria, you can level up quick when you are in space. Try to have a party of mostly attackers with level up, auto-regen, auto-life, antibody, and if possible beast and devil killer equipped. When in space, you can travel to the left or right infinitely while still encountering either Stilvas or Behemoths. With the left or right directional pad secured in the engaged position and the X button also secured (be inventive, I used a dumbbell and some tape) in the same fashion, just let loose. You will be constantly moving on the screen and whenever engaged in a battle, the turbo X will choose to attack (don't worry, you have to press and hold the direction pad during a battle so it will just attack). Both enemies are pretty easy. Behemoth's Meteor is the only thing that may kill you but with auto life you will have nothing to worry about. Leave the game for a few hours and you will crap your pants. I left it alone for eight hours. When I came back Zidane was no longer at level 92 but a maxed out level 99.

Got any Tips & Tricks to share? Feel free to [email protected].

Various ways to level upon Disc 1-4

Grand Dragons

You can do this as early as Disc 1, and this area is recommended, as other areas with the Grand Dragon have another annoying enemy, the Gimme Cat, which only gives you 1-6 exp. pts. This area can be reached by climbing the vines where the save-moogle is.

By now you should have have these things equipt (for any character, and you must fight solo for full effect. Trust me, I'm not crazy. You can fight solo even on Disc 1.)

Level: 25 and up
Equipt: Optimize to raise Mag. Def. and Def., equipping Coral Ring after that
Abilities: Antibody**; Level Up*, ***; Gamble Defense*; Auto-Reflect*, ***, ****; Dragon Killer*; Return Magic*, ***; Auto-Regen (HIGHLY recommended with Auto-Reflect)*, ***, ****; Auto-Haste (to counter the GD's speed)*, ***, ****
*= Optional.
**= Needed.
***= You may not have this for some characters on Disc 1.
****= You don't need the Coral Ring equipt if you have this.

If you're level 35 and under, I recommend fighting Garudas (which may be found in the forest areas near here) until you are at least Lv 37. SAVE** if you are not sure of yourself, and walk around until you find a Grand Dragon. Note that you HAVE** to be VERY near Trance because you don't have Thievery, a powerful Frog Drop, Dragon's Crest, or Doomsday/Flare/Meteor/Water.

Preferably do this with Zidane first, because he is the most powerful character you will ever have in the game, even without Ultima Weapon and Theivery.

Level 30-37: Now to the battle with the GD. First, let it attack you a couple of times. It has this sort of pattern, like Poision Claw, Thundaga, Poison Claw, Thundaga, Venom Breath (Hopefully he doesn't do Poison Claw twice without Auto-Regen, or you're dead). With the Thundaga pattern thing going on, don't worry much about healing.

Keep waiting until you're in trance, and when you area, constantly perform Shift Break. It should die in four Shift Breaks. Congratulations, because you fought solo, you just received 35208 exp. pts., and with Level Up, that should add somewhere around 10%-20% more; passed the 50's and it will be around 55658-60456. As you defeat them, quickly call Moguo with the flute and SAVE** until you are level 75. You now have enough HP to withstand a few GDs without the saving hassle.

Soon enough, let another character fight with Zidane until s/he is level 50. Then let them fight solo until they are about level 65. Next would preferably be Quina.


Level: 25-37
Equipt: Just optimize with high magic defense.
Abilities: LOCOMOTION!!!**, Accuracy+*

Within the areas of the Grand Dragon, walk around either two bushy areas. You should always fight Garudas unless encountering the relieving Rag-time mouse. AVOID TWO if not level 30. They will whoop your butt with Firaga, because that's how they roll.

Dracozombies/Whalezombies/Grand Dragon # 2

Zidane/Any other character
Level: Zidane-47-74, Other guy-26 and up
Equipt: Optimize for low-as-possible magic eva.
Ablilties: Antibody**, anything else you think fit

Leave all characters accept Zidane dead. Fight Dracozombies/Whalezombies until one of them uses Zombie breath/Zombie Powder on you, respectively. Remove any type of healing ability from Zidane, have Amarant in your party as a Zombie (HAVING LEARNED CHAKRA) and Quina in your party either as the one you're leveling up, or as a zombie to help kill the Grand Dragon for the one leveling up (HAVING LEARNED LEVEL-5 DEATH FROM WHALEZOMBIES!!!).

Use my stragety for the GD as before, but this time, if you're desperate for health, use Amarant's Chakra, as it still heals HP and MP, MP AND HP being an issue with Quina. Zidane should be fine with a Coral Ring, as with Amarant. Have the un-zombified character defend, and in the back row (like everyone else). Now just use Theivery/Level-5 Death to kill the Grand Dragon. Insta-kill, and the un-zombified character gets all the glory for defending all the time.

Grand Dragon # 3 (Disc 4)

Use my stragety for being zombified, but with VIRUS status instead, so you can still heal normally. To easily get the virus status, fight Chimeras/Yans and attack them once with the character you want Virused.

Equipt: Optimize.
Ability: Body Temp**; Antibody**; Auto-Life*

The Chimera (which you should fight) can be found in the first area of inside Memoria. Attack it once with the character you want Virused, and it should do Venom Breath, Frozen Breath, and then Virus crunch in that order. You now know the reason for Body Temp and Antibody. With Virus Crunch, it won't Insta-kill you because you aren't frozen, and you will have easily gained the Virus status with no harm done. Follow this with Quina and Freya/Amarant/Steiner/Vivi/Eiko/Dagger.

Sent by Orange Man

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