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The Beginning...

Once the opening FMV is up, you'll find yourself in the cargo hold of the theatre ship. Grab 47 gil and a Potion from the back of the room (where the books are), and light the candle in the middle of the room. You will be prompted to choose a name for your character (default is Zidane). Once you do, a "Masked Man" will appear at the top of the steps and engage you and your friends in combat. This fight is particularly easy...just hit him a few times and he'll eventually give up.

When the fight is over you and your friends will enter the conference room. Once you have all of the details, choose the second option to confirm your understanding, and another FMV will start.

Light the candle Rename your character
Zidane's friends Choose the 2nd option
First battle in the game Meeting


Now you'll be in control of a Black Mage. Go south. In this large square, you can find a Zombie card in the lower left corner, a Lizard Man card at the top (obscured by the statue), and a Sahagin card in the middle of the square (next to the statue). Now, go back to the next block. Pick up two potions on the left side of the street, then enter the house on the right. Get 9 gil under the bed on the first floor, a Fang card in the dresser on the second floor, and a potion under the table on the first floor. Leave this house and head north to the next screen. Get 33 gil in the bushes on the lower right corner, and a Goblin card on the lower left corner, then enter the bar. Inside, get a Flan card on the lower left corner of the screen (near the barrel), 27 gil near the broken stairs, and a potion on the lower-right corner of the screen. Exit the bar and head west to the next screen. There, you'll find an item shop in the upper-right corner of the screen. Enter it and get 38 gil in the lower right corner of the screen, near the junk. Talk to the shopkeeper, but any necessary items, and head north to the main square.

The Main Square

Talk to the man in the ticket booth. Upon inspection, he will find out that your ticket is a fake and give you three cards (Goblin, Fang and Zombie) as consolation. Head to the shop on the right, grab an Elixir, then go back to the square and grab a Phoenix Pinion from the bridge near the gate.

A Phoenix Pinion! Jump-rope game
Ticket master

There are 3 girls playing jump-rope in front of the inn, so play with them if you want, then head down the alley next to them. Keep going until a rat-kid appears and asks you to become his slave. Choose the first option three times, then follow him into the bell-tower. After being hit by a moogle during your attempt to climb up the ladder, circle the perimeter of the chapel to get a Tent and Potion. Finally, talk to the moogle, save your game (and talk about Mognet with it), then head up the ladder.

Bell Tower

Once you reach the top of the bell-tower and have gotten all the walking-across-unsteady-planks part all over and done with, you can find plenty of gil. First, grab 29 gil from the birds-nest in the lower-left hand corner, then continue upwards. After the rat-kid asks you for your name (which is Vivi by default), continue across the roofs searching the bird-nests for gil. When you're finally ready, head towards the rat kid, and you'll be in control of Zidane again.

You'll suddenly be a part of the play going on for Princess Garnet. After some brief dialogue, take out Baku (the King), Benero, and Zenero and the fight portion will be over. Some more dialogue, and you and Blank will run off in front of the crowds to perform a sword bit. Just do as he says and you'll be finished in no time (and if you do really well, you'll have extra cash in your pocket).

Zidane & Blank Button pressing mini-game
Button pressing mini-game

Alexandria Castle

After the scene that takes place inside the castle, head up the stairs across from the hallway you arrive out of and you'll meet up with Princess Garnet for the first time. Meanwhile, Zorn and Thorn will report to Queen Brahne that Princess Garnet has gone missing. The Queen tells Steiner, the Caption of the Knights of Pluto, and General Beatrix to search for the princess.

After renaming your character (by default it's Steiner), head outside then come back to the throne room to get a gift from the Queen. With that in pocket, leave again and head into the room where Zidane and Blank knocked out the guards earlier. There, grab a phoenix down from the beds, save your game, then head back out and to the right this time. Inside this large corridor, catch up with the soldier who's running around and talk to him, then head east to the dining hall where you'll find another. Now, head back into the large room and go down the stairs into the room on the left. Talk to the soldier there, then head outside (go south) and talk to the soldier by the water. Finally, head to the left this time, talk with the guard who's asking a girl out, then head up the tower.

Inside the tower, you will meet the final soldier. Talk to him two times, and he'll give you an Elixir if you found all of the other soldiers. Climb up the rest of the tower and enjoy the FMV sequence. Once you have control of Zidane again, head east, then go down the stairs after Garnet. Finally, Princess Garnet asks Zidane to kidnap her.

Zidane catches up with big G Garnet reveals herself
Garnet asks Zidane to kidnap her

After the sequence, Cinna will show up and guide you to a secret passage into the engine room. Even though Steiner and an unnamed soldier (Blank) find the secret passage, the unknown soldier gets stuck, making Steiner take the long way around. Head to the next screen and you'll get to fight him. During the battle, be sure to steal. After the battle, just enjoy the scenes presented to you.

Meanwhile, Vivi and Puck get chased by two soldiers, making Vivi eventually end up on stage. Vivi casts a fire spell in an attempt to ward off the guards, but accidentally reveals Garnet. Afterwards, you fight Steiner twice more, then an FMV appears that shows the Theater Ship crashing in Evil Forest.

The Evil Forest

You can talk to the moogle and save your game here, and check up on a letter you got from Ruby. Once that's all said and done with, head to the right into the forest, where you'll fight random monsters for the first time in the game. Here's a good time to level up, because later the EXP will be divided three ways, so take advantage of the higher amount just for yourself while you have the chance. After gaining three or four levels (or more, if you want), save your game then go back that way to the other side of the screen where you'll notice that Garnet is trapped by the Prison Cage.

Zidane in trance
Fight the monster!

Zidane will start the battle in Trance mode, so just use his "Free Energy" skill (on the Prison Cage though, not Garnet!). Every few turns, the monster will suck Garnet's HP out, so be sure to administer potions when necessary. After the battle, the montser will run away then run back to catch someone else, in this case Vivi. Use the same tactics as before (and be sure to steal) to beat it again. This time, it dies but leaves a poison in Vivi and Steiner's body. Suddenly, you'll be returned to the Prima Vista.

Check out all the ATE's you'd like, then go downstairs and open the chest on the left. Head right, grab an Ether (next to the door) and 116 gil on the bed, then talk to Vivi. After talking with him, walk back outside to have another cutscene takes place, where Zidane remembers his first sight of Garnet. Choose whichever option you like, then go to the west after you have control over him again. Grab the Ether from the chest, then go downstairs and open the chest in the upper-left corner of the screen, in the closet. Finally, head into the room where you went in the beginning of the game and talk with Baku. After he leaves, grab the potion from the chest, then go back to the room you were just in and fight Baku.

After the battle, head back to the room before the stairs that lead to the room you just fought in and talk with Steiner (don't forget the ether!). Then, go to Vivi's room, persuade him to join your party, then return to the room that you fought Baku in and go south this time. After talking with Blank, grab the items then go outside. Buy items from Cinna if need be, grab the phoenix down in the upper-left corner of the screen, then save and head into the evil forest again.

Return to Evil Forest

Head to the screen where you fought the prison cage again and continue down the path. In the next screen, take the right path and continue on until you find a spring and a moogle. This is a good time to level Steiner and Vivi some, so take this advantage if you'd like. Once you're ready, save your game and give the moogle your letter, heal up and continue along the path until you reach Plant Brain.

Boss: Plant Brain
HP: 916
Strategy: This enemy is weak against fire, so use Vivi's Fire attacks and Steiner's Fire Sword to bring him down. After a few turns, Blank joins the fight, so be sure to alternate between stealing and attacking with him and Zidane. After a few more hits, this enemy will be dead.

After the battle, the party will notice the ground start to shake as a horde of enemies fly out of the ground and start chasing them. When you fight them, just use Vivi's Fire magic on all of them (L1) to beat them, then continue on. Eventually, an FMV will appear and you'll find yourself on the outskirts of the forest, camping. Eventually Dagger will wake up and they'll all fall asleep. The next morning, a moogle comes, teaches you a few things, and gives you a moogle flute. Finally, you make it to the world map!

Notice that on the world map, you can save your game by pressing the square button. When you're all accustomed to the controls (and leveled up a bit, if need be), head south until you reach a whitish-blue square, which is the Ice Cavern. Press X to enter.

Ice Cavern
In the first screen of the cave, open the treasure chest to get a tent, then head north to the next screen. Walk around the ledge, open the chest to receive a potion, then examine the wall on the right. Vivi will automatically cast Fire on the wall, which will burst open and reveal an Ether. Now, head to the next screen. In this room, grab the potion by going underneath the bridge, then walk up the ice-pillar to grab an item, then have Vivi burn it down. At the bottom, grab the Mage Masher, then have Vivi examine the wall on the left-hand side of the screen. Inside, you'll find an Elixir. In the next area, open teh chest on teh right to get a Phoenix Down, then examine and melt the wall on the left. Go down the path to get to the treasure chest, then go to the next screen. At the intersection, take a left, unfreeze the moogle and save your game. Return to the intersection, take the path on the right this time, and watch the scenes until you finally come to. Walk down the path to face...

Boss: Black Waltz, Sea Lion
HP: 229 HP (Black Waltz), 472 HP (Sea Lion)
Strategy: First, kill the Black Waltz so you don't have two enemies attacking you at once, and so he can't heal the Sea Lion. Keep hitting the Sea Lion, healing if necessary, and you'll eventually win. If you go into Trance, use Tidal Flame to deal a large amount of damage to both enemies.

Once the battle is over, go back to the previous screen and the others will wake up. Go back to the boss-battle screen, climb up the paths, and exit at the top. Outside, Garnet renames herself to Dagger, and you're on your way to Dali.

Village of Dali

Once the party arrives in Dali, everyone automatically enters the inn. Inside, Zidane and Steiner will talk a bit, then finally fall asleep. The next morning, grab an antidote from the chest on the lower right corner of the screen, and a potion inside the chest on the left. Dali is home to plenty of ATE's, also, so be sure to check them out. Leave the inn and head up the path to the windmill, where you'll find Vivi. Talk with him, then go to the shop right across from the inn to talk with Dagger. Choose whichever options you want, then talk with the shopkeeper to buy any new weapons or items.

Village of Dali At the Inn

Once you're done buying new stuff, head out and go back to the Windmill and enter it. On the left side of the screen (across from the big closed door), grab the Aeris Stellazzio. You can't get to the treasure chests on the second floor yet, so head back to the Inn and talk with Dagger. After an FMV, leave the Inn and head back to where you first talked with Vivi. Once you hear him crying, go into the windmill and press X in front of the manhole cover, then go underground.

Grab 156 Gil from the treasure chest at the bottom, then head north to the next screen. Once you can control Zidane again, grab a Potion from underneath the storage-area, then grab Eyedrops from a chest just to the right of that area. In the next area, press X in front of the barrel to make a moogle pop out, and save your game. Climb the boxes to get an Ether from the chest, then kick the pulley to make a chest drop that has a Potion. Head north to the next screen, then grab a Leather Wrist and Iron Helm from the treasure chests there, and continue on. In the next area, Zidane and Dagger will stop when they hear Vivi's voice from the crates, and Zidane will help him out. Open the chest near the door to get 95 Gil, and open the door if you want to get a Phoenix Down, Phoenix Pinion and Potion. The only drawback of opening the door is that you'll have to fight random monsters from here on, so make your decision wisely.

Head east to the next screen, where you'll find a poor Chocobo trying to get to some gysahl greens. From there, go north. Once you have control of Steiner, head down the steps, grab 135 Gil from the farthest corner of the screen and a Hi-potion from a chest behind the cart. Go inside the old man's hut, talk with him about the cargo ship, then leave and go south. A scene will occur, and you'll finally be up against Black Waltz #2.

Boss: Black Waltz #2
HP: 1030
Strategy: Don't use Vivi's magic or this boss will retaliate with a stronger magic. Instead, use him and Dagger to heal, and have Zidane and Steiner attack. Make sure to steal on occasion with Zidane.

Once the battle is over, choose the first option to rest in the Inn and save your game. Once you're ready, go through the exit in the farm and a scene will occur with you getting on the airship. Once you have control of Zidane again, go through the hallway and up the ladder. After talking with Steiner at the top, equip Zidane with your best stuff for a boss battle, then go to the control room. Eventually, you'll fight Black Waltz #3.

Boss: Black Waltz #3
HP: 1128
Strategy: Vivi starts this battle out in Trance, so make sure to use double black magic on the Waltz, and use him to heal after he goes out of Trance. As usual, attack with Zidane and Steiner, and be sure to steal on occasion with Zidane.

With that boss all taken care of, you finally reach Lindblum.

Lindblum Grand Castle

Once you arrive in Lindblum, you'll be taken to meet the ruler, Regent Cid. Head south to the next screen and enter the elevator. After a chat with the Regent, Zidane will go to a bar in Lindblum's Industrial District, where he'll meet an old friend of his (named Freya). The next morning you'll find yourself in the Inn in Lindblum's Business District, and Vivi will come to talk with you. After your discussion, head to the room right next to yours to save your game and get a letter from Ruby.

Head down the stairs to the first floor of the Inn and grab 163 gil in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Leave the inn, check the ATE, and go north. Enter the house in the middle of the screen and open the treasure chests to receive a Hi-Potion and Echo Screen. Exit the house and head up the path to the left of the house, then into the church at the end. Grab the item in the chest at the to of the scaffolding, then leave the church and head down the path to the right of the house that you left a little bit ago. In the item-square, make sure to buy any items and gear at the shops and synthesist shop. Once you're ready, go back to the screen with the Inn and go south two screens to go on the world map.

The enemies here are pretty tough, but you'll receive about 150 exp each time you defeat them. Once you gain some levels (if you choose to), enter the place that has a lot of green just south of Lindblum to search Pinnacle Rocks. There's nothing much to do here but open two chests (which contain an Elixir and Phoenix Down), so when you're ready head back to Lindblum. Rest at the Inn before moving on, then enter the building right across the street from the Inn and hitch a ride to the Theater District on the air cab.

Once you arrive, leave the station and enter the house on the lower-right corner of the screen. Get the Ore from the chest, then exit and go north. Enter the house with the big clock on the top of it and another ATE will appear. Once you can control Zidane again, open the chests to receive 68 gil, 97 gil and 182 gil. Also, check the top of the ladder to receive the Mini-Burmecia. Exit the house, then go back to the air cab station again and head to the Castle. Once you arrive, head south to enter the castle, then go up the stairs and take the path just to the right of the fountain. Enter the room on the top level to talk with Steiner, and once he leaves open all of the chests and save your game. Exit the room, then go back to the room with the foutnain and attempt to go past the guard blocking the path to the elevator. He won't let you pass, so go back to the two-leveled room and talk with the sleeping guard at the bottom. Zidane will then pummel the guard and take his clothes to get past the elevator-guard.

Double-leveled room Engine Room

Go back to the room with the fountain and go to the lift. Choose to go upstairs, and upon arriving take to the path to the left. Go through the engine room and up the stairs at the top to meet up with Dagger. After an FMV and a little bit of talking, move with telescope with the D-pad and scope out all locations that appear with a "!" when you hover over them.

Once you're done, Dagger will start singing again and you'll see what the rest of the party is doing. The next morning, after preparations for the Festival of the Hunt, save your game by talking to the moogle and head to the Theater District on the air cab. Now, get ready to fight!

The Festival of the Hunt
Here are all the enemis that can be found on the streets of Lindblum:

Theater District:
1. Outside Air cab station :: 1x Trick Sparrow, 1x Mu
2. Near the big clock :: 1x Trick Sparrow
3. In the screen south from the big clock :: 1x Fang

Business District:
1. Outside the air cab station, near the inn :: 1x Trick Sparrow, 1x Mu
2. In the left side of the screen, at the shopping area :: 1x Fang
3. Outside the Church :: 1x Fang, 1x Trick Sparrow
4. In the main square at the shopping area, near the fountain :: Boss

Industrial District:
1. Outside air cab station :: 1x Fang walking around the statue
2. Near the staircase :: 1x Mu
3. Outside the house on the next screen :: 1x Mu

Leave the air cab terminal and quickly kill all the enemies in this area (1x Mu moving around the old man and 1x Trick Sparrow in the upper-left-hand corner). Once they're both dead, head north and fight another trick sparrow. Now, head down the steps and wait a few seconds for the Fang to appear, then kill that and return to the air cab. Take the cab to the Business District, then leave that terminal and kill the Trick Sparrow in the path. Head north to the next screen, fight the Fang, then go to the Church area and kill a Fang and a Trick Sparrow. Once you're done, head to the shopping area and fight the Zaghnol with Freya.

Boss: Zaghnol
HP: 1189
Strategy: Use Freya's Jump skill every turn. When you do this, the boss can't hurt Freya, so concentrate on attacking and healing with Zidane. Whether you win with or without Freya alive, you'll get 65 hunting points and will win automatically.

After the battle, you'll be taken to the throne room of the castle where you'll meet Cid. If you win the tournament, you'll receive 5000 gil and the Master Hunter award. After a little talk, a wounded Burmecian soldier comes in and begs for assistance by the Regent, then dies. Freya, Zidane and Vivi decide to go to Burmecia, so Cid offers to give them lunch while the Dragon Gate opens. Dagger slips sleeping weed into everyone's food then slips away with Steiner.

Once you've got control of Zidane again, go back to the guest room and save your game, then head to the lift and go to the bottom floor. Go on the vehicle to the right, grab the item in the chest in the upper-left-hand-corner, then jump on the car to the left. When you arrive, save your game, buy some items (especially potions and tents, since Dagger is gone now) from the merchant there, and head out to the world map.

On the world map, head north until you reach a structure that's sticking out of the ground and enter it. Go through the bushes at the end of the plank-bridge, then grab a frog and give it to the mysterious creature. After a little talk, Quina will join your party. Now, head back to the world map.

From just outside Qu's Marsh, head east, cross the bridge and enter "Chocobo's Forest". Once you enter, a moogle named Mene talks to you and eventually gives you Ghysal Greens to call Choco from the world map (while standing on chocobo footprints). Leave the forest, stand on the tracks and use your greens to call Choco. Now, head back over the bridge and towards the mountains to reach Gizamaluke's Grotto.

Gizamaluke's Grotto

Once you arrive in Gizamaluke's Grotto, talk to the soldier on the right and he'll give you a bell. Use the bell on the door to the north and go through. In the next screen, you'll see two familiar faces who will sick a couple of black mages on you. Defeat the black mages and take the bell to the door on the left at the top of the stairs. Go through the pathway and talk with the Burmecian soldier (and get an item along the way), then use his bell to open the door at the bottom, to the right of the raised platform. In the next area, go around the stairs, grab the Pointed Hat under the bridge, and talk with the moogle there.

Gizamaluke's Grotto Screenshots

The moogle will explain that her husband got stuck underneath a bell during their honeymoon. Agree to have Vivi give her the kupo nut, and open the chest after they leave. Use the bell from the chest to open the door on the right, and talk with the moogles to save your game. While you're getting ready to leave (to the south! Don't go up the vines), one of the moogles will give you a bell. Use this bell to open the door to the left of the platform in the previous room. Equip yourself for battle, and go on in.

Boss: Gizamaluke
HP: 3175
Strategy: This battle can be very tough, especially if you're at a low level, so gain some levels before the battle if need be. During the battle, use Freya's Jump skill, attack with Zidane, use magic with Vivi and heal/use Mighty Guard (if you have it) with Quina.

South Gate

After the battle, you'll be in control of Steiner again. Talk to the guards up ahead, and after some persuasion they'll let you pass. In the next area, talk with everyone then head to the upper-right-corner of the screen. A guard will show up and give you a Gate Pass. After he leaves, get the Pass and continue to the area up ahead. Once you have control of Dagger, get a Potion from the chest, buy items from the shop and save your game. Talk to the man next to the train to get moving.

Burmecia: Realm of Eternal Rain

Once you have control of Zidane and the gang again, head north and go across the plains towards the rainy city of Burmecia. Head north upon entering to fight two black mages, then enter the house on the right. Open the chest at the bottom of the stairs and go up the stairs and through teh door (ignore the chest, because it's an enemy). Head past the locked door to the next screen and WALK (use the D-pad to make it easier) across the platform to get the item. As you're walking back across, the platform will fall. Head back outside and enter the door on the left this time, grab the item and go upstairs. Ignore the "chest" on the right and continue to the next screen. Head out to the balcony and jump across to enter the other side. In the bedroom, talk with the wounded soldier and grab the bell from behind the bed. Now, head back to the area with the locked door and use this bell on it. Head through and you'll be back outside near the palace.

Use the bell on the door Kuja, Beatrix and Queen Brahne

Head into the two rooms to get some items for Freya and Vivi, and save your game in the room on the right. You can also buy items from the moogle with the new Mogshop, so use this opportunity to stock up on potions or whatever else you might need. Finally, head back to the courtyard and head north to the palace. After a few scenes, you'll fight Beatrix.

Boss: Beatrix
HP: 3630
Strategy: Just hit her for about 1500 damage (or don't attack her and do whatever, it doesn't matter) and she'll reduce everybody's HP to 1 to end the battle.

After the battle, another FMV will show up and you'll be at the end of disc 1! Don't forget to save your game.

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