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Excalibur 2 is Steiner's strongest weapon, and the hardest weapon in the game to get! In order to get this fantastic weapon, you must reach the very end of Memoria, the very last dungeon in the game, within 12 hours. Making to the end in time is certainly not an easy task, but with dedication and a little bit of luck, it's quite possible to do.

[ Disc 1 | Disc 2 | Disc 3 | Disc 4 ]

Excalibur 2 Walkthrough: Disc 1

Prima Vista
  • Skip the opening FMV (in fact, skip all of the FMV's).

  • Choose Zidane's name. Begin the first battle.

  • Masked Man (Baku)
    HP: 188
    Let Zidane steal a Mage Masher. After you've stolen it, just attack until you win.

  • Now you control Vivi. Go to the ticket booth (in the Square) and show your ticket. Go to the road just behind the booth and pick up an Ether and Phoenix Down.

  • Go to the alleyway and talk with the Rat Kid. Follow him to the bell tower and save your game (7"45').

  • Climb the ladder and enter the castle. Ignore the chimneys, and just run after Puck.

  • Boss: Zenero, King, Benero
    You only have to beat the king here, so just keep attacking him. Don't use the magic skills!

  • Sword Fight: Just do your best.

  • Zidane runs into Garnet. Choose the lower choice.

  • Input Steiner's name, then go outside the castle and to the left tower. Run all the way to the top.

  • Now you control Zidane, Talk with Ruby and go downstairs. Ignore the items in the Engine room and go through the exit.

  • Boss: Steiner
    Have Zidane attack and the other two steal.

  • Boss: Steiner, Haagen, Weimar
    Only attack Steiner. Have Zidane attack and Vivi use Fire.

  • Boss: Steiner (and Bomb)
    Attack with Zidane and Marcus, have Vivi use Fire. After Steiner's defeated, the bomb will explode.

Evil Forest
(Recommend time: 34 minutes)
  • Watch the ATE, save your game with the moogle.

  • Enter the Forest. If you encounter an enemy, kill it to gain one level. Continue on and challenge Prison Cage.

  • Boss: Prison cage
    HP: 512
    Have Zidane and Steiner attack. When Zidane goes into Trance, use Free Energy.

  • Boss: Prison Cage
    HP: 532
    Have everyone attack.

Prima Vista
(Recommended time: 49 minutes)
  • Talk to Baku, then go and talk to Vivi. Get an Ether, then go find Baku and choose the first choice.

  • Boss: Baku
    HP: 202
    Have Zidane attack. Don't steal.

  • Talk with Steiner and convince him to tag along.

  • Exit the Prima Vista and save your game.

Evil Forest
(Recommended time: 1 hour)
  • Watch the ATE. Save and heal at the spring, then keep running to Plant Brain.

  • Boss: Plant Brain
    HP: 458
    Have Zidane and Blank attack. Use Vivi's Fire, and Steiner's Fire Sword.

  • Take Blank's Leather Hart and Silk Shirt.

  • Boss: Plant Spider
    Kill Blank. Let Zidane Steiner attack, and use Vivi to target all with Fire.

  • Watch the Moogle ATE.

  • Head straight for the Ice Cavern and save.

Ice Cavern
(Recommend time: 1 hour, 16 minutes)
  • Don't touch the mist! If you touch it you'll get in a fight.

  • Don't save at the save point; it only wastes time.

  • Boss: Sea Lion, Black Waltz 1
    HP: 472, 228
    Attack and kill the Black Waltz first, then go for the Sea Lion. Try and steal the Mythril Dagger from it. Once Zidane trances, use Free Energy.

  • Save your game once you're on the world map again.

Village of Dali
(Recommended time: 1 hour 59 minutes)
  • Leave the Inn and head north. Talk with Vivi. Return and enter the building immediately across from the Inn and talk with Dagger. Enter the Inn. Watch the ATE. Save!
    • Note: you should sell your Ether and Phoenix Downs and buy an Iron Sword, a Feather Hat, and as many Leather Wrists as possible (for money).

  • Go to the windmill and enter the underground area. Keep going, but don't enter the sealed off area. Take the Ether and Iron Helm.

  • Now you control Steiner. Morrid walks extremely slowly, so grab the Hi-Potion and Gil while he heads towards his house.

  • Boss: Black Waltz #2
    HP: 1030
    Recommended lvls: Zidane lvl 4, Steiner lvl 3
    Use Steiner's Fire Sword and have Zidane attack. Have Vivi heal and Dagger. Don't use magic!

  • Head for the Cargo Ship.

  • Boss: Black Waltz #3
    HP: 1138
    Have Zidane attack, Steiner use Fire Sword, and Vivi cast Fire. When BW3 begins to fly, have Zidane steal. When he lands again, attack again.

  • Now you enter Lindblum. Skip the FMVs.

  • Go to the Business District, then the Theater District. Go to Tantalus's Hideout and watch the FMV.

  • Go to Lindblum Castle and talk to Steiner, then head for the lift. You won't be able to get in.

  • Go to the hall just outside the guest room and talk with the soldier on the left. When you have his armor, head for the top level and take a left. Walk up the stairs to find Dagger. Skip the FMV. Look in the telescope.

  • Before you go to the station, visit the Weapons and Synthesis shop.

Festival of the Hunt
(Recommended time: 2 hours, 22 minutes)
  • Get the Ether and Glass Armlet from the guest room in the Inn. Enter the air cab station and head for the Theater District.

  • Enter battle and kill yourself. Freya will win by default and your party will get the Coral Ring.

  • After the events, go to the Dragon's Gate and save.

  • Equip everyone and head out into the world.

Eunorus Plains / Qu's Marsh / Gizamaluke's Grotto
(Recommended time: 2 hours, 32 minutes)
  • Go to Qu's Marsh and fetch Quina. Equip him / her with the Yellow Scarf, and get the ability Gillionaire.

  • Go to Chocobo's Forest. Learn Quina's "Limit Glove" on the way, if possible. Fetch Choco from the Forest, and head straight for Gizamaluke's Grotto.

  • Save your data just outside of Gizamaluke's Grotto.

Gizamaluke's Grotto
(Recommended time: 2 hours, 48 minutes)
  • Talk to the Soldier on the right and get the Gizamaluke's Bell. Open the door and pass through.

  • Battle: Black Mage Type A (x2)
    HP: 398 each
    Equip the Coral Ring on Zidane, and select the Man Eater ability. Have Zidane attack, Vivi and Freya defend. Kill Quina.

  • Beat the Black Mages, get another Bell from the Soldier on the bridge. Use it to open the large door in the center.

  • Talk to the moogles and gain another bell. Follow them and save. Use a Phoenix Down on Quina. If he / she comes back to life with 1 HP, perfect! If not, reset and try again. You want Quina at 1 HP. If it worked, leave and head to the door to the left of the Moogle one to fight Gizamaluke.

  • Boss: Gizamaluke
    HP: 3200
    Its weak point is Thunder and Bird Killer. Use both! A tent can temporarily blind / silence him, too. First turn, have Zidane Steal, Quina use a Tent, Vivi cast Thunder and Freya Attack (with Bird Killer). Attempt to steal the Trident and Ice Staff. Also, if Quina is still at 1 HP, use Limit Glove! You'll deal lots of damage to Gizamaluke.

South Gate
  • Hurry past the guards. Talk with the man "fixing" the gate on the left, then the man on the far right. Talk with the young lady and have her join the other young man. Head for the tunnel.

  • Keep on the lookout as Dagger gets dressed. Once in control of Dagger, save then head straight for the Cable Car.

(Recommended time: 3 hours)
  • Head for Burmecia. Run all the way through and beat the Black Mages.

  • Head up the stairs to the right and enter the Residence. Get the Germinas Boots and continue to the left. Run across the bridge to make it drop.

  • Go back outside and enter the door on the left. Go across the newly-fallen bridge and jump across to another area to get a Protection Bell. Return and go through the locked door from before. Run up the stairs to the courtyard.

  • FIGHT THE MONSTERS HERE! Don't purposefully get into fights, but in your running around and get into a fight you should follow through. Three is a reasonable number. Any more than that, reset and try again.

  • Head straight for the Palace and go through the events. Make sure Quina's dead before the next boss battle.

  • Boss: Beatrix (1st time)
    HP: 3630
    The battle ends automatically after a short time, so feel free to do whatever. If you feel like it, attempt to steal from her.

End of Disc 1
(Recommended time: 3 hours 9 minutes)
  • This is the end of Disc 1. Save.

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