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Final Fantasy 9 Game Script
Date Started 30 November 2000
Last Update 28 May 2005
Progress Disc 1 (Festival of the Hunt)

Prima Vista

[ FMV: Middle of the sea, giant waves rocking a boat back and forth with a woman and child in it. After a particularly large wave rocks the boat, the camera zooms into a little girl's face. The location quickly changes, though with the same face, to an older girl, Princess Garnet, sitting at her window. She stands up and opens the windows, while two birds fly by heading towards and airship. ]

"Sure is dark..."
"Guess nobody's here yet..."

[ There is a knock at the door ]

"Who's there?"

[ You name your character. We use the default name here (Zidane). ]

"It's me, Zidane!"

[ Cinna, Marcus and Blank run in. ]

"Hey Zidane, you sure are late!"

"Sorry. So where's the boss?"

"Ain't here yet."

[ Suddenly, a masked man opens the door, walks out and jumps down the stairs. Zidane, Cinna, Blank and Marcus take out this masked man, only to find that it's their boss, Baku. ]


"Hey fools!"
"You're lookin' a lot better!"
"Alright, let's start the meeting already!"

[ Everyone enters the room on the right and sits down at a round table. Baku takes a model of Alexandria out and places it on the table. ]

"Here's the plan."
"Tantalus, the infamous band of daring thieves (that's us) is headin' to the kingdom of Alexandria.."
"Our mission: to kidnap the heir to the throne, Princess Garnet!"

"I'll take it from here, so listen up!"
"Our ship is about to dock at Alexandria..."
"And when it does, we're gonna put on our costumes..."
"And perform 'I Want to Be Your Canary,' the most popular play in Alexandria!"
"Break a leg, Marcus! 'Cause you're plain' the lead!"

"Leave the actin' to me! Of course, the real kidnappers'll be Blank and Zidane."

"I'll distract the audience from backstage with these little buggers."
"I can't stand oglops..."
"But I'll manage, so don't worry about me."
"And that'll be your cue, Zidane!"


  • "That's when I kidnap Queen Brahne, right?"
  • "That's when I kidnap Princess Garnet, right?"

[ Pick the second choice. Picking the first one 60 times will result in an event detailed in full in our side quests section. ]

"You bet! You're gonna kidnap the most babe-ilicious beauty in all of Alexandria, Princess Garnet!"

[ FMV: The Airship continues on its flight towards Alexandria, flying over a small boy with a pointy hat in the town square. The ship continues, finally docking at Alexandria Castle. As a crystal slowly fades into view, so too does "Final Fantasy IX." ]


[ The scene fades away and returns to town square, where the boy with the pointy hat is walking down the street. He trips, and a little girl comes over to help him. ]

Little Girl
"Are you awright?"
"Here! You dwopped your ticket!"

[ The boy strands up and straightens out. As he starts walking down the street, a rat kid runs up behind him and hits him, causing both to fall. ]

Rat Kid
"Why you--get outta my way!"

[ He runs off. Next screen... ]

"Honorable nobles of Treno...Castle Alexandria is this way!"

[ He blows his horn and walks off with the nobles. On the next screen, walk up to the ticket booth. ]

Ticket Master
"Can I help you son?"

Pointy Hat Boy
"Uh... Umm..."

  • "Show Ticket"
  • "What's showing today?"
  • "Tell me about Alexandria"
  • Leave

[ Choose to show your ticket. ]

Ticket Master
"What's this? There's something odd about this ticket..."
"Why, it's another fake! I've seen so many today."

Pointy Hat Boy

Ticket Master
"Now, now. Don't cry. I know how you must feel."
"Here, I'll give you these. Do try to cheer up now, hmm?"
[ He gives you a Goblin, Fang and Skeleton card. ]
"Talk to Alley Jack to learn more about cards. Good luck, lad!"

[ In the alleyway to the left of the ticket booth, the pointy hat boy trips and falls while walking. A man on a ladder stops his work. ]

Dante the Signmaker
"Blast it!"
"Hey! YOu made me miss, you little klutz!"
"Whew, that should do it."
"Well, it's been a long day."

[ He stretches and leaves without his ladder. The Rat Kid suddenly appears. ]

Rat Kid
"Hey, you! Shrimp! You're the one with the phony ticket ain'tcha?"
"I saw the guy tell you that it was fake!"

Pointy Hat Boy

  • "Y-Yeah, it's fake."
  • "N-No, it's not fake."
  • "Are you Alleyway Jack?"

[ Pick the first choice. Actually, it doesn't matter what you choose. ]

Rat Kid
"I'll let you see the show if you become my slave!"
"Well, whaddya say?"

Pointy Hat Boy

  • "Alright."
  • "N-No, I don't want to."

[ Choose the first choice. ]

Rat Kid
"Awesome! Now for your first assignment"
"You go stand over there and see if anyone's comin'!"

[ The Pointy Hat Boy runs where told to keep a lookout, while the Rat Kid runs to the other side. ]

Rat Kid
"All Clear?"

Pointy Hat Boy

  • "Yeah, it's clear."
  • "I think someone's coming."

[ Choose the first choice. ]

Rat Kid
"Awesome! Engage according to mission parameters."

[ The Rat Kid runs to the ladder, picks it up, and runs to the southern exit of the alleyway. Follow him. ]

Rat Kid
"Over here!"
"Don't fall behind!"
"Into the steeple!"

[ In the steeple. ]

Rat Kid
"Now we're gonna climb up this tower!"
"It's very dangerous, you go first."

[ As Vivi begins to climb, a moogle drops down and hits him on the head. ]

Pointy Hat Boy

Rat Kid
"Ahahaha! What the heck was that?"

"Sorry about that, Kupo!"

Rat Kid
"That's kupo. He's a moogle."


Rat Kid
"And this is slave number one!"
"Try to get along, okay?"

"Kupo! Pleased to meet you!"
"I'm sorry! I enter you in the moogle's diary."
"If you want to save game onto MEMORY CARD, just ask us moogles, Kupo!"
"You can regain health if you have a tent, Kupo!"
"You understand?"

Pointy Hat Boy

  • "I understand"
  • "Once more"
[ Choose the first option. ]

"Glad I could help, Kupo!"

Rat Kid
"Alright, time for some upward mobility!"
[ Rat Kid climbs the ladder. ]
"Alright, come on up, slave!"

[ Suddenly another moogle enters from below and walks towards Kupo. ]

"Kupo...? You here?"

"Kupo! Stiltzkin! Why that getup?"
"You leaving, kupo?"

"Yeah, and this time I might be away for a long time."

"I'll miss you, kupo."

"Now, don't you worry. I'll write."

"Okay, kupo!"

"Well, I'm off. Take care!"
"Oh, and say hi to Mosh in the castle for me."

Pointy Hat Boy
"Was that a friend of yours?"

"Yes, kupo. A very special one, Kupo!!!"

Rat Kid
"Hey slave! I thought I ordered you up here!!!"

[ Vivi climbs the ladder. ]

Rat Kid (Waiting for Vivi)
"Alright, the play's gonna start if we don't hurry!"
"Come on, get over here!"
"Lemme guess... You're afraid of heights, aren't you?"
"It's okay! Just pretend you're on the ground."
"Come on already! We're runnin' outta time!"

[ Puck runs off. Follow him. Vivi stops at the next "bridge". ]

Rat Kid
"Not again..."
"Don't worry! It won't fall!"
[ Vivi crosses, and the "bridge" falls. ]
"Hahaha...I guess it fell."
"No point in worrying now, right?"
[ He runs off. Follow him. ]

Rat Kid
"Oh yeah, I almost forgot!"
"I don't even know your name!"

[ Pick a name. Vivi is default. ]

"So your name's Vivi, huh?"
"Kinda funny name..."
"My name's Puck! Pleased to meetcha!"

[ Puck runs off again. Follow him all the way to the end of the maze. When Vivi catchces up, Puck runs slightly further on, to the guard's wall. ]

"Whew... We finally made it!"
"After this wall, we'll be inside the castle!"
"C'mon, let's go!"

[ They run into the castle. FMV: The camera passes around the Castle courtyard and down to the theater ship and Audience as the play prepares to begin. Puck and Vivi hide at the back as Fireworks get shot off, announcing the opening. Princess Garnet on her throne is despondent, though. The play begins with Baku, dressed as a King, coming on-stage. ]

"Ladies and gentlemen!"
"Tonight's performance is a story that takes place long, long ago."
"Our heroine, Princess Cornelia, is torn from her lover, Marcus."
"She attempts to flee the castle, only to be captured by her father, King Leo."
"When our story begins, Marcus, having heard of this, crosses swords with the king."
"And now, Your Royal Majesty, Queen Brahne, Your Highness, Princess Garnet..."
"...noble ladies and lords, and our rooftop viewers, Tantalus proudly presents 'I Want to Be Your Canary'!"

[ Music begins playing and the audience claps. The scene shifts to Cinna, Zidane and Blank, kneeling. Blank stands up. ]

"Bereft of father! Bereft of mother!"
"Marcus! Thou has lost even thy love!"

"Fortune hath escap'd thee!"
"For what end shalt thou live?"

"For the sake of our friend..."
"Let us bury our steel in the heart of the wretched King Leo!"

Blank & Cinna

[ They run further on-stage and join Marcus, who is about to fight King Leo and his guards. ]

"We shall back thee, kinsman!"

"Pray, sheathe thy swords! This villain is mine alone!"

"Nay, kinsman!"
"For I, too, have lost a brother to this fiend!"

King Leo
"What ho? Out, vermin! Away!"
"Thou darest bare thy sword before the king!?"
"All who stand in my way will be crush'd!"

"Treacherous Leo, my kinsman's suffering shall not be in vain!"
"For I shall instruct thee in his incomperable pain!"

[ They fight. Zidane's group ultimately wins. "King Leo" makes a retreat. ]

King Leo
"Though hast not seen the last of me, Marcus!"

"Come back!"

[ Zidane runs after "King Leo", but Blank stops him. ]

"Out ofthe way, Blank!"

"Consider this, Zidane! If Prince Shneider were to marry Princess Cornelia, peace would reign over both their kingdoms!"

"'Tis foolishness! If all were so easy, why, none would suffer in this world!"

[ They begin to fight. ]


"En garde!"

"Expect no quarter from me!"

[ The fight finishes. Blank and Zidane run into the castle. ]

"We shall finish this later!"

"Come back here!"

[ The screen fades to inside the castle. Blank and Zidane have punched out two Pluto Knights and are just finishing getting dressed. ]

"Finished changing, Zidane?"

"Yeah, but this helmet..."
"It kinda smells..."

"What are you talkin' about!? My helmet totally reeks!"
"My armor's way too big..."
"And my back's real itchy..."
"The boots are wet..."
"My gloves are all slimy..."
"There's cookie crumbs in my pockets..."

"Okay, I get the picture..."
"You still have the package, right?"

"Don't worry! I won't screw up!"
[ An oglop jumps out of his pocket. He catches it quickly. ]

"Alright! First I'll go pour some sleep potion into Princess Garnet's teacup."

"And I've got a special something for the lovely Queen!"
[ Blank looks at the soldiers. ]
"Hehehe...they're sleeping so soundly."

Alexandria Castle

"According to recon..."
"...the royal seats should be right above these stairs!"

"Got it!"

[ The crowd makes a shuddering noise. ]

"Uh-Oh! The scene where Marcus sneaks into Cornelia's chamber is about to start!"
"Let's get this over before the finale, okay?"

[ Upstairs, Zidane runs into a girl covered in a White Mage's robe. ]

"(Hmm? She's sure dressed funny...)"

Hooded Girl
"Um...Would you please let me pass?"


  • Let her pass (pick this one)
  • Examine her face

[ The girl begins to run by. ]
"Wait! Hold on a sec..."
"Haven't we met before?"

Hooded Girl
"No...I do not know you..."

"Maybe you're right...I'd never let someone as pretty as you get away."
"Say, you wouldn't--"

"Hey, what's goin' on Zidane?"

Hooded Girl
"I must go!"

[ She runs past Zidane and Blank through the castle. ]

"Who the heck was that!?"

"Get up Blank! That was Princess Garnet!"

"Are you serious!?"

[ The screen fades to within the castle, where two men dressed as jokers are running around frantically. ]

"We are in trouble!"

"Trouble are we in!"

"This is terrible!"

"Our heads, Queen Brahne will have!"

"We must hurry!"

"Hurry, we must!"

"We are in trouble!"

"Trouble are we in!"
[ Zorn begins to run down a passageway. ]
"The right way, that is not!"

"I know it is not the right way!"

"Really, do you?"

"I really do!"

"Wonder I sometimes do..."

"N-Now is not the time to wonder!"

Zorn & Thorn
"Hurry to Queen Brahne must we!"
"We must hurry to Queen Brahne!"

[ Thorn begins heading towards a doorway. ]
"That is not the right way!"

"N-Not the right way I know!"

"Do you really?"

"Know I really do!"

"I really wonder sometimes..."

"Th-the time to wonder, now is not!"

Zorn & Thorn
"Hurry to see Her Majesty, we must!"
"We must hurry to see Her Majesty!"

[ Zorn & Thorn run into Queen Brahne's terrace. ]

"Your majesty!"

"See the Queen, we must!"

[ A heavily armored fellow calmly walks up to them. ]

Captain of the Knights of Pluto
"Her Majesty is busy! Come back later!"

[ A young woman, also dressed in armor, calmly walks towards them. ]

"Is it an emergency?"

"An emergency, it is!"

"A veritable emergency of terrible urgency!"

"Very well. I'll see what I can do."

Zorn & Thorn
"Very grateful we'll be!"
"We'll be very grateful!"

Captain of the Knights of Pluto
"Grr! Curse that Beatrix, always trying to one-up me!"

"Her Royal Highness..."

"Princess Garnet..."

Zorn & Thorn
"Is in danger!"

"I see. Wait right there."
[ She walks down to the Queen. ]
"Your Majesty..."

Queen Brahne
"No interruptions! Can't you see I'm watching the show!?"

"Your Majesty, I'm afraid Princess Garnet has--"

Queen Garnet
"Ah yes...she did leave her seat a while ago."

"Your Majesty, it seems that Princess Garnet has run off with the Royal Pendant."

Queen Brahne
"Well, of all the...what could she be thinking!?"
"General Beatrix!"

"Your Majesty!"

Queen Brahne
"And Captain...uh..."

[ Input the captain's name. The default is Steiner. ]

Queen Brahne
"Captain Steiner!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

Queen Brahne
"Go find Garnet!"

Steiner & Beatrix
"Yes, My Queen!"
"At once, Your Majesty!"

[ They run off. The screen fades to the walkway at the top of the stairs. ]

"Knights of Pluto!"
[ The two knocked out knights appear. Nobody else does. ]
"Where is everybody?"

Blutzen, Pluto Knight II
"Captain Sir!"

Kohel, Pluto Knight III
"All present and accounted for, Sir!"

"What are you talking about!? There's only two of you!"
"Where's the other six?"
[ He runs downstairs to them. ]
"Why, you useless good-for-nothings!"
"I bring orders from the Queen!"
"Get dressed and go find Princess Garnet!!"

[ In the screen to the right (with the Moogle)... ]

"...So I guess they really did."

"Whoa, really? You always have the latest news!"

"Hey! I thought I told ydou to go look for the Princess!"
"What are you doing here!?"

"Oh, Captain! It looks like Weimar got together with Barbara at the pub!"

"Why do I have to hear this!?"
"I told you nitwits to go search for the Princess!"

"At once Sir!"

"Y-yes sir!"

[ Back out in the hallway, through the door to the north, is another soldier running around frantically. ]

"Yes, Sir! I'm looking, Sir!"

[ Another soldier can be found in the hall to the right. ]

"Awww...I'm so hungry!"

"Wimps like you are the reason nobody relies on men in Alexandria! Bite the bullet, you worthless grub!"

[ Back in the main hall, in the library to the left, is Laudo. ]

"You see, I never wanted to be in the military. I just wanted to write fantasy novels..."
"Captiain please! Let me quit the Knights of Pluto!"

  • You can leave (Pick me)
  • You can't leave

"I really want to let you go...but now's not the time!"
"Go find Princess Garnet!"

Laudo "Wah!!!"
[ He runs off. Outside, in front of the castle, a loud cheer is heard as Steiner travels near the fountain. ]

"The play seems to be a hit!"
"But if we fail to find the princess before the curtain falls, Her Majesty will be most displeased..."
"And we will be the laughing stock of Beatrix and her retinue!"
"I must hurry!"

[ In front of the fountain is Haagen. ]

"Sitting here watching the water always bring peace to my soul."
"Care to have a seat, Captain?"

"Now is not the time! By order of Her Majesty, we must go search for Princess Garnet!"

"What!?!? This call for immediate action!"
"Fair Princess, be not afraid! Haagen is on the trail!"
"Feel my fury!!"

[ Outside the tower to the left is Weimer, hitting on one of Beatrix's regime. ]

"Hey, let's go to Treno. Just the two of us."

Alexandrian Soldier
"Hmm...let me think about it."

"You there! Stop that immediately!"
"Go search for Princess Garnet!"

"Yes sir! At once sir!"

[ He also runs off. As you run up the tower, you run across Breiricht. ]

"I'm so tired..."
"Captain Steiner, do you climb this tower for excercise too?"

"No, no! I'm searching for Princess Garnet!"
"Is the Princess at the top of this tower or not?"

"I want to reach the top, but at my age I get so short of breath..."

Breireicht : By the way captain,have we all received the order ?
Steiner    : Of course ! All knights will obey !!!
Breireicht : Ah ! So you've given orders to double super-sleuths,
             Blutzen and Kohel !
Breireicht : And also...
Breireicht : Ah ! So you've given orders to our most inspirational writer,
             Laudo !
Breireicht : And also...
Breireicht : Ah ! So you've given orders to the most famous artillerist in
             the realm,Dojebon
Breireicht : And also...
Breireicht : Ah ! So you've given orders to the only man who can name all the
             girls in town,Weimar !
Breireicht : And also...
Breireicht : Ah ! So you've given orders to the knights with the knack of 
             navigating the neighborhood,Haagen !
Breireicht : And also... 
Breireicht : Ah ! So you've given orders to the winner of last year's cannon
             ball race,Mullenkedheim.
Breireicht : That's my captain !

Received Elixir !

Now climb up the tower until you've reach to the top.

Steiner : Whew...fatigue rears its ugly head.
Steiner : No ! I must persevere !
Steiner : The princess must be found !

Steiner : Wait ! Over there !
Steiner : It's princess Garnet !
Steiner : Being hounded by brigands ! Fear not,princess ! Your knight is coming !


Zidane      : Huh ? Where'd the princess go ?
Hooded Girl : Woo !!!
Zidane      : Owwww....

Head right to the next screen.

Ruby        : Hold yer horses there !
Ruby        : Whut kinda cattle you chasin' darlin' ?
Ruby        : You should at least say yer sorry !
Hooded Girl : Please pardon me.I was in hurry,you see...
Ruby        : And here i am,fixin' to get ready fer my big entrance !

Now you'll be controlling Zidane again,go talk to Ruby

Ruby   : Hey Zidane ! Did you see the way she hit me ?
Ruby   : This cowgirl's wilder than a buckin' bronco !
Zidane : Just let me talk to her,Ruby !
Ruby   : Come again,pardner !?
Ruby   : Did you hear what i'm talkin !?
Zidane : Ruby ! We'll talk later !

Go downstairs

Zidane      : Whew...Well it looks like you've finnaly made up your mind.
Zidane      : ( Wow.We really had to improvise.But hey,we got her ! )
Hooded Girl : Do you work on this theater ship ?
Zidane      : ( she figured it out,huh ? )
Hooded Girl : As you have no doubt suspected...
Hooded Girl : ... the truth is that...
Hooded Girl : I am actually...
Hooded Girl : Princess Garnet Til Alexandros,heir to the throne of Alexandria.
Garnet      : I have a favor i wish to ask you...
Garnet      : I wish to be kidnapped ... right away.
Zidane      : H-huh !? I don't ... i mean ... 

Steiner  : Princess ! Where are you !?
Garnet   : Please...they're coming for me !
Zidane   : that's what's going on...
Zidane   : Alright ! Leave them to me !
Garnet   : Thank you.You have my gratitude.
Zidane   : Alright then your highness !
Zidane   : I shall hereby do my best to kidnap you !

Cinna    : What're you two doin' ? Come on,this way !
Garnet   : Ahh !
Zidane   : Don't worry princess,this is my friend,Cinna
Garnet   : Oh,really ?
Garnet   : I am sorry,you startled me.
Zidane   : Well,with a face like his,i'd pretty shocked too !
Cinaa    : Man,that hurts ! I wash up every morning,you know !
Steiner  : Princess !?
Cinna    : This way !
Zidane   : Alright,we'll follow you !

Steiner  : Princess !?
Steiner  : Princess...
Steiner  : Princess !
Steiner  : Princess...?
Steiner  : Princess !!!!?
Steiner  : Princess ?

Suddenly,soldier no ?? shows up.

Steiner  : Where have you been ?
Soldier  : Sir ! I'm sorry sir !
Steiner  : Princess !

Zidane   : Hey,Cinna,this is a dead end !
Cinna    : He he he...I thought this might be happen...
Cinna    : Open !
Cinna    : So i set up this escape hatch !
Steiner  : Princess !
Cinna    : Come on,jump inside !
Steiner  : The princess must be down there !
Soldier  : I-i'll go first,sir !
Steiner  : Hey !!! What do you think you're doing !?
Soldier  : Captain,sir ! I'm stuck,sir !
Steiner  : Grrrr ! Blast it !!!
Soldier  : He he he ... he bought it !


Zidane : Wow,you're really athletic,princess.I think i'm falling for you !
Garnet : This is nothing.I have been training to escape the castle,after all.
Zidane : What a waste.If only you weren't princess...
Garnet : We have no time for idle banter.Come,let us move on !

Head left to the next screen.

Steiner : Aha !
Steiner : Princess ! I,Steiner,have come to your rescue !
Soldier : You needn't worry,your highness.
Steiner : Good work ! This will be remembered as the pluto knight's finest hour !
Soldier : He he he !
Soldier : Just relax,princess.We'll get you outta here !
Steiner : What !!!?
Steiner : You're not one of my knights !
Zidane  : You can just...
Cinna   : ... leave the princess ...
Cinna   : ... to us !!
Blank   : ... to us !!
Zidane  : ... to us !!


Steiner : I'll never give up !

Steiner break Blank's armor.

Steiner : N-No !!!
Steiner : I hate oglops !!!

After the battle

Steiner : Oglops are the worst !
Cinna   : Get these oglops offa me !
Zidane  : Now's our chance ! Come on !


King Leo : Tonight,i shall finally see my daugther,Cornelia.Betroth'd to prince
           Schneider !
King Leo : And then,prince Schneider and his kingdom will be mine !
King Leo : Gwahahahaha !
Benero   : Your majesty !
Zenero   : We've caught him !
King Leo : Why,my poor Marcus...
King Leo : Hark lad.No matter how much thou dost treasure Cornelia...
King Leo : ... No matter how deeply she might believe she doth love thee...
King Leo : ... Never shall i see her marry a peasant such as thee !
King Leo : When yon bell strikes three ...
King Leo : Under the axe thou shall be !

Garnet   : What now ? We can't go any further !
Zidane   : Hmm...
Cinna    : Zidane ! Get on number two !
Zidane   : Okay ! Princess Garnet,this way !
Steiner  : Stop !

King Leo : Further more !
King Leo : !!

Suddenly Zidane,Garnet and Steiner appears on the stage.

Baku     : ( Princess Garnet !? )
Zidane   : ( Guys ! Just improvise ! 
Steiner  : Ho ? What's all this ?
Marcus   : Cornelia !
Garnet   : (Um...)
Zidane   : (Marcus is Cornelia's lover !)
Garnet   : Oh Marcus !
Zidane   : (Yeah,you're doing great !)
Garnet   : (Ahaha...i have studied drama,you know )
Baku     : ( Okay,guys. Lets keep going.Brahne is still watchin' after all ! )
Garnet   : Oh Marcus ! I missed you so !
Garnet   : I wish never to leave thy side.Prithee,lend me from this place !
Zidane   : See King Leo ? Thou shouldst give them thy blessing !
King Leo : Never !
King Leo : Never leave his side,thou sayest ?
King Leo : Foolish banter ! I'll not allow it !
King Leo : Cornelia shall marry none other than this man - Prince Schneider !
King Leo : Is that so,Prince Schneider ?
Steiner  : M-Marry princess ! Me !?
King Leo : Aye ! And this traitorous crew,i'll put to death !
Benero   : Too many of them !
Zenero   : Run Away !
King Leo : Pray,my sweet daugther,come home to the castle with me. 
Garnet   : Nay father ! I shalln't return !
King Leo : Cornelia,trouble me no more.
Marcus   : Not if i can help it !!!
Marcus   : Now is my moment of vengeance ! For my parents and for my love
           Cornelia !
Marcus   : I shall cut thee down !
Garnet   : ngh !
Marcus   : No...Cornelia !!!
Garnet   : Mar...cus,forgive me.I still love my father...
King Leo : Cornelia !
Steiner  : Princess !
Garnet   : Please forgive my selfishness,father,and spare my sweet Marcus...
Marcus   : What have i done !? Am i never to hear her loving voice again !?
Marcus   : Am i cursed never again to feel her soft touch !?
Marcus   : Oh cruel fate ! Thou hast robbed me of all i treasure !
Marcus   : Ngah !!
Zidane   : Marcus !!

Queen Brahne : Oh my !
Queen Brahne : This year's show is splendid !
Queen Brahne : Waaaaaaa !
Queen Brahne : Why did she have to die !? Why !?
Queen Brahne : ( Now,where could Garnet be ? )
Queen Brahne : Bo-hoo-hoooooo!

Puck : Wow,What a show !
Vivi : Yeah,so sad...
Puck : I'm glad we climbed all the way over here,how bout you,huh ?
Puck : Uh,look out !

Pluto Knights No VIII : Stop you !
Pluto Knights No VII  : Come back,trespassers !
Puck                  : Fool ! I'm outta here !

King Leo : Forgive me !!!
Steiner  : Princess !
Vivi     : Leave me alone !

Pluto Knights No VII  : Stop !
Pluto Knights No VIII : Come back here !

Vivi     : Don't come any closer !

Vivi cast fire spell to the pluto knights,but it burned Garnet's robe,and reveal
her identify in the front of the crowd.

Garnet   : Ow ! That's hot !!!
Baku     : Zidane ! It's time !
Zidane   : Princess Garnet,let's get outta here !
Steiner  : What...what is going on !?
Garnet   : Steiner ! Don't follow me anymore !
Haagen   : Captain sir ! We await for your orders sir !
Steiner  : Hmmm...Well...Um....Err...
Steiner  : Princess ! I'm afraid i cannot comply !
Garnet   : Stubborn as always aren't you ?
Zidane   : Come on princess.Let's ditch sir rustalot and get outta here !
Steiner  : Princess ! Wait !
Zidane   : Hey kid...are you okay !?
Vivi     : Y-yeah,i just tripped,that's all...
Steiner  : Princess,i cannot allow you to go ! Seize them at once !


Haagen  : My fury ends here...
Weimar  : I'm gonna be late for my date !
Steiner : Bah ! Only a flesh of wounds !

After the battle...

Cinna   : Stabilizers configured !
Baku    : Good !
Blank   : Engige room is good to go !
Baku    : Allright !
Baku    : We're movin' out !
Blank   : It's about time...



After the battle,you'll see another FMV,and the ship will crash down into a forest.

Cinna   : We're gonna crash !!


Queen Brahne : Garnet...
Queen Brahne : I never imagined you would do such a thing...perhaps you're not such
               a helpless little girl anymore....
Queen Brahne : Zorn ! Thorn !
Queen Brahne : Is our little experiment ready ?
Zorn         : Yes your majesty.It's combat ready.
Thorn        : Easily terminate princess Garnet it can,your majesty.
Queen Brahne : I need her alive !
Queen Brahne : Bring her back at once !!

Later,Zidane will wakes up in the forest...

The Evil Forest:

Baku    : back's killin' me.
Baku    : Are you alright ?
Cinna   : Yeah,but the Prima Vista's wasted.
Baku    : Just our luck to crush in this forest...It's gonna get interesting...
Cinna   : What do you mean 'interesting' boss ? I hear no one's ever made it
          outta here alive.
Blank   : Boss ! There's a fire everywhere ! It's outta control !
Baku    : Quit yer whinin' and get it under control !
Baku    : And get the wounded outta here !
Blank   : Alright !
Baku    : Get our goods outta here too.Weapons,items,anything we can use !
Baku    : There's no way we can survive if all our stuff is toast.
Cinna   : I'm on it !

Cinna   : Phew...I'm beat...
Cinna   : Hurry up and put out the fire ! I can't carry 'em all by myself !
Cinna   : What the hell are they doin' ?? The whole ship's gonna burn up !
Zenero  : They're lookin' for Garnet...Can't find her anywhere.
Zenero  : Maybe she fell squashed under the ship.
Cinna   : This is great.First we kidnap her,then we kill her.We'll hang
          for sure.
Cinna   : Zidane ! I'm surprised you made it !
Cinna   : I can't believe you jumped off ! You're nuts you know that ?
Zidane  : I didn't jump off.I got thrown out from the impact,so everyone okay ?
Cinna   : Yeah,we've got all the devil's luck.
Cinna   : But if we don't find the princess Garnet,we're all dead meat.

Press select to see an ATE (Active Time Events)

ATE : Forest Keepers 
Vivi   : Whoa !
Garnet : Are you alright ?
Garnet : I-is it still coming ?
Vivi   : Watch out !

After checking the ATE,head right then north to the next screen.

Vivi    : Sh-She's in trouble...
Zidane  : ...What the hell is that ?

Steiner : Release the princess at once !
Steiner : Yeah,like it's gonna really listen to you.
Zidane  : Come on !


Steiner : Wh-what is that light ?
Zidane  : I don't know.Somehow,it raises my power
Steiner : Could it really be Trance !?
Steiner : I've heard if it before !
Steiner : Trance is induced by a surge of emotion.
Zidane  : Alright,let's take him !

After the battle,the monster will ran away with princess Garnet.

Steiner : Princess ? Princess !!!
Zidane  : What the heckl ? Where did they go ?
Vivi    : I was too scared to cast any spells...that's monster's probably 
           gonna eat her...
Steiner : How could i let this happen !?
Zidane  : Don't worry,she's not dead yet.
Zidane  : That monster was only a minnion.He's probably gonna take her to his
Steiner : That means the princess might still become ! We must go find her
          at once !

Another monsters will shows up,and it will captured Vivi this time...
Vivi    : Whoa !!!
Steiner : !!!
Zidane  : !!!


Vivi : Let me go ! Help Me !!

Vivi cast fire spell to the monster.

Vivi : Magic seems effective...
Vivi : Nice !

After the battle...

Vivi    :
Zidane  : Are you alright ?
Vivi    : Y-yeah...i think so...

Vivi & Zidane : !!
Steiner       : Ugh !!
Steiner       : P-Prin....cess...

After that,all of them will be carried back to the ship.

Blank  : You guys are lucky.If i weren't for Zidane,you'd both be dead.
Blank  : Some of the monsters in this forest reproduce by planting seed in
         other animals
Blank  : And when the seeds sprout,it's hasta la vista : you become beef jerky.
Vivi   : i gonna die ?
Blank  :'re gonna be fine.Here drink this.It'll remove all the seeds from
         your body.
Vivi   : Ugh...eeyuck...


Steiner : Princess..i'm coming right now...
Steiner : ... stand aside !
Benero  : Room behind you.Go
Steiner : The in grave danger !
Steiner : Do you intend to abandon her !?
Zenero  : You're in no condition
Zenero  : Don't worry about the princess.The boss'll think of something.
Steiner : Hey ! Stop !
Zenero  : Get some rest.
Benero  : Yeah,and take that medicine i gave you.
Steiner : Dammit...i can't just stand here...
Steiner : The princess life rest in my hands.
          What can their boss possibly accomplish !?
Steiner : This smells terrible.And the color...this obviously poison !
Steiner : ( Huff-huff-heave-heave )
Steiner : Ugh...i can't take it anymore...
Steiner : God help me !
Steiner : Hey...not bad.

In other place....

Baku    : Forget it 
Baku    : Monsters born out of mist are crawlin' everywhere.
Zidane  : So what ? There's nothing out there we can't handle.
Baku    : Yeah,but what are we gonna do about the wounded ?
Zidane  : We can take 'em with us.
Baku    : How are we gonna carry all of them ? Trust me,we go out now,and we'll
          all get wasted.
Baku    : My boys come before the princess,you know.It's too bad...
Zidane  : !!!!
Baku    : We're gonna stay put 'til everyone recovers.
Baku    : You better not set one foot outside this ship,you got that !?
Zidane  : I can't believe you're abandoning her ! You're nothing but a big
          coward !

Head south to the next screen to see another ATE's

ATE : Time to escape
      Girl who left behind

ATE : Time to escape
Steiner : Hmm...
Steiner : This structure is in poor condition.
Steiner : Perhaps i can break out by ramming into the wall ?
Steiner : .....
Steiner : Fire ! Fire ! let me out !!
Steiner : Ugh !
Steiner : ( Huff-Huff )
Steiner : I'm still not feeling well...
Steiner : What's this ?
Steiner : What an ugly doll....'Princess Garnet,age 15' !??
Steiner : How dare they write the princess's name on such a ragged doll !?
Steiner : Besides,the princess is not 15 ! She's 16 !
Steiner : ...Princess...

ATE : Girl who has left behind
Ruby : Where'd everybody go ?
Ruby : Abd whut am i supposed to do now ?

ATE : My little baby
Cinna : It should be here somewhere...
Cinna : Huh....?
Cinna : Damn !
Cinna : Where is it !?
Cinna : What happened to my Garnet doll !?
Cinna : Man,how am i supposed to sleep now ...? 
Cinna : Geez....
Cinna : Poor little doll...the fire probably caught it...

After checking all the ATE go downstairs and talk to Blank 

Blank : I gave the medicine to the black mage.He'll be alright.
Blank : Why don't you see him ? I think he wants to thank you.

Head right and talk to Vivi

Vivi   : Oh...
Vivi   : Th-thank you for helping me.
Zidane : Ah,don't mention it.
Zidane : Besides,it was your black magic that saved the day.
Zidane : You know,you've got some major power for such a little guy.
Vivi   : ...
Zidane : What's wrong ? Are you peeved at me because i called you 'little' ?
Zidane : Hey,you're great mage with great power,alright ?
Zidane : To hell with looks,it what's inside that counts.
Vivi   : I'm sorry.When that monsters caugth her,i couldn't do anything...
Zidane : Hey,don't worry about the princess.I'll get her back.I promise.
Vivi   : Thank you Mr.Zidane.
Zidane : Whoa...that's the first time anyone's called me 'MR'.Just called me Zidane,
         Alright ?
Vivi   : Okay....Zidane.

Now head out where Zidane will have a flashback about his first meeting with Garnet.

Zidane : Geez...he was pretty down.
Zidane : Maybe i shouldn't have made that promise.I don't even know if i'll be able
         to find her.

- Flashback -

She was cute....

Then again,maybe i only thought so because she's a princess.


No...she was definitely cute.

- Flashback -

Zidane : Man,i can't stop thinking about her...
Zidane : What am i gonna do ..... ?
         - Go look for her (Pick the 1st choice)
         - Forget it

Zidane : Yeah ! What's there to think about !? She's cute...and she's in trouble.
         That's all that matter.
Blank  : ... there you are.
Blank  : Why do you look ? Uh-oh...what are you up to this time ?
Zidane : I'm gonna take that knight and the black mage to find the princess
Blank  : You're crazy ! Man,you don't even know what's out there.
Blank  : Besides,there's no way the boss'll allow that.
Zidane : I know...
Blank  : Sheez...why do you always gotta play hero ? The boss is gonna kill you.
Blank  : Well,what are you waitnig for ? Go talk to the boss.

Now go back to Baku

Baku   : Ah !
Baku   : Aaachoo !!
Baku   : Took you long enough...i fell asleep.Darn it.
Baku   : So you're leaving,eh ?
Zidane : Yeah...I promise garnet i'd kidnap her.
Baku   : Gwahahaha ! I didn't ask you why !
Baku   : I can't blame you though.She's damn beautiful.
Baku   : I guess that reason enough !
Baku   : Well,i hope you're ready.
Baku   : Cause I'm gonna bust you up for breaking the rules !
Zidane : ... alright.
Baku   : Okay,get your butt over to the cargo room.We got more room there.

Go back to the previous room,and talk to Baku again.

Baku : You ready ? 
       - Anytime (Pick the 1st choice)
       - Hold on


After the battle...

Baku   : I'll be dammed...
Baku   : Bravo !
Baku   : Go find your princess !
Baku   : Gwahahahaha !
Zidane : Damn that hurt ! He pulled his punches 'til that last one !

Talk to Blank 

Blank  : Way to go Zidane
Blank  : I unlocked the door to the storage.So you're free to go talk to
         that knight.

Go to storage room and talk to Steiner

Steiner : ......
Zidane  : Come on.You're too old to be playing with a doll.
Steiner : Silence ! A scoundrel like you could never understand !
Steiner : I'm just overwhelmed with concern for the princess !
Steiner : If only you rogues hadn't kidnapped her...this is all your fault !
Steiner : If anything should happen to the princess,i'll have you head !
Zidane  : Take it easy,geez....
Zidane  : I'm gonna look for her now.
Zidane  : I'll let you come with me if you promise to be good.
Zidane  : What do you say,rusty ?
Steiner : R-R-..Rusty !!!? I am Adelbert Steiner,captain of the knights of pluto,
          and i'll never work with you conniving thieves !
Zidane  : Captain ! I figured you were a private,what with that cheap,rusty armor...
Zidane  : Look,this has nothing to do with Tantalus.It's something i decided
          to do on my own.
Zidane  : I just wanna save Garnet.
Steiner : Hmph... ! You had better not be lying !
Steiner : Because if you are,i won't hesitate to kill you !
Zidane  : Yeah,yeah.I'm counting on you,rusty.
Steiner : Make no mistake.I'm only going with you to rescue the princess ! I'll deal
          with you personally when this is over !
Zidane  : Whatever.....
Steiner : It may be difficult with just the two of us.We should seek master Vivi's 
          help as well
Zidane  : Why are you calling him 'Master' ?
Steiner : You fool.That black mage has unimaginable powers...
Steiner : We need master Vivi's powers to rescue the princess.
Zidane  : Alright,let's go talk to Vivi.

Now go talk to Vivi

Zidane  : Well Vivi,we're ready to go look for the princess.
Vivi    : Really ? That's great ! Be careful okay ?
Zidane  : Actually,we want you to come with us too.
Vivi    : Huh !?
Vivi    : B-But i can't do anything.
Steiner : Hardly,master Vivi.Your magic power in greater esteem than i do to 
          this scoundrel's. 
Vivi    : B-but...i'm scared.I couldn't even move last time.
Steiner : Please,Master Vivi.
Steiner : For the sake of princess Garnet and all Alexandria, i humbly request
          for your assistance !
Zidane  : Come on ! You're a black mage for crying out loud ! 
          Show us what you've got !
Zidane  : Alright...let's get going.
Vivi    : Okay...
Vivi    : I'll try my best.
Steiner : Thank you master Vivi.
Steiner : Master Vivi....
Vivi    : Yeah ?
Steiner : It's about your black magic.I wish to try an experiment.
Steiner : ( I was wondering if .... )
Steiner : ( Whisper,whisper ... )
Vivi    : Magic sword ... ? Okay,i'll give it a try.

Head south from a screen you fight Baku earlier.

Blank   : really dig her,huh ?
Zidane  : I can't sit around knowing a girl's in trouble.Goes against my nature.
Blank   :'re full of crap.
Zidane  : Oh....i get it...
Zidane  : You're jealous that i'm gonna get me a sweetie pie.
Blank   : Pshhh...she's not even my type.
Blank   : I came down here to give you this.
Zidane  : You're always thinking about me....but i won't need a love potion to
          reel this one in.
Blank   : Why don't you get your mind off girls for a second ?
Blank   : This is the medicine i gave to that black mage and the knight.
          It's sort of a seed remover.
Zidane  : Cool.This'll really come in handy.
Blank   : Why am i always helping you....?
Received Blank's Medicine !
Blank   : Oh yeah,here's a little tip from the boss :
Don't forget to set your abilities.

Leaving the band is your bussines,but you better keep training !
Learning more abilities is gonna make you even stronger.

Good luck,Baku

Zidane  : Hey Blank,how do you set abilities again ?
Blank   : Man,how can you forget ? It's so basic.
Blank   : Open the menu,select ability,select equip,and choose the abilities
          you wanna set.
Zidane  : Thanks Blank.I'll see you when i see you.
Blank   : How about never ?

Return to Evil Forest:

Now head back to a screen where Garnet is captured by those monster.
There you'll see another ATE.

ATE : Orchestra in the forest

ATE : Orchestra in the forest
Conductor  : Okay,let's really liven up this place !
Violinist  : Yeah,let our music do fighting against those monsters !
Cymbalist  : This oughta boost morale.
Drummer    : This is great.
Trumpeter  : Brrrum,Brrrrrrrum,Brrrrrrrrrrum !
Baku       : Hey,it's not bad.
Baku       : I'm gonna go take a look around.
Baku       : Stay on your toes.We'll be leaving soon.
All        : Okay,boss !
Trumpeter  : Brrrum,Brrrrrrrum,Brrrrrrrrrrum !

Now head to a screen with a water spring and a mog hiding inside the tree trunk.

Zidane : sign if any monsters here.
Zidane : A spring....

ATE : Do as i say,not as i do
Blank : Are you sure about this ?
Baku  : Yeah,don't worry.We'll be outta here soon,too.
Baku  : Here,take this map.It's gonna be a long trip to Lindblum.
Blank : Alright.I'll see you later.
Baku  : I'm counting on you !

After checking the ATE,head right,then north to enter a cave.

Vivi    : There she is !
Zidane  : So this is the master.
Steiner : Princess !
Steiner : You stay out of this !
Steiner : Alexandria name will be disgraced if a mere bandit should rescue
          the princess
Zidane  : You think you can handle him on your own ?
Steiner : ....
Zidane  : Let's get him Vivi !

Boss Battle

Once you hit the boss about 1500 damage,Blank will shows up.

Blank : Whew...i made it just in time
Blank : Step aside,i'll take care of this.

After the battle...

Steiner : Princess !! Please get a hold of yourself !
Blank   : Zidane,give her the stuff.
Garnet  : ( Hack-hack...)
Steiner : Princess,please to drink all of it.
Vivi    : Is she gonna be okay ?
Blank   : Oh man ! What now ?
Blank   : Sheez ! We're gonna be surrounded !
Zidane  : Let's get outta here !
Blank   : Go !
Blank   : What are you waitin' for !?

Escape from Evil Forest:

Blank   : What are you doin' !?
Zidane  : Something is wrong...
Blank   : What ?
Zidane  : The entire forest is coming after us.
Zidane  : Blank...take care of everyone.
Blank   : ( What did he mean by that !? )


After the FMV,the forest will be petrified...

Zidane  : Damn ! That idiot !
Zidane  : Blank.....

Vivi    : I hope she gets well soon...
Steiner : This is all his fault !
Steiner : Have you nothing to say,you filth !?
Garnet  : ...oh...
Steiner : P-Princess !
Garnet  : ....Steiner ?
Garnet  : ... How did i survive ? You brought me here ?
Steiner : It's my sworn duty to protect you at any cost.
Zidane  : What are you talking about ? It was Vivi's magic and my dagger that got
          you out of there,princess.
Garnet  : I thank you both.
Steiner : That monkey deserves no praise !
Steiner : None of this would've happened if you and your band hadn't abducted the
          princess !
Steiner : And how dare you claim that you have rescued her ?
Steiner : When we get back to Alexandria,i will - 
Garnet  : Steiner...
Garnet  : I left the castle with my own will.
Zidane  : What a coincidence,eh ? We went to snacth her,and she wanted to be
Steiner : Impossible !
Garnet  : It's true.
Zidane  : So what do you say,Rusty ? Friends ? Come on,let's enjoy this camping trip
          while it last.
Steiner : Camping-you-imbecile ! Surely even you must know something about the mist.
Steiner : The vicious monsters it spawns ! The abnormalities it seeds in the mind and
          body ! 
Steiner : Princess,we must leave this dangerous place at once !
Zidane  : You've gotta be kidding.
Zidane  : She hasn't even fully recovered yet.
Steiner : Silence ! Who asked your opinion !?
Zidane  : Alright,tell do you plan to get out of here ?
Zidane  : We're standing in a valley surrounded by a tall cliffs.
Zidane  : And last i heard,north gate and south gate were sealed off.
Steiner : Grrr....
Zidane  : The princess can barely walk right now.You went through this,you should
Zidane  : I think we should rest here for now.
Steiner : I'll never follow your -
Zidane  : Steiner !!!!
Zidane  : State your sworn duty !
Steiner : What else ? To protect Princess Garnet Til Alexandros !
Steiner : ....very well.
Steiner : Until the princess recovers,i will guard this place with my life.
Zidane  : Sounds good to me.
Zidan   : Vivi,let's get some rest.

In the next morning...
Zidane  : How're you feeling ?
Garnet  : Good.Thanks gor the medicine you gave to me.
Garnet  : Could it be ... ?
Zidane  : Yeah,i was surprised too.After we beat that big-plant guy,the forest
          got completely petrified.
Garnet  : Vivi told me that you're able to escape because of your friends.
Zidane  : ..... His name is Blank.
Garnet  : We must go help him !
Zidane  : We can't do anything for him right now....
Garnet  : But...i can't-
Zidane  : We'll come back for him.I'm sure there's a way to cure him.
Zidane  : Let's get going.
Zidane  : According to the map that Blank gave me,there's a cavern to the south
          of us.
Zidane  : Maybe we can get above the mist through that cavern.
Zidane  : Are you alright ?
Zidane  : Everything's gonna be fine.Trust me.


Vivi    : Look ! Someone's coming !
Monty   : Wait ! Kupo !
Monty   : I'm impressed,Kupo ! First time i've seen anyone escape from evil forest !
Monty   : You must be all strong,kupo !
Monty   : But don't get cocky,kupo ! Lots of stronger mosnters ahead.
Monty   : Before you go out to the world,Mogster will teach you a few things !

ATE : Teach me Mogster ! Lesson 1
Moggy   : Hey bro,what are you gonna teach me today ?
Mogster : Lots of neat stuff.
Mogster : You're gonna love this lecture.
Mogster : What you wanna go over ?
          - Help Menu
          - Battles
          - Abilities
          - Trance
          - Icons that appears over the head
          - Save Moogles
          - Nothing ( when you done,pick the 7th choice.)

Moggy   : Gosh bro,you sure know alot 
Mogster : Yeah,i know....

Monty   : I have a gift for you,kupo ! Take this flute.
Received Moogles Flute !
Monty   : With this flute,you can call us anywhere in the world map,kupo !
Monty   : Press Square to play it.
Monty   : Happy trails,kupo !
Garnet  : Thank you
Monty   : Kupopo !
Vivi    : Bye 

Steiner : !!!
Steiner : What the....
Steiner : Who goes there !??
Monty   : Your friends already left,kupo.
Steiner : Princess,wait !

Now head west and enter a place called "North Gate".

North Gate:

Garnet  : Where are we ?
Zidane  : I think this is the North Gate.It's beneath the mist.It lies 
          between Alexandria & Burmecia.
Zidane  : I think it's called....Melda Arch or something ?
Zidane  : Fresh footprints....and there's a smoke rising.
Steiner : That flag...! That is Alexandria's war banner !
Steiner : How dare they commit crimes in the name of Alexandria !
Steiner : I show like to arrest and punish them if the circumstances
          were different !
Garnet  : .....
Zidane  : Let's get outta here.

Before you leave,examine the gate on the north first.

Zidane  : ......
          - Listen Close (pick the 1st choice)
          - Don't do anything
Zidane  : (I can hear people....and something that sounds like metal
Zidane  : Maybe i can.....
          - Call out to someone inside (pick the 1st choice)
          - Leave

Zidane          : Anybody there ?
Woman's Voice   : ....Y-yes ?
Zidane          : Th-That voice......!
Zidane          : (It's a chick !)
Zidane          : (What a sexy,husky voice !)
Zidane          : What are you doing in the place like this ?
Woman's Voice   : ....... i sell medicine.
Zidane          : must be tough.
Zidane          : If you'd like,i can help.....
Zidane          : (Wait a minute...I'm with Princess Garnet !!) 
Zidane          : (....That's too bad)
                  - Buy some medicine from her 
                  - Don't do anything

After that,leave north gate,and head to Ice Cavern.

Ice Cavern:

Zidane   : This must be the cavern.
Vivi     : U-um...
Zidane   : What's up Vivi ?
Vivi     : Have you ever heard of the Ice Cavern ?
Zidane   : this the place ?
Vivi     : I think's supposed to be near the evil forest
Garnet   : I've heard of it
Garnet   : It's supposed to be a beautiful place,covered in ice.
Vivi     : My Grandpa told me about this place.
Vivi     : He said the cavern takes travelers to the top of the mist.
Steiner  : Bravo ! Master Vivi's Grandfather must be quite a scholar !
Steiner  : We must thank him upon escaping the mist !
Vivi     : My Grandpa used to teach me lots of things,but he passed 
Steiner  : Oh...forgive for my indiscretion.
Vivi     : Don't worry about it.
Zidane   : Well....why don't we go inside ?

--- Ice Cavern --- 1st screen.
Garnet   : Oh ! What a beautiful place !
Garnet   : Seeing the actual caverns is so much better than reading
           about it !
Garnet   : Oh,how pretty....i wonder what kind of flower this is ?
Steiner  : Princess ! Please,don't touch anything !
Zidane   : Can we get moving ? I'm freezin' here.

--- Ice Cavern --- 2nd screen.

Examine the wall on the far right of the screen.
Zidane  : Huh ? What's this .....?
Zidane  : What a strange wall....
Zidane  : There's gotta be something behind it.
Zidane  : Hey,Vivi.
Vivi    : Y-yes ?
Zidane  : Can you break this wall down with your magic ?
Vivi    : I-i'm coming....

Vivi cast Fire to the wall ...

Zidane  : Whoa !!
Zidane  : I knew it !! See ?
Zidane  : There might be other walls like this.
Zidane  : I'm counting on you,Vivi !
Vivi    : S-sure.

--- Ice Cavern --- Screen with a frozen moogle.

Zidane  : Huh ? what's this....?

Vivi cast fire to the frozen Moogle.

Zidane  : Whoa !!
Moogle  : Hot ! Hot ! Hot !
Moogle  : You bast*rds !!!
Moogle  : Oh,i can move again ! Thanks,Kupo !

ATE : Teach me Moogle ~ lesson 2
Moggy   : Hey,bro.
Moggy   : What are you gonna teach me today ?
Mogster : Lots of neat stuff
Mogster : I'm gonna give another interesting lecture today !
Mogster : What do you wanna go over ?
          - Help Menu
          - Battles
          - Abilities
          - Trance
          - Icons that appears over the head
          - Save Moogles
          - Status Effect
          - Elemental Properties
          - Card Game
          - Nothing (Once you done,pick the 10th choice to finish the ATE)

Moggy   : Gosh bro,you sure know a lot.
Mogster : Yeah,i know............

After seeing the ATE,go back to previous screen and take the rigth path
this time.

Zidane   : Vivi,hurry up or you'll be left behind !
Vivi     : I....I'm coming.
Garnet   : Oh,No !
Steiner  : Master Vivi,are you okay ?
Zidane   : Yo rusty ! You're.....not alright,are you ?
Zidane   : What happen to you guys ?
Zidane   : Hey,Rusty ! Move it or lose it !

Zidane kicks steiner's armor

Zidane   : Get up !

Zidane kicks steiner's armor (again).This time it's little harder than
before ^_^

Zidane   : .........
Zidane   : It's no use
Zidane   : Oh no ! Garnet,not you too ?
Zidane   : Garnet ! She's out cold......
Zidane   : Shoot....I'm falling asleep.......

(First Vivi passes out,then Steiner,and then Garnet & Zidane)

After a few minutes,Zidane will hear a bell ringing from the next
screen,so head to the next screen.

???              : Why didn't you fall asleep ? 
Black Waltz No.1 : You should be dead by now...
Zidane           : Are you the one that causing this blizzards ?
Black Waltz No.1 : Hee-Hee-Hee....that's right

-Boss Battle-

After the battle....

???     : You defeat No.1.But No.2 and No.3 will reclaim the princess !
Zidane  : Wh-Who's there ?
Zidane  : Oh,whatever...
Zidane  : I gotta go back to check on them !

Garnet  : Zidane !
Zidane  : Hey there.Everybody okay ?
Steiner : You ! What just happened ?
Zidane  : It was no big deal.
Steiner : You're hiding something !
Zidane  : Hey,nothing happened,you heard me.
Steiner : You...didn't touch the princess,do you ?
Zidane  : Just what are you accusing me of ?
Garnet  : Steiner,he said nothing happened.Why are you being so rude ?
Steiner : ...... My apologies,princess.
Garnet  : Well,i'm glad everyone is safe.Shall we move on ?
Garnet  : Zidane ? Is something bothering you ?
Zidane  : No,it's nothing.

Now climb up to the top of the cave,and head out.

Garnet  : We made it through the mist !
Garnet  : Oh,the sun feels great !
Zidane  : Look.There's a village.
Zidane  : I think i've been there before.
Garnet  : It sounds like you've been everywhere,Zidane.
Garnet  : The only other world i've visited are in books.
Garnet  : You may have been to that village,let's go visit.
Zidane  : Wait ! Hold it.
Zidane  : You're are a princess ! You can't just go rushing in there !
Zidane  : People are looking for you.You need a new identify
Steiner : Insolent fool ! The princess need not speaking around !
Steiner : Besides,we're heading back to the castle.You leave her alone.
Steiner : And you will address her as "Princess" from now on,you
          silly peasant !
Zidane  : Dammit Rusty ! Why don't you just shut up ?
Zidane  : Who do you think you are ?
Zidane  : I don't take orders from a stuck-up jerk like you !
Vivi    : You guys !
Garnet  : Stop it,you two !
Garnet  : ...Steiner,i do not intend to return to the castle.
Garnet  : And i do see Zidane's point.I need a new name.

Garnet looking at the dagger...

Garnet  : Zidane,what is this called ?
Zidane  : That ? That's a Dagger.
Zidane  : All knives of that length are called daggers.
Zidane  : Short sword are a bit longer.The big sword you hold with your
          both hands is called Broad sword,and....
Garnet  : Oh,okay.....
Garnet  : So this is called a "Dagger".
Steiner : Princess ! It's a weapon ! Please becareful.
Garnet  : I've decided ! From now on my name is .....

Enter name "Garnet" 
(it's your choice you want to rename her as "Dagger" or not.)

Garnet  : I will be called "Garnet" from now on.What do you think,Zidane?
Zidane  : Is that okay with you ?
          - Yes (Pick the 1st choice)
          - No 
Zidane  : Great Garnet.Now let's work on your speech....
Zidane  : Try to sound casual.Like me.
Garnet  : I shall try.
Zidane  : No,No,No....
Zidane  : (What would Vivi say.........?)
Vivi    : ?
Zidane  : Just say...."Alrighty".
Garnet  : A-Alrighty !
Zidane  : You're getting the hang of it !
Zidane  : Well,let's go.

Now head east to the Village of Dali

Village of Dali :

Vivi    : Geez....a windmill !
Zidane  : Vivi,the inn is this way !
Vivi    : Ah,do we have to ?
Vivi    : ....But i wanna go see the windmill.
Zidane  : I know...but let's get some rest first.
Zidane  : We also need to decide what to do next.

All of them enter the inn on the right

Little kid    : Did you see that ?
Little kid #2 : Sure i did !

Inside the inn.....

Zidane        : Sleeping on the job ?
Innkeeper Hal : Oh,i'm sorr...y.
Innkeeper Hal : ......
Zidane        : Hey,i know she's cute,but it's rude of you to stare.
Innkeeper Hal : Oh,i wasn't looking at the young lady.I was just.....
Innkeeper Hal : The room is over there.
Innkeeper Hal : Make yourselves at home
Garnet        : Um....Zidane ?
Garnet        : Where will i be staying ?
Zidane        : In the same room.Where else ?
Garnet        : But Zidane....i musn't
Zidane        : I understand how you feel,but these country inns don't
                have a private room.

Zidane opens the door

Zidane       : Get inside everyone !

Inside the room.......

Zidane   : Tell me one thing before we go to sleep.
Zidane   : Why did you wanna leave the castle,Garnet ?
Garnet   : If the theather ship hadn't crashed...
Zidane   : It would've arrived at the neighboring regency of Lindblum.
Zidane   : You were gonna leave Alexandria ?
Zidane   : I see.If you hadn't been caught,you would've reached 
           Lindblum by now.
Zidane   : But now....we'll have to cross south gate on foot
Zidane   : Border crossing,huh ?
Garnet   : Zidane,please listen....
Garnet   : There's a reason i must leave this kingdom.
Garnet   : I cannot tell you why.....but...please.....
Zidane   : I understand....I'll get you to Lindblum somehow.
Steiner  : I've heard enough
Steiner  : Princess,you cannot trust the words of a thief !
Steiner  : He may expose you to even more danger,like he did in
           Evil forest !
Zidane   : But there's no doubt in my mind now.I'll protect Garnet with
           my life.
Steiner  : Don't be ridiculous
Steiner  : It's i who protect the princess,now and forever !
Zidane   : Then tell do you intend to take her back to the
           castle ?
Steiner  : I'll think of a way.
Vivi     : ZZZzzzz......
Vivi     : ZZZzzzz......
Steiner  : Master Vivi......
Zidane   : He was tired.
Zidane   : But you had to go on a tirade
Steiner  : What !?
Zidane   : Let's go to sleep.

In the next morning.....

Zidane   : What a beautiful voice......
Zidane   : Who's singing ?
Zidane   : I've never heard a song like that before....
Zidane   : ..... Was that Garnet singing ?
Zidane   : Oh,everyone's up already.
Zidane   : I wonder where they went ?

ATE : Vivi confused
Snot-nosed-Gudo : Ouch...! What's going on ?
Snot-nosed-Gudo : Hey you're.....!
Vivi            : ......
Vivi            : (Are they avoiding me ?)

Vivi come closer to the little kids.

Vivi            : ......

After seeing the ATE,check the books on the far right corner of the 
screen (Optional)
  |                                  |
  |        Dali Inn Library          |
  |  * For your reading pleasure *   |
  |  - How to save one million gil   |
  |  - Earn money the easy way       |
  |  - Makin' crazy money ! Vol.2    |

Zidane  : These books suck.

Now search for the "?" spot in the far left corner of the screen.

Zidane  : Hey,this must be 'Color Fortunes' !
Zidane  : It was a big fad in Lindblum a few years back.

Color Fortunes / 10 Gil per divination
- Try (Pick the 1st choice)
- Don't Try

Zidane  : 10 Gil,huh ?

Result : (This is random every time you play the game)
You can pay another 10 gil to see the others result too...
  |        Very Good Omen          |
  |        --------------          |
  |  An auspicious day for you to  |
  |  go out and have fun !         |
  |              *                 |
  |  You'll find lost money and    |
  |  lost items.You'll also eat    |
  |  lots of yummy food and meet   |
  |  interesting people.           |
  |              *                 |
  |  Go out and share your luck    |
  |  with the ones you love !      |

Your lucky color for today is "Blue" 
(Again,it's random everytime you play the game)

  |                                                |
  |   Want to buy a gem with your lucky colors ?   |
  |           We have all the colors !             |
  |                   * * * *                      |
  | Come visit us in Linblum's theather disctrict! |
  | We're located near the air cab station.Look    |
  | for the big clock !                            |

Zidane  :  Have i heard of this store before..... ?

Now head south to the next screen,and you'll see another ATE
ATE : Garnet tries

Garnet   : I wonder...
Garnet   : I wonder if the castle is okay ? That was quite a ruckus....
Garnet   : Mother went to far.She didn't have to fire at the ship,
           even if she did it to rescue me....
Garnet   : I wonder how many people got hurt ? I hope the damage wasn't
           too severe.
Garnet   : Some people could've in evil forest.
Old Lady : You're in my way,kiddo.
Garnet   : (Kiddo ?)
Garnet   : Oh,my apologies...i mean,i'm sorry.
Old Lady : Kids these day !
Garnet   : What are you doing ?
Old Lady : Can't you see what i'm doing ? I'm killing the bugs on the
Garnet   : You....killing the bugs ?
Old Lady : Yeah,that's what i'm doing !
Old Lady : Bugs are like a monsters ! They destroy our crops if you
           leave them be !
Garnet   : (Crops ?)
Old Lady : There's one !
Garnet   : Oh,an Oglops ! Oglops eat vegetables ?
Old Lady : You're strange one.Most girls hate oglops.
Garnet   : Is that so ? It's just that i haven't seen so many of them...
Garnet   : (Wait...Zidane told me to try and blend in)
Garnet   : (Maybe i should act like i don't like oglops)
Garnet   : (1,2,3.)
Garnet   : Aaahhh !!!

Now head out from the inn to see another ATE.

ATE : Cat's Eye
Innkeeper Hal  : Oh,it's you....what should i do ?
Innkeeper Hal  : I don't wanna give in to my brother,but everyone else
                 makin' money 'cept me.
Innkeeper Hal  : .......
Innkeeper Hal  : Hey,wasn't that customer traveling with....?
Innkeeper Hal  : I won't have to give in if i tell him about them !

ATE : Garnet Tries Harder
Garnet         : (I must speak with this girl and learn how common folk
Shopkeeper Eve : Welcome !
Garnet         : Um,yes,can we talk for a bit ?
Shopkeeper Eve : Talk ?
Garnet         : What should i say ?
                 - I'm from country
                 - Show me what you're selling
Garnet         : Um....
Pasty Yacha    : Eve !!!
Shopkeeper Eve : Yacha ! Can't you see i'm with customer ?
Pasty Yacha    : But i just heard something awesome !
Garnet         : (awesome ?)
Shopkeeper Eve : Can't you see i'm working ?
Garnet         : Um,please...i mean,don't mind me.
Garnet         : (Here's a chance to listen in some conversation.)
Pasty Yacha    : Thanks lady !
Pasty Yacha    : I was gonna say....

Suddenly,the screen fades black,and it will switch back to Zidane.
Now talk Vivi who's standing near the windmill.

Zidane  : Hey,Vivi.What's up ?
Vivi    : Zidane !
Vivi    : N-nothing.I was just thinking...
Zidane  : Ah,i see.
Vivi    : ?
Zidane  : You met a girl !
Vivi    : No,no ! Nothing like that !
Zidane  : What ? Don't tell me you don't like girls !
Vivi    : I never really thought about stuff like.....that.
Zidane  : I'm always thinking about girls.
Zidane  : I'm popular with ALL the ladies in lindblum !
Zidane  : Come to me if you have any girl trouble,okay ?
Vivi    : S-sure,thanks.
Zidane  : Okan then.We need to decided what to do.
Zidane  : I'm gonna look for Garnet and rusty.Would you mind heading 
          back to the inn?
Vivi    : Sure i'll head back.
Zidane  : So,what were you staring at ?
Vivi    : Nothing.But i keep hearing sound like 'Kweh'.
Zidane  : That the sound chocobos make.....
Vivi    : .......
Zidane  : .......
Zidane  : I'll see you back at the inn !
Vivi    : Okay !
Vivi    : What are chocobos.....?
????    : Kweh !!
Vivi    : Chocobo !?!?

Suddenly,a man shows up and he'll kidnap Vivi.....

Vivi    : Aaah !!

Zidane  : Huh ?
Zidane  : Forget Steiner.I wonder where Garnet is.

-*- 02 January 2001 Update -*-

ATE : Cat's Eye 2
Innkeeper Hal  : Hee Hee Hee....!
Innkeeper Hal  : Oh,the look on his face !
Innkeeper Hal  : He sent someone to pick it up right away !
Innkeeper Hal  : All i need to do is keep quiet until the guests leave.
Innkeeper Hal  : Gotta pretend i'm asleep !
Innkeeper Hal  : Hee Hee Hee....!

Now enter the weapon shop on the left

Zidane  : Garnet....
Zidane  : (What's she looking at ?)
Garnet  : Zidane ?
Zidane  : You got a fever or something ? Your face is all red.
Garnet  : I-It's nothing.I'm fine.
Zidane  : You're acting strange....
Garnet  : What ?
Zidane  : I get it !!!!
Zidane  : You changed the way you talk !
          - You're doing great ! (Pick the 1st choice)
          - You still sound funny,though 
Garnet  : Thanks !
Garnet  : I did fine in the play,didn't i ?
Zidane  : Oh yeah,i thought.....
          - You were Ruby !
          - You sure know how to fake it ! (Pick the 2nd choice ^_^)
Garnet  : FAKE !? How insensitive !
Garnet  : I love lord Avon's plays.I've seen all of them.
Garnet  : 'I want to be your canary' is one of my favorites.
          I even have all the lines memorized !
Garnet  : I shall....I'll learn soon enough.
Zidane  : Geez,you don't have to get mad.
Zidane  : I'm sorry.
Zidane  : We need to decide what to do from here.Will you go back to
          the inn ?
Garnet  : What about you ?
Zidane  : I'll head back soon.
Garnet  : Alrighty.I'll catch you later.
Zidane  : (Great ! You sound just a regular village girl !)
Zidane  : (Crossing the border might not be so tough after all...)
Garnet         : Thanks ! I had fun !
Shopkeeper Eve : She was a strange one...

Head out from the weapon shop.

Zidane  : I'll just let Steiner be and go back to the inn.

Now take a peek on the window near the inn.

Zidane  : I think i can see inside....
          - Look inside (Pick the 1st choice)
          - Don't do anything

Inside you'll see Garnet talking to herself.

Garnet  : And instead of "I apologise" it's just "Im sorry".
Garnet  : I,i should say "Thanks".

After that,go inside the inn and talk to Garnet.

Zidane  : Did you wait long ?
Zidaen  : I asked Vivi to head back.He should be back soon.
Zidane  : How do you like this village ?
Zidane  : Pretty different from the castle,i bet.
Garnet  : Yes.The kids are very energic,and there's so many things
          to see
Garnet  : I've never walked around so freely before in my life !
Garnet  : But...
Garnet  : Where are all the adults ?
Zidane  : Yeah....
Zidane  : I used to see them at the farm,next to the village.
Garnet  : Yeah,but that farm is tiny....
Zidane  : Yeah...
Zidane  : There's something wrong going on...
Zidane  : Anyway,we'll leave once Vivi gets back.
Garnet  : But...what about steiner ?
Zidane  : I have a good plan for crossing south gate.
Zidane  : It's gonna be easy ! They're not looking for the rest of us,
          so we'll just hide you !
Zidane  : Forget about rusty.Leave everything to me !

ATE : Queen Brahne's Steiner

Steiner               : Firewood stacking duties are complete !
Steiner               : I await your commad !
Dutyful Daugther Slai : It's my job to clean the bar.Why are you doing
                        all this ?
Steiner               : S-sorry.
Steiner               : Well,now that you have a time,would you 
                        introduce me to some adults,like your father ?
Dutyful Daugther Slai : My father won't be back until nightfall.
Dutyful Daugther Slai : All other men also working.They don't come 
                        here during day.
Steiner               : Pubs are supposed to be a prime source of
Steiner               : Ahem ! I need not ask an adult,so let me ask 
                        you a question ! 
Steiner               : I need to know about what transportation method
                        people use in this village.
Steiner               : I cannot tell you the reason,but there's some-
                        one i must escort to the castle.
Dutyful Daugther Slai : Are you from Alexandria caslte ?
Steiner               : Indeed !
Steiner               : I command the Queen's knight of pluto !
Steiner               : I am Adelbert Steiner,captain of the knights
                        of pluto.
Dutyful Daugther Slai : Knights of pluto....?
Dutyful Daugther Slai : Oh.
Dutyful Daugther Slai : Well,if you're from the castle,i guess it's 
                        okay to tell you.
Dutyful Daugther Slai : Please go to the observatory on top of a 
                        mountain on the outskirts of the village.
Dutyful Daugther Slai : An old man named Morrid lives there
Dutyful Daugther Slai : He takes care of the cargo ship.
Steiner               : Cargo ship ?
Steiner               : So,that piece of junk flies to this village ?
Steiner               : Thank you !
Dutyful Daugther Slai : Wait !
Steiner               : Yes ?
Dutyful Daugther Slai : Thank you for cleaning.
Steiner               : Nay,it is i who should thank you for your
Steiner               : I must make haste !


Zidane  : it turned out,it didn't matter what we stuck into
          their mansion
Zidane  : But the kings were hiding somewhere in their mansion.
Zidane  : What's wrong ? Am i boring you ?
Garnet  : Oh no.Your story is very interesting.
Garnet  : But i'm concerned about Vivi.Why isn't he back yet ?
Zidane  : You're right.He is late.
Zidane  : I'm not worried about Steiner,but Vivi,i'm not sure about.
Zidane  : Let's go look for him.

Head out from the inn

Zidane  : Wait a minute...
Zidane  : Last time i saw Vivi,he was standing right over there...
???     : Kweh...!
Zidane  : Did i hear a chocobo ?
Zidane  : Vivi said he heard a chocobo here.
Vivi    : (Sniff....sniff....)
Zidane  : Is someone crying.....?
Vivi    : (Sniff....sniff....)
Zidane  : It's coming from that hole...
Zidane  : Vivi.....?
Vivi    : ...Zidane ?
Zidane  : Vivi ! Where are you ?
Zidane  : Are you on the underground ? Can you move ?
Vivi    : They told me to stay here....
Zidane  : Are you hurt ?
Vivi    : No
Zidane  : Don't worry,we'll get you out.
Zidane  : We'll hurry,so stay where you are,okay ?
Vivi    : .....okay.

Zidane  : What's going on in this village ?
Zidane  : There's gotta be a way into the underground.Let's look
          for one.
Garnet  : Okay !
Zidane  : It seems like such a quiet village...

Now enter the windmill on the left,and open the man hole over there.

Zidane  : Heh,isn't this obvious ?
Zidane  : There's a cool breeze....
          - Go down (Pick the 1st option)
          - Don't go down

Village of Dali Underground:

Zidane  : This isn't....
Zidane  : ....just a regular underground storage facility...
Garner  : What's going on ?
Zidane  : (Shhhh!)

Man       : Why is it moving .....?
Man       : Is it true that the mayor's brother found it ?
            (I think the inn keeper who's found it ^_~)
Young man : I guess they reconciled.His brother's one of us now.
Man       : ... Wasn't he on the old lady's side before ?
Young man : Oh,about abandoning the farm ? He probably only said that
            because he was fighting with the mayor.
Young man : Who cares ? We need more workers anyway.Hey,let's put this
            in box.
Man       : I guess the guys at the castle will take care of it.
Garnet    : (The castle....!?)
Young man : Yup.We're only in charge of production.
Garnet    : !
Man       : Gotcha
Garnet    : (The pattern in this barrel....)
Man       : Come along,now.
Young man : Hurry up !
Zidane    : (Vivi !)
Zidane    : That Bast*rds !
Garnet    : (Zidane ! Wait !)
Zidane    : (Geez ! Hey !)
Vivi      : .......

Zidane  : What is it ?
Garnet  : Did you see the large barrel next to the shed ?
Garnet  : I've seen the exact same pattern on some of the barrels at
            the castle.
Garnet  : This place must have a some kind of connection with 
          Alexandria Castle.
Garnet  : I must know what is it !
Garnet  : So please....i beg of you,don't cause any trouble just yet.
Zidane  : .....alright.
Zidane  : But i'll start trouble if Vivi is in danger.
Zidane  : Agreed ?
Garnet  : Sure
Zidane  : Alright,let's go.They went further inside.

Now keep on going until you arrived in the mist generator room.

Zidane   : What the heck is that ?
Garnet  : Zidane !
Zidane  : What is it ?
Garnet  : Someone's crying....
Vivi    : (Sniff...sniff....)
Zidane  : .......
Zidane  : ....... Vivi ?
Vivi    : Zidane !?
Zidane  : IT is you !
Zidane  : I'll get you out.

Zidane  : Why would they stuff you in a box ?
Garnet  : How could they....?
Vivi    : U-um...
Zidane  : We'll talk later ! Hold on !.....It's open !

Zidane  : What happened ?
Vivi    : After you left,some men kidnapped me and brought me here.
Vivi    : They told me to stay put.I was so scared....
          I don't know what to do.
Vivi    : They asked me "Why were you outside ?" and then they said
          "The cargo ship isn't even here yet".
Vivi    : I didn't know what they were talking about,so i didn't say
          anything,and then they said "Let's put it in today's
Garnet  : And they put you in that box ?
Vivi    : ....yeah.
Zidane  : Well,i'm glad you're safe.
Zidane  : Listen Vivi,you gotta do something next time.
Zidane  : You should try screaming back or whatever.
Vivi    : Screaming.....?
Zidane  : Yeah,like...
Zidane  : Get off me,you scum*ag !
Garnet  : (Scum*ag...?)
Zidane  : Like that ! It surprised your attacker and empowers you !
Vivi    : Huh...i see
Zidane  : I need you to ask a favor,Vivi.
Zidane  : We want to check out what's ahead.
Zidane  : I know you might not be thrilled with the idea,but....
Vivi    : ...Zidane,i wanna know more too.
Vivi    : Look....what is that thing ?
Zidane  : Alright,we'll all go together !

Keep on going until you arrive in a screen with a chocobo

Zidane  : !!!
Zidane  : I can almost see inside....
Zidane  : ... But i can't see anything.I just hear some noise.
Zidane  : Are the eggs.....hatching ?

Continue to the next screen

Vivi    : Ah....what is this...?
Zidane  : They're....
Zidane  : Some parts are different,but.....
Zidane  : (.....they looks like Vivi)
Vivi    : Wh-what is this....?
Vivi    : Are they dolls ?
Zidane  : !!!
Zidane  : (Someone's coming !!)
Zidane  : Vivi ! Garnet !
Garnet  : Why...? Is my mother behind this....?
Zidane  : This is the only way !

Garnet  : Ahhhhh! What are you doing !
Vivi    : Wh-Whoaa !
Zidane  : Sorry ! But stay quiet !

Young Man : Hey ! Did you say something ?
Worker    : Nope.Not me
Young Man : Okay.Never mind.
Young Man : It's almost time.Hurry up,will ya ?
Worker    : I hear ya !

Zidane  : Whoa !
Garnet  : Zidane !?
Vivi    : Ahhhhh!
Garnet  : Vivi !


Steiner  : Pardon me !
Steiner  : I must escort a person of high rank to the castle.
Steiner  : When the cargo ship will arrive ?
Morrid   : Hm...Looks good.
Morrid   : You're in my way.

Now go down and enter the house on the left.
Here wait until Mr.Morrid arrive.

Morrid   : The smell of coffee relaxes me.
Morrid   : How about a cup ?
Steiner  : Oh,thank you.
Steiner  : ......
Steiner  : I'm not here to drink coffee !
Steiner  : Tell me when the cargo ship will arrive,or else the 
           Alexandrian royal family will appropriate this property !
Morrid   : And then what ?
Steiner  : I order you to tell me when the cargo ship will arive !
Steiner  : Tell Meeeeeeee !!!!
Morrid   : You're not a very creative interrogator.
Steiner  : I am just trying to do what is right !!
Morrid   : Who decides right or wrong ? You ?
Steiner  : Anyone can tell right from wrong.
Morrid   : Ha ha ha...still as green as a pickle.
Steiner  : When will the cargo ship arrive !?
Morrid   : It's already here.They should be loading it by now.
Steiner  : Why couldn't you tell me sooner !?
Steiner  : Thank you !

Head out from the house and go to the open field with a cargo ship.

Steiner : Ah !
Steiner : It is indeed the cargo ship !
Steiner : Now i can take the princess back to the castle !
Steiner : Now i must think of a way to get her on the ship....
Steiner : Wha !?
Steiner : There's something coming out from the ground !

Man       : I wonder what they're gonna use them for ?
Man       : We've been making lots of 'em since they set up the machine
            six months ago.
Young man : Who cares ? This is piece of cake compared to farming.
            Better money too.
Man       : .....
Man       : H-hey ! Is that scary guy in armor running toward us !?
Young Man : .....
Young Man : Let's get outta here !

Steiner : This barrel...what could it be inside ?
Steiner : What could they possibly be shipping out from this village ?

Suddenly,the barrel is shaking.

Steiner : What the-
Steiner : Did i just see that barrel move ?
Steiner : Let see....
          - Poke it with a sword (Pick the 1st choice ^_~)
          - Observe it some more

Steiner : HYAH !!
Zidane  : Ow.
Zidane  : What did you do that for ?
Steiner : You !!!!
Zidane  : You almost stabbed Garnet!
Steiner : The princess !?

Zidane jumps to Steiner's head.

Steiner : Ouch !!

Steiner : Princess,what in the world is going on !?
Steiner : You scoundel ! Is this your doing !?
Garnet  : Steiner,please !
Garnet  : Zidane,i don't know what to say to Vivi.I never know anything
          suspicious was going on at the castle.
Garnet  : We still don't know for sure,so let's stay by Vivi's side.
Steiner : (This is not the time to panic....)
Steiner : (I must get the princess on board the cargo ship somehow...)
Steiner : (Then we can head back to Alexandria castle)
Zidane  : Yo,rusty.Do you know where this airship's going ?
Steiner : ......
Steiner : ... L-Lindblum.Yes,to Lindblum.
Zidane  : That's convenient ! Did you ask someone ?
Steiner : Th-the old man in the shack told me ! So it must be true !
Zidane  : You're acting strange.....
Steiner : Something is heading this way.

Black Waltz No 2 : Princess Garnet,the Queen is waiting for you at
                   the castle.
Zidane           : You were all sent by the castle ?
Steiner          : What ? What are you talking about ?
Zidane           : You  were all unconscious from the blizzard.
                   He said he was a black waltz !
Black Waltz No 2 : Are you defeated No 1 ? I am Black Waltz No 2 !
Black Waltz No 2 : My power,magic and speed make me far superior than
                   No.1 ! Resistance is futile !
Black Waltz No 2 : Come princess,the queens awaits !
Garnet           : No ! I'll not return to the castle !
Black Waltz No 2 : Come with me or you'll regret it !
Steiner          : Wait ! I,Steiner shall escort the princess back
                   to the castle !
Black Waltz No 2 : Kee hee hee ! You think i care ?
Black Waltz No 2 : I won't let you stand in the way of my mission.

Boss Battle

After the battle...

Garnet  : Black Waltz No.2 .....
Garnet  : Did my mother really send him to capture me ?
Steiner : It can't be ! There's no reason to trust the words of some 
          bandit !
Steiner : He just another criminal scheming to use the princess for
          some evil deed.
Garnet  : Have i not been careful enough ?
Steiner : Your noble can't be disguised so easily.
Zidane  : That's not true at all.You haven't been watching Garnet is 
          trying really hard.
Zidane  : You're the one with the problem ! Walking around yelling 
          "Princess" everywhere !
Zidane  : About the border crossing....
Garnet  : Yes ?
Zidane  : Why don't we hitch a ride on this airship ?
Garnet  : Sure.Lindblum should not be terribly far by airship !
Garnet  : I mean...won't be too far...
Garnet  : But why don't we get some rest before we go ?
          - Rest at the inn (Pick the 1st choice)
          - Depart now
Zidane  : Let's get back to the village
Zidane  : Vivi,you'll be save with me.

At the inn....

Zidane        : He's cold out... (talking to the innkeeper)
Innkeeper Hal : I'm sorry
Innkeeper Hal : (Hmmm?)
Innkeeper Hal : (I thought they'd captured it already)
Zidane        : Hey,i know she's cute,but it's rude of you to stare.
Innkeeper Hal : Oh,i wasn't looking at the young lady.I was just.....
Innkeeper Hal : The room is over there.
Innkeeper Hal : (Stay calm !)
Zidane        : ....... ?

After resting at the inn,head back to the cargo ship.

-*- 06 January 2001 Update -*-

Zidane  : Wait here while i ask the people inside if we can hitch a
Steiner : I-i shall go ask them !
Zidane  : Oh,really.How come ?
Steiner : I-it is not for your benefit ! I am only doing this for
          the princess !
Garnet  : Steiner....He was so adamant about going back to the castle
Garnet  : .....
Garnet  : An airship full of barrels like this one i saw at the castle
          ....Steiner was against going....
Garnet  : Zidane,is this ship really headed to Linblum ?
Zidane  : No,it'll probably take us straigth to Alexandria castle.
Garnet  : But why....? Didn't you just say we should get on the ship ?
Zidane  : Yeah,i know.Trust me !
Vivi    : ...Zidane
Zidane  : What is it,Vivi ?
Vivi    : Those dolls they were making underground....
Vivi    : Do you think they look like me ?
Zidane  : - Yes (pick the 1st choice)
          - No
Zidane  : Maybe a little....but they're just dolls vivi.
Zidane  : It's moving.
Zidane  : What the heck is Steiner up to ?
Zidane  : Alright,we have to get on,Garnet !
Garnet  : On a ship that's not going to Linblum !?
Zidane  : I don't have time to explain.
Zidane  : This way !
Zidane  : Hurry Up !
Zidane  : You've nothing to worry about.Hurry,before she takes off !
Garnet  : But....
Zidane  : I'll take you to Linblum,i promise.
Garnet  : Fine,i'll get on.
Zidane  : It's taking off !
Zidane  : Ooooo,soft......
Garnet  : Aaaaah !


Cargo Ship :

Zidane  : C'mon,it's not like i did it on purpose.
Garnet  : Please,enough.
Zidane  : There's that royal tone in your voice again.
Zidane  : ..... Are you okay Vivi ?
Vivi    : Feels like i'm going get sucked into the sky......
Garnet  : Let's go inside,Vivi.
Garnet  : I trust you Zidane.
Zidane  : I get the feeling she doesn't quite trust me yet....
Zidane  : Maybe she'll reward me with kiss or two if i try hard enough.
Zidane  : ( Wow,already...?)
Garnet  : Zidane....!
Zidane  : What is it ? Something wrong ?
Garnet  : It's vivi.....
Zidane  : Vivi ?
Zidane  : ........!
Zidane  : Wow,they're alive and they're moving around !
Vivi    : U-um........
Zidane  : So,the mages built in the village bring back the new ones ?
Garnet  : Oh,Vivi.....
Zidane  : Vivi !
Vivi    : U-um........
Zidane  : Vivi !!!
Zidane  : Were you able to talk to any of them ?
Vivi    : No....
Vivi    : It's like me....
Vivi    : They don't even.....
Vivi    : ...See me at all.....
Vivi    : I tried ....
Vivi    : ... Again and again....
Vivi    : ...but....
Vivi    : ...they won't even turn around....
Zidane  : Vivi.....
Zidane  : I need to go upstairs for a little bit.
Zidane  : I gonna turn the ships around before it reaches the castle.
Garnet  : ......
Zidane  : Keep an eye on Vivi,okay ?

Now go upstairs and you'll meet up with Steiner.

Zidane  : ....  
Steiner : How could this happen...??
Steiner : What am i to do....? I never expected things to go so badly...
Steiner : I can't believe the ship took off without the princess !
Steiner : What will i say to Queen Brahne...?
Zidane  : What the heck were you doing ?
Zidane  : You almost took off without us !
Steiner : That's because.....This ship's crew......
Steiner : !!
Steiner : Why,you....! Where's the princess !?
Zidane  : In the engige room.
Steiner : She is on the ship !?
Steiner : All is well now.This ships is returning to the castle.
Steiner : You'll be hanged for the kidnapping of a member of the royal
          family ! Enjoy your freedom while you can.

Now go to the control room.

Steiner : At last ! Queen Brahne is sure to be pleased.
Steiner : However...the princess would've been left behing without the
          thief's aid.
Steiner : I shall petition for a life sentence on it's behalf.Yes, that
          would be the honorable thing !
Steiner : But that was because the crew wouldn't listen ! I must run
          a background check on them.
Steiner : Yes,it's my duty as knight !
Steiner : -W-w-what the-


Black Mage : ........
Black Mage : ........
Steiner    : Y-y-y-y-y
Zidane     : What's wrong ? There's something stuck in your throat ?
Steiner    : Y-You insolent fool !!!!
Black Mage : ........
Steiner    : Turn the ship around !
Steiner    : Graaaagh !!
Steiner    : I will have your head for that !
Zidane     : Hey,i think we upset them.
Steiner    : But they didn't respond to anything until now...
Steiner    : You are the one who started this trouble !
Steiner    : I apologise ! (talking to the black mages)
Steiner    : Please wait while i take this fool into custody and turn
             the ship around.
Steiner    : Wh-what's wrong !?


Vivi    : No....!
Garnet  : Vivi!
Ganet   : Are you okay ?
Black Waltz No 3 (B.W.No 3) : So,no 2 was defeated by a small child !

B.W.No 3   : You are no match against my power !
B.W.No 3   : Kwa ha ha ha ha ! Princess,stay there while i eliminate
             this child !

Suddenly a several of black mages shows up.

B.W.No 3   : Are you protecting him ?
B.W.No 3   : ....nonsense
B.W.No 3   : You're not different from mindless dolls.
B.W.No 3   : What can you do ?
B.W.No 3   : Get out of my way ! How dare you to fight a black waltz ?
B.W.No 3   : I said,get out of my way !


Steiner    : Wh-what cruely !
Vivi       : ....aaaaaah !
Steiner    : Master Vivi,i shall assist you !
Zidane     : Hey,you guys !
Zidane     : Garnet !
Garnet     : Y-yes ?
Zidane     : We'll take care of the black waltz.You steer the ship.
Zidane     : Things are gonna even more dangerous from here on.It's 
             not too late to turn back.
Zidane     : You can go back to the castle or cross south gate into
             Lindblum.It's your choice !
Zidane     : I'll be with you either way ! But try not to crash the
             ship !
Garnet     : Becareful,Zidane !
Zidane     : I'll be fine !

Vivi       : Why ? Why would you do such a thing !?
Vivi       : Weren't they your friends !?
B.W.No 3   : You fool.Do i look like some lowly black mage soldier ?
Steiner    : Even if they weren't your allies,what you did was
             repreheinsible !
B.W.No 3   : Kwa ha ha ! Worry not about them.Many more are being
             produced by now !
Zidane     : What are you ?
B.W.No 3   : Ah,the princess's bodyguards have gathered ! How very
             convenient !
Zidane     : Answer me!
B.W.No 3   : It wouldn't do you any good if i answered,since you're all
             going to die !
B.W.No 3   : Kwa ha ha ha ha !
B.W.No 3   : I'll eliminate any who stand in my way !

Boss Battle

After the battle

B.W.No 3   : scum......!
B.W.No 3   : I exist only to kill !
Steiner    : Just how many black waltzes do we have to fight !? 
Steiner    : This is becoming ridiculous !
Zidane     : I think that was the last one.
Steiner    : How do you know !? Are you....!?
Zidane     : He said 'Waltz' right ? Don't you think No.3 would be
             the last one ?
Steiner    : ?
Zidane     : (I can see south gate...She's gonna go for it !)

-*- 10 January 2001 Updates -*-


Thorn : That,i did see
Zorn  : Did you see that ?
Thorn : Our black mage enchancements
Zorn  : Our enhanced black mages !
Zorn  : All defeated !
Thorn : Betrayed us,Steiner did ! It is all his fault !

Zorn  : Huh ?
Thorn : Unstable,the ship becomes ! Don't let go of the steering wheel!
Zorn  : No 3 is coming back !
Thorn : True is it !? Huray !
Zorn  : But something is wrong....
Zorn  : It's broken !!!
Thorn : Made its magic too powerful,we did !
Zorn  : There's nothing we can do now !
Thorn : Depart shall we !
Zorn  : We shall depart !

Thorn & Zorn : Run Away !
both of them jumps out from the ship

B.W.No 3  : I EXIST ONLY TO KILL .... !


Zidane  : Do you see south gate ?
Garnet  : Yes !
Zidane  : South gate is a huge gate built exclusively for airships,but...
Zidane  : ... Maneuvering through it could be tricky.
Zidane  : Do you want me to do it,Garnet ?
Garnet  : I want to do it on my own...
Zidane  : Alright .......
Zidane  : We don't have clearance.They might close the gate on us.
Zidane  : It should be okay,though.
Zidane  : Security was totally lax when i came through here on the
          theater ship.
Zidane  : It'll be fine,captain Garnet !
Garnet  : Roger !
Zidane  : ... it's old,but the engige's got power....
Steiner : We must turn back !!!
Steiner : Princess ! Please turn the ship around !!
Steiner : The black waltz is heading toward us on an airship !
Steiner : He might crash into us !
Zidane  : Garnet,rusty's right ! It's headed straight for us !
Zidane  : Punch it ! Go through the south gate !
Steiner : Don't be ridiculous !
Steiner : What if the gate closes on us ?
Zidane  : There's no way we can maneuver him in this cargo ship !
Zidane  : We'll slide in before the gate closes and shut him out !
Zidane  : That's our only chance !
Zidane  : Rusty,turn up the power to max over there !
Zidane  : Garnet,stay on course no matter what !
Garnet  : Okay !
Zidane  : I know we can make it !


Zidane  : I think we pushed it a little too hard.
Zidane  : Why so silent people ?
Zidane  : We made it ! Come on,cheer up !
Garnet  : South gate was badly damaged...
Garnet  : It was my fault wasn't it ?
Zidane  : Don't worry about it ! They'll fix it up in no time !
Steiner : You idiot !
Steiner : The cargo ship was wrecked,we lost all the cargo,and south
          gate was destroyed !
Steiner : I can't believe i played a part in this debacle !
Garnet  : Steiner
Steiner : Yes,princess
Garnet  : I didn't mean to got you involved.
Garnet  : But you saved us.....
Garnet  : I thank you.
Steiner : Such kind words ! I am not worthy !
Steiner : Well,now i've made up my mind !
Steiner : I vow to protect you princess,until we return to the castle !
Zidane  : How do you feel about that Garnet ?
Zidane  : He'll follow you to the end of the world.
Garnet  : It's okay,Zidane.
Garnet  : Hey,i can see the main gate of Lindblum !
Steiner : That's Linblum castle !? How gigantic....
Garnet  : The city of Linblums is inside the castle.
Zidane  : (I guess Garnet and i will go our separate ways once we
          reach Linblum....)
Steiner : I see...(talking to Garnet,not Zidane)
Zidane  : (Just when we were beginning to get close....)
Vivi    : ... Zidane
Vivi    : Those black mages and i .....
Vivi    : Are we....the same....?
Zidane  : ......
Garnet  : ......
Steiner : I don't undestand,master Vivi.
Steiner : Just what seems to be the problem ?
Vivi    : ... i don't know
Steiner : Master Vivi,why would you those mages be the same as you ?
Steiner : And why would it matter if they were ?
Zidane  : Rusty's Right !
Steiner : ??
Zidane  : You are individual,no matter what happens,Vivi !
Vivi    : R-right !
Zidane  : Let's go to the deck,Vivi !
Vivi    : What ?
Zidane  : You've gotta see Lindblum from above ! It's the best !
Zidane  : Look,the falcon's gate is right in front of us !


Lindblum Grand Castle :

Vivi    : Wow ! This castle is huge ! It's even bigger than Alexandria
          castle !
Zidane  : Yeah.They don't call it Linblum grand castle for nothing.
Steiner : An indoor airship docks ! This is truly amazing !
Steiner : Even her majesty's redrose would easily fit here !
Zidane  : ...Garnet,you don't look too impressed.Have you been here
          before ?
Garnet  : Yes,i came here a few times Wwhen i was little....
Garnet  : I haven't been here since my father passed away....
Zidane  : Here comes the welcoming comittee.

Elite Guard : That's really old airship.
Garnet      : Greetings.I am princess Garnet Til Alexandros.
Garnet      : I humbly request an audience with Regent Cid. 
Elite Guard : You must be kidding ! 
Elite Gurad : No member of the royal family,let alone a princess,would
              even ride in such a shabby airship !
Elite Guard : And look at the company you're keeping.
Steiner     : How dare you accuse the princess of lying !? The princess
              was forced to come here under extreme circumstances !
Elite Guard : Then show me the proof of your royal heritage.
Garnet      : Very well.....
Elite Guard : This it a falcon claw !?
Elite Guard : ... No.The shape is a little different.
Elite Guard : Call Minister Artania !
Steiner     : If you weren't such a filthy-looking oaf,they would be
              not be so suspicious of us !
Zidane      : Hey,i'm not the idiot with the loud voice,and the
              dirty,rusty armor !
Steiner     : What !!!!?

Minister Artania : What is going on ?
Elite Guard      : Sir,we have unknown visitors who wish to see
                   the regent
Elite Guard      : And one of them is carrying a pendant that
                   looks like a Falcon's Claw
Minister Artania : !
Minister Artania : You are dismissed.I'll take of this.
Elite Guard      : Yes,sir !
Garnet           : Uncle Artania !
Minister Artania : It's good to see you,princess.
Minister Artania : Please follow me.The regent is waiting.
Garnet           : ?

-*- 30 January 2001 Updates -*-

Now enter the lift on the south

Minister Artania : Linblum castle has three levels,all connected
                   by this lift.
Minister Artania : From base level,which lies below the mist,you can
                   take trolley to the harbor and to the back gate.
Minister Artania : Ships hardly arrive at the harbor anymore since 
                   travel by air has become so popular.
Minister Artania : The mist poses great danger,so we've sealed off 
Minister Artania : Just above the base level is mid level
Minister Artania : You can ride the air cab from the mid level to go 
Minister Artania : The upper level contains the royal chamber and
                   conference room.
Minister Artania : Access to that level is restricted because the 
                   regent himself resides there

Zidane  : Hey Garnet,what's regend Cid like ?
Zidane  : I lived in Lindblum for a while but i've never met him
Garnet  : Regent Cid is very wise.He always think ahead.
Garnet  : He may seem a bit odd at times but he is very dependable.
Garnet  : He and my father were best friends...
Garnet  : ... I wonder if he will even listen to what i have to say...
Zidane  : Don't worry,we're not leaving until he does.
Artania : We will arrive at the upper level shortly.

Artania : Sire,Princess Garnet of Alexandria wishes to see you.
Steiner : Princess,is something wrong ?
Garnet  : The regent isn't here,and i don't know who....
Garnet  : Take a look on the throne.
Steiner : ???
Steiner : What in the world....!?
??      :  
??      : 
??      : Greetings !
Steiner : !!
Steiner : Og...!!!
Steiner : OGLOP !!!!

Steiner punch the oglop ^_^

Artania : Sire !
??      : What ?
Steiner : !?
Garnet  : Wh...!?
Zidane  : Garnet,what's wrong ? Why aren't you talking to -
Zidane  : Geez ! That's an oglop !
Vivi    : Wow...even the oglops are big in Lindblum.
Steiner : What is the meaning of this !?
Steiner : How dare you greet the princess like this !?
Steiner : Get that repulsive bug off the throne immediately,and call
          the regent !
Artania : Please settle down ! You ARE before the regent !
Steiner : What !? Enough of your nonsense !! 
Garnet  : Steiner,stand down.
Garnet  : I remember that moustache.Is that really you Uncle Cid ?
Cid     : Yes.Greetings all .I am Cid Fabool,regent of Lindblum.
Cid     : I knew it was you - I recognized your pendant's description.
Cid     : It's so much like my 'Falcon Claw'
Cid     : I delighted to see you again,Garnet.You have truly 
          become a fine lady.On the other hand...
Artania : Allow me to explain.
Artania : About 6 month ago,someone sneak into the castle and attacked
          the regent in his sleep.
Artania : Unfortunately,we were to late...
Artania : Regent had been transformed into an Oglop,and his wife,lady
          Hildamwas abducted.
Garnet  : My godness....
Zidane  : Whoever pulled this off had to be highly skilled like me.
Steiner : Hmph ! I'll bet it was you !
Cid     : That's not possible.
Zidane  : How can you be so sure ? Do you know who we are ?
Cid     : Of course.I may be a bug,but i am still the ruler of
Garnet  : Uncle Cid,i appreciate you seeing me on such short notice.
Garnet  : I desperately need to speak to you about my mother.
Cid     : That's what i figured.
Cid     : But i'm sure it can wait 'til tommorow.
Cid     : Why don't you all get some rest for today ?
Garnet  : Thank you !
Artania : It is time for lunch.Please follow me.

-*- 07 June 2001 Update -*-

After the screen fades to black,you'll see Zidane walking in the street in lindblum.
Now enter the bar.

Zidane   : I can't stand the food at the castle. It's way too high-class for my tastes.
Zidane   : How can anyone get full on that stuff?
Zidane   : The cheap food here is a lot better.
Zidane   : Today's special is... Soup du Silence. Not bad.
Zidane   : Yo, Pops. I'll have the stupid special.
Bobo     : Who said that!? 
Bobo     : Zidane.... I figured it was you.
Zidane   : How've you been ?
Bobo     : Alright, I guess...
Bobo     : Have a seat. Your soup'll be ready in a minute.
Lilian   : Do you mind? You're standing in everyone's way.

Zidane   : Wow...
Zidane   : Hey.
Lilian   : Yeah? Do you want a drink?
Zidane   : How about you and me go for a cruise on an airship?
Lilian   : Really!? An airship!?
Zidane   : Sounds like you've never been on one. You know, Lindblum is quite a 
           sight from high above.

Woman at the Counter :
Hey, monkey-tail, you're disturbing the other customers.

Zidane   : What the - you've got a tail, too, rat-face!

Woman at the Counter :
Rat-face... After I finish my drink, I'm gonna kick your butt off.

Bobo                 : Hey, Zidane, take it outside.
Zidane               : !!!
Woman at the Counter : Long time no see, Zidane.
Zidane               : Hey! What's up!?
Zidane               : Wait a minute...
Woman at the Counter : You forgot my name?
Zidane               : No, I remember....
Zidane               : You're Helga, right?
Woman at the Counter : Wrong.
Zidane               : ...Christine?
Woman at the Counter : No!
Zidane               : ...Oh yeah!
Zidane               : You used to live next door to me. How's it going...Ratchel?
Zidane               : Man, you've really gotten...big.
Woman at the Counter : You nasty little - 
Zidane               : Come on. I'm just kiddin'. 
Zidane               : You know I never forget a pretty girl's name.

-Name the character = Freya

Zidane     : So, how've you been, Freya?
Freya      : ...Same old Zidane.
Zidane     : How long has it been?
Freya      : About 3 years.
Zidane     : Hey, did you ever find out anything about your boyfriend?
Freya      : No...
Zidane     : So... What brings you to Lindblum?
Freya      : The Festival of the Hunt. What else? It's a good oppurtunity to 
             test my skills.
Zidane     : Oh... Well, I'm sure you'll find him someday.
Freya      : Aren't you participating?
Zidane     : ...Nah. I think I'll pass.
Freya      : Lazy bum.
Zidane     : ...Are you ever gonna go back?
Freya      : I have no reason to return to Burmecia.
Freya      : There is nothing there for me anymore.

After that,the screen fades to black, and Zidane goes to sleep. 
The screen switched back to Lindblum Castle with Garnet and Cid.

Regent Cid : So, how is the queen? Is she still as vibrant as ever?
Garnet     : Yes, but...
Garnet     : Since Father died, Mother has been acting very strangely...
Regent Cid : I'm not surprised . They loved each other so much...

Garnet     : We haven't spoken much lately. Also, a suspicious man has been 
             prowling the castle. I don't know what's going on anymore... I fear that 
             might be planning something terrible.
Garnet     : I've brought this matter to everybody's attention, but no one has 
             taken me seriously.They all think I'm distraught over losing Father...
Regent Cid : I understand why you are so eager. I'm happy that you came to me for help.
Garnet     : At this point, I think you're the only person Mother will listen to...
             When I heard that Lindblum's theater ship was coming to Alexandria, I 
             decided to sneak on board and come here no matter what.I just never expected 
             the crew to kidnap me...
Regent Cid : It was me... I was the one who ordered Tantalus to kidnap you.
Garnet     : !?
Regent Cid : I once promised your father , that should anything happen, 
             I would protect you.
Regent Cid : We've known about the disturbances in Alexandria for some time.
Regent Cid : But had we acted directly, it would've started a war.
Regent Cid : So, I asked Baku for help. He and I go way back.
Regent Cid : The play was the perfect cover to enter Alexandria and get you out.
Regent Cid : No one would suspect Lindblum was behind it.
Regent Cid : We were  forced to take action, because we knew Alexandria would never 
             seek our help.I'm relieved we were able to get you here.

Garnet     : At the Village of Dali, we saw numerous black mages. They looked like golems,
             controlled by some powerful magic.
Garnet     : On top of that, they were being created under Alexandria's supervision.
Garnet     : I don't know how they're related to Vivi, but if Mother is planning to use 
             them for war...
Regent Cid : We won't let that happen.
Regent Cid : Even if she were to command an army of black mages, she won't make a 
             move as long as we have our airship fleet.
Regent Cid : Don't worry . Everything will be fine.
Garnet     : I'm so sorry, Uncle.
Regent Cid : Now, now, come on. Don't be so formal.
Regent Cid : I'm helping you because I am your Uncle Cid, not because I am 
             the regent of Lindblum.
Garnet     : Thank you so much.

Garnet     : What is this place...?
Regent Cid : The heart and soul of Lindblum: our airship dock. This is Dock No. 1, where 
             we conduct our research .
Garnet     : But...where are the airships?
Regent Cid : Lonely, isn't it...? We had a new airship model in here about 6 months ago.
Regent Cid : It was our latest creation: it didn't require Mist to fly.
Garnet     : The man who attacked you - was he the one who ran off with it?

Regent Cid : Good guess, but no... Actually... I met a lovely lady at the pub...
Garnet     : ...Um?
Regent Cid : When Hilda found out about my little affair, she used her magic and turned
             me into an oglop.
Regent Cid : Then she stormed off in the new airship, which I named Hilda Garde.
             Pretty ironic, eh?
Regent Cid : ......
Regent Cid : She hasn't been back since .
Regent Cid : I've been working on Hilda Garde 2, but it hasn't been going too well. 
Regent Cid : My mind just isn't the same as an oglop.
Regent Cid : I'm hopeless...
Regent Cid : But that doesn't mean I can't help you. I'll do my best for Alexandria.

Garnet     : Thank you... But with South Gate badly damaged, I don't know how we 
             can get to Alexandria...
Regent Cid : Don't worry. South Gate is being repaired as we speak.
Regent Cid : Once the repairs are finished, we'll go to Alexandria.

Garnet     : Yes. I'm sure Mother will finally open her eyes to the truth.
Regent Cid : ......
Garnet     : Uncle, is something wrong?
Regent Cid : Huh? No, I was just thinking... 
Regent Cid : About how the theater ship crashed.
Regent Cid : Baku sure has good men working under him...

Later,Zidane wakes up at Lindblum Inn.

Vivi       : Good morning.
Zidane     : You're up early.
Vivi       : Lindblum is really a busy place. I've never seen this many people before.
Vivi       : I wonder where people go if they wanna be alone...
Zidane     : Lindblum has always been like this. People come here from all over the world.
Zidane     : Some of them come here to become airship engineers, sculptors, actors...
Vivi       : Wow...
Zidane     : I don't even remember why I came here my first time.
             Before I knew it, I was living here with my Tantalus brothers.
Vivi       : Do they still live here?
Zidane     : Yeah. Our hideout is in the Theater District.
             I'm gonna go there right now. Do you wanna come along?
Vivi       : Um, that's okay. I'm gonna go look around town.
Zidane     : Okay. Then I'll give you a little tour.
Vivi       : ...No, that's okay. I can go by myself.
Zidane     : Ohhh...okay... Go find yourself a cute girl, alright?

After that,Vivi walks out from the room,and you'll see an ATE.

ATE - Teach me, Mogster! (My first synthesis lesson)
Moggy   : Hey, Bro. What are you gonna teach me today?
Mogster : Lots of neat stuff.Today, I'm gonna talk about the Synthesis Shop.
Mogster : What do you wanna go over?

* Just pick the bottom choice to finish the tutorial *

Moggy   : Gosh, Bro. You sure know a lot.
Mogster : Yeah, I know...

Now head out from the inn.

ATE - Small-Town Knight in a Big City 

Steiner         : What a huge town! I'm completely lost.
Steiner         : Pardon me...
Female Red Mage : Geez... You're dressed awful funny.
Steiner         : ...I am Captain Adelbert Steiner of Alexandria, and I humbly request your assistance to get back to the castle.
Female Red Mage : Ha-ha-ha! That's a new one!
Female Red Mage : Nice try, but I don't date bums.
Female Red Mage : You should really scrape that rust off, it's disgusting.
Steiner         : Wha...?

Steiner         : Huh?
Grandma Pickle  : Do you always strike out that badly?
Grandma Pickle  : I think you need a new line. A little shine wouldn't hurt, either.
Steiner         : What are these things?
Grandma Pickle  : They're called gysahl pickles.
Grandma Pickle  : They're one of Lindblum's delicacies.
Grandma Pickle  : Do you wanna try one?
Steiner         : ...It smells terrible!
Grandma Pickle  : The worse they smell, the better they taste.
Steiner         : I guess I'll try one.

Steiner picks up a pickle and eats it

Steiner         : !!!
Steiner         : UGHUAAA!!! !!!
Grandma Pickle  : Oh, my. Even the locals don't eat them in one bite.
Steiner         : Phew... But you're right. They are good.

Now head right from the inn,to the aircab station.
There you'll see another ATE

ATE - Vivi's Shopping 

Vivi            : Wow, this nut smells really good.I think I'll buy one...
Vivi            : This place has a lot of unusual things.
Vivi            : Is this food? It looks good.
Vivi            : It looks like the sesame buns that Grandpa used to make.
|                                          |
|         = Alice's Item Shop =            |
|                                          |
|  Festival of the Hunt Sale ends today!   |
|                                          | 

Vivi            : Wow, there's gonna be a festival!
Vivi            : Hi. I wanna buy this.
Alice           : Oh, are you friends with the moogles?
Vivi            : Huh?
Alice           : This item is called a Kupo Nut. Kupo Nuts are moogles' favourite food.
Vivi            : Oh. I didn't know that.
Alice           : I think that's the last one...
Alice           : Go ahead, honey. It's on me.
Vivi            : Really!? Thank you!

Received Kupo Nut! 

Vivi            : Um, what is this Festival of the Hunt like?
Alice           : Well, we let a bunch of animals loose and...
Vivi            : (Oh, there's gonna be a lot of animals.)
Vivi            : It sounds like fun! Thank you!
Alice           : What's so fun about fighting savage beasts...? 
Alice           : Wait a minute! Did I say ´┐Żanimals' again!?

Head to the Theater District,and you'll see another ATE

ATE - Steam Engine 

Steiner         : I'm lost again... Where is the princess?
Steiner         : The town is big, the castle is big, why does everything
                  have to be so big!?
Steiner         : Pardon me. Can you tell me where I am?

Grandpa         : What, you're lost?
Grandpa         : Gee... You're a solder for cryin' out loud.
Grandpa         : This is the bridge that connects the castle and the airship docks.
Grandpa         : That big building in front of us houses the docks.

Steiner         : Wh-What is that large airship!?

Grandpa         : Amazing, isn't it?
Grandpa         : It's the Hilda Garde 2.
Grandpa         : Since it is equipped with a steam engine, developed by the regent 
                  himself, it can fly without Mist
Steiner         : Impossible. How can it fly without being powered by Mist?
Grandpa         : What cave did you just crawl out of!? This is the age of steam power!
Grandpa         : The source of steam power is water. It's much safer than Mist.
Grandpa         : Heh-heh-heh! A bright future awaits us all!

When you arrived at theather district,head to Tantalus building.
(House with a big clock)

Zidane     : I figured there wouldn't be anybody here...
Zidane     : It looks like no one's been here for a while.
Zidane     : What to do, what to do...?
Zidane     : Geez. It's that late already... I wonder what Dagger's doing.

ATE - What can I do?

Garnet is in the guest bedroom of Lindblum Castle

Garnet     : ...A bell's ringing... A performance in the Theater District must've 
             just ended.
Guard      : Is there anything you need, Your Highness?
Garnet     : No, thank you. I'm thinking of going outside and having a look around.
Guard      : I'm sorry, Your Highness, but we cannot grant this request.
Guard      : Right now, there are many people coming to Lindblum for the Festival 
             of the Hunt.
Guard      : Therefore, things are quite chaotic in the town, making security rather
             difficult.Also, very few people know of your presence here.
Guard      : It's for your own safety. Please understand.
Garnet     : Okay, I understand...
Garnet     : I can't stand sitting around like this...
Garnet     : I didn't come here to be protected.
Garnet     : I just want to help Mother...

Back at Tantalus Hideout with Zidane,two small kids, a boy and a girl, runs in

Bunce      : There he is!
Lucella    : I told you he'd be here
Bunce      : Why didn't you tell us that you were back? We're in Tantalus, too, you know.
Zidane     : What?
Lucella    : Yeah.Uncle Baku said if we find some treasure, we can be in Tantalus, too.
Bunce      : Yeah. Check this out.

Zidane     : Wow, those are trick sparrow's wings! 
Zidane     : That sure is some treasure you've found, alright!
Lucella    : Yay!
Bunce      : Yipee! So, did the plan work?
Zidane     : ...Yeah. Princess Garnet is at the castle.
Lucella    : Really!? Wow...So, what's she like? Is she cute?
Bunce      : Did you ask her out yet?
Zidane     : No... I think she's pretty busy.
Zidane     : Plus, she's a princess and I'm a... you know, so...I don't know.

Lucella    : I bet she misses you.
Bunce      : Yeah. You should go see her.
Lucella    : Good luck!
Bunce      : See ya!

Zidane     : I wonder if she got to talk to Cid... Maybe I should go see her...

ATE - Baku and His Crew 

Baku       : A-CHOO!
Cinna      : Phew, that tasted good!
Cinna      : I can't believe we found a way out of Evil Forest before it got petrified!
Marcus     :'s all thanks to our bro, who pointed out the river before he took the 
             map to Zidane.
Marcus     : What do we do now, Boss? We gotta save our brother...
Baku       : Yer right.
Baku       : But first, we'll let the guys outside drink some water from the lake.
Baku       : Cinna, bring them over.
Baku       : Hey, about Blank...
Baku       : I think it's better that Evil Forest stays petrified...
Marcus     : Are you serious!?
Baku       : Don't get me wrong.
Baku       : I ain't sayin' this out of concern for our safety.
Marcus     : Then...why?
Baku       : I'm sure he wouldn't wanna be saved if it meant Evil Forest was gonna be 
             restored, too...
Marcus     : ...You're right.
Baku       : We gotta start lookin'.
Baku       : There's gotta be another way to cure his petrification somehow. 
Baku       : We ain't too late.We gotta do what we can.
Marcus     : I gotcha, Boss!

Baku       : ......
Baku       : Hey, Cinna... What are you doing over there?
Cinna      : This springwater might make some good coffee! I'll get the fixin's!
Baku       : Do I gotta remind you what happens to members who don't listen to their boss?
Cinna      : N-NO! Please, not that!
Cinna      : I'll bring everyone over right now!

Now leave the Theater District and returns to the castle. 
Once you arrived there, heads to the guest bedroom area. 

Zidane     : What are you doing here?
Steiner    : You! What have you done with the princess!? Where is she!?
Zidane     : Whoa, take it easy. I just got here.
Steiner    : The princess is gone! She was supposed to stay in this room.
Zidane     : Maybe she went out for a little walk.
Steiner    : How can you be so calm!? This is a very serious matter!
Steiner    : Have you forgotten all the danger she faced just to get here!?
Steiner    : What if something terrible happens to her!?
Steiner    : What am I doing here!? I must go find her! Out of my way

Zidane     : I wonder where she went...

Head outside the guest room,and you'll hear Garnet singing....

Zidane     : That song... I've heard it somewhere before.
Zidane     : That sweet voice... It's Dagger. She's upstairs.

Zidane tries to enter the lift, but the hallway leading there is  blocked by a guard.

Soldier    : Sorry. Only authorized personnel can use the lift.
Zidane     : Man, I've gotta get past this guy somehow.
Zidane     : Maybe if I disguise myself as a guard, he'll let me through.

Head to the previous room,and leaves wake up a sleeping guard over there.

Zidane         : Hey, wake up!
Sleepy Soldier : ...Huh?
Zidane         : I just saw a suspicious character wandering around!
Sleepy Soldier : WHAT!? Wh-Where!?
Zidane         : Upstairs. Follow me.
Zidane         : No! In here!
Sleepy Soldier : Huh!?
Sleepy Soldier : Alright, you bastard! Show yourself!
Sleepy Soldier : (talking to Zidane) Hey, what are you doing!?

You'll hear the sound of punches and kicks. :)
A moment later, Zidane runs out of the room, with the soldier's clothes

Zidane     : That was easy.

** If you go back to the guest room,and check the cupboard over there,you'll see another
funny scene with the guard ^^

Zidane     : I should be able to get on the lift now.

Now enter the lift in the south
Upstairs,enter the tower on the left.At the top of the tower,you'll see a FMV
After the FMV...

Zidane     : Nice song.
Garnet     : How did you get up here? This is a restricted area.
Zidane     : Come on, I do this for a living.
Garnet     : ...oh yeah. You're a member of Tantalus. It must've been easy for you.
Zidane     : ...?
Zidane     : Whew... What a view...
Zidane     : Hey! There's a telescope! Let's go check it out.
Zidane     : Come on.

Zidane     : Hmmm...

When you looking through the telescope, you'll see various places.See below.

Ceebell River    = That river flows right by South Gate. 
                   You can get to the gate by walking along the river.
??? Forest       = Hey, there's a chocobo. Maybe I can catch a chocobo in that forest
Marshland        = There's probably a lot of weird things living there.
                   Maybe I should check it out sometime.
Aerbs Mountains1 = Those are the mountains that surround Burmecia.
                   I guess the best way to get there is through the cavern at the base.
Aerbs Mountains2 = Alexandria is beyond those mountains. I bet they're looking for us.
South Gate       = Oh, there's South Gate. I wonder if they've started repairing it... 
                   It'll probably take a while to fix everything.

Garnet     : Let me see.
Zidane     : How's the view?
Garnet     : (...I've made so much trouble for everyone...)
Garnet     : (Uncle Cid knew everything...)
Garnet     : (That's why he asked Tantalus to get me out of Alexandria.)
Garnet     : (No matter how hard I try, I'm always a step behind in everything...)
Garnet     : (I'm so helpless...)
Zidane     : ...What's wrong?
Garnet     : Zidane...
Garnet     : Why did you help me come here - to Lindblum?
Garnet     : ...Is it because your boss ordered you to?
Zidane     : I just wanted to help you. That's all.
Zidane     : The boss didn't agree with me...
Zidane     : I ended up leaving the band.
Garnet     : Really!? I'm sorry.

Zidane     : Don't worry about it. It isn't the first time I've left.
Garnet     : Zidane...
Zidane     : Yeah?

Garnet     : How were you planning to abduct me?
Zidane     : We were gonna put you to sleep with sleeping weed, then kidnap you.
Zidane     : It's mostly used for kids, but a big dose can knock out an adult just as easily.

Garnet     : I guess you didn't need it, since I came along on my own.
Garnet     : Hey... Would you mind giving me some?
Garnet     : I've had a hard time sleeping lately.

Zidane     : Um, I don't think that's a good idea. 
Zidane     : You might get addicted. Maybe all you need is some company, eh?
Garnet     : Oh, please. Do you think I'm that naive?
Zidane     : Heh, heh. Can't blame me for trying.
Garnet     : ......
Zidane     : U-Um... Th-That song... Were you singing it in the Village of Dali?
Garnet     : ...Yes. So, you were up that night...

Zidane     : What is that song, anyway?
Garnet     : ...I don't know. I can't even remember where I learned it.
Garnet     : I sing it whenever I feel sad or lonely...
Garnet     : For some reason, it comforts me and reminds me that I'm not alone.

Zidane     : I guess it's a mystical song... Let me hear it again.

Garnet starts to singing again...
Meanwhile,in the weapon shop at Lindblum town... 

Steiner         : Hmm...
Steiner         : I never expected to find such fine armor in a place like this.
Customer        : Yes, I'll buy that one, too.
Customer        : Who knows when that Brahne will start another war...
Steiner         : WHAT!? The queen would never start a war!
Steiner         : You dare speak ill of the queen!?
Customer        : Who the hell are you?
Steiner         : I'm armor collector!
Customer        : Oh. Well, in that case, can you recommend some good armor?
Steiner         : I...I must go!

Now the screen changes to an area outside, where two kids are playing with small dolls

Phillipo        : GO, Knights of Pluto! Yeah!!!

Poncho          : What are those things?
Poncho          : They look so stupid.
Poncho          : I'm gonna take Cid's airships and destroy them.
Phillipo        : HEY, cut it out! YOU BROKE MY KNIGHT!
Phillipo        : I'm gonna go tell your mom!
Poncho          : No, come on!

After phillipo runs off,Vivi walks up and looks at the dolls.

Vivi            : 'Royal Action Figures'...?
Vivi            : Those black mages were like toys... being controlled by someone...

After that,Screen changes to Freya, standing in the top of Tantalus Hideout.

Freya      : The sky looks ominous...
Freya      : Something's about to happen.
Freya      : Sir Fratley, where are you...? I need you...

Screen changes to Cid at the airship dock

Regent Cid : Okay!
Regent Cid : It should work now.

Engineer Zebolt : Sire, it's no good.

Regent Cid : What!?

Engineer Zebolt : We can't stabilize the engine system. 
Engineer Zebolt : It can't run for more than 10 minutes.
Regent Cid      : Darn it...
Regent Cid      : My mind hasn't been the same since I became an oglop...

Now the screen finnaly returns to Zidane and Dagger,in the top of the tower.

Zidane     : Hey, Dagger.
Zidane     : So when do you wanna go on that airship cruise?
Garnet     : What are you talking about?

Zidane     : ...!?
Zidane     : (What am I thinking!? I asked the girl at the bar....) Never mind.
Garnet     : sounds like you've asked the wrong girl.
Zidane     : Wait, I-I can explain.
Garnet     : Why bother? Go have a wonderful time.
Zidane     : Oh, man...
Zidane     : Okay, how about this? If I get first place in tomorrow's hunting festival, 
             you and me'll go out on a date!
Garnet     : How does that have anything to do with me?
Zidane     : Come on. Pleaaase.
Garnet     : ...Fine.
Zidane     : Okay, it's a date!

Zidane leaves the screen

Garnet     : ......


Officer    : It may be tradition, but this is a dreadful festival.
Officer    : So many lives lost every year, especially because of him...
Captain    : Hardly. The festival is a test of manhood. I tingle with excitement 
             every year.
Soldier    : This is the last carriage. All the preparations for the Festival of the Hunt are complete.
Officer    : Very good. Now we wait for the signal.
Captain    : Yes, sir.

All of a sudden, the carriage's door is let open and a slew of beasts run out.
The officer exclaims something and runs away,leaving the captain alone...

Captain    : ...

In the next screen, the Soldier runs up to someone.

Soldier    : The fangs have been freed.
Officer    : What!? We haven't even received the minister's authorization!
Soldier    : We believe that they're going to release 'him' any minute.
Officer    : Alright, release the mus before they let him loose.Hurry!

Suddenly,a horde of blue muu's are released
After that,the scene changes to somewhere above a large gate.

All is ready!

Soldier     : Alright. Standby!
Breeder     : This year's specimen is perfect. Nothing can stop him!
Breeder     : Ha ha ha! What power!
Soldier     : Hey, make him stop! It's too early to let him loose!
Breeder     : How? I have no control over him.

Soldier     : Dammit!
Soldier     : Open the gate at once! The gate's gonna fall apart!
Breeder     : GO, ZAGHNOL!

The Zaghnol runs out...
After that,the screen switches back to the guest bedroom,inside Lindblum Castle.

Vivi            : (Where's Zidane...?)
Freya           : (I wonder if Zidane has improved his skills...)

Zidane          : Hey, guys. Sorry I'm late.
Elite Guard     : Alright, let's begin.
Elite Guard     : What do you wish for your hunter's reward?
Zidane          : I'll go with Gil all the way!
Freya           : I'll take an Add-on.
Elite Guard     : And you, Mr. Vivi?
Vivi            : WHAT !!??!? I never signed up !!
Zidane          : I thought you would do pretty well, so I signed you up.
Zidane          : Don't worry. With your black magic, it'll be a piece of cake.

Vivi            : I...I don't know...
Freya           : That was very inconsiderate of you, Zidane.
Zidane          : Oh!
Zidane          : (How about this? If you win, I'll fix you up for a date with Dagger.)
Vivi            : Me and the princess!?
Zidane          : (SHHH! Keep it down!)
Steiner         : What was that!? You just mentioned the princess.
Steiner         : What evil deeds are you plotting now!?

Zidane          : It's nothing, right, Vivi?
Vivi            : Y-Yeah.

Elite Guard     : So, what would you like for your reward?
Vivi            : Oh, um... I'll take a Card.
Elite Guard     : Okay. Gil, an Add-on, and...a Card.
Elite Guard     : The festival will begin shortly. You all have different starting points.
Elite Guard     : Hunter Zidane will start in the Theater District
Elite Guard     : Hunter Freya will start in the Industrial District
Elite Guard     : And hunter Vivi will start in the Business District.

Once you be able to control Zidane,go to the air cab station,and get ready for the 
festival of the hunt !
In the other place,Steiner and Dagger were watching the festival,above the gate
where Zaghnol was freed

Steiner         : Such rudeness! Princess, they are treating you like a commoner!
Garnet          : Oh, hush. We get a great view from here.
Steiner         : Hmm, you're right. I can see the entire town.
Steiner         : Princess, look! Master Vivi is also participating!
Garnet          : I can't believe it. He seemed reluctant earlier.

Garnet          : COME ON, VIVI!!! YOU CAN DO IT!
Steiner         : No! Master Vivi!
Garnet          : Look out! Oh, gosh! I can't watch anymore!
                  BEST DEFENSE! ATTACK!
Steiner         : You can't lost to that monkey Zidane!
Steiner         : YES! THAT'S IT!
Steiner         : VIVI, BEHIND YOU!
Steiner         : YES! GO!

-*-10 June 2001 Update -*-

In the festival of the hunt,there can be a variety of possible winners.
In my game,Zidane is the winner.

Regent Cid : That was marvelous! All of you!
Artania    : 234 points! Congratulations!
Regent Cid : We grant you the 'Master Hunter' and your reward.

Received 5000 gil and Master Hunter.

Vivi       : Congratulations Zidane !
Zidane     : Thanks....

Burmecian Soldier  : Regent...
Burmecian Soldier  : Please forgive my intrusion...
Burmecian Soldier  : I bring urgent news... from our king.
Regent Cid         : The king of Burmecia?
Artania            : (Sire, you must not let him see you like this!)
Regent Cid         : (Take a good look at him. An injury has blinded him.) 
Burmecian Soldier  : Our kingdom is being attacked by some unknown force !
                     We are severely outmatched ! 
                     Please send reinforcements immediately!
Regent Cid         : !!!
Burmecian Soldier  : The enemy looks like an army of mages wearing...
                     steeple-crowned hats.
Regent Cid         : The king and I are old friends.
Regent Cid         : We will send reinforcements to Burmecia immediately.

Burmecian Soldier  : Thank you, Regent ! 
Burmecian Soldier  : The king...and all of Burmecia will be most grateful!
Burmecian Soldier  : I must...return now...
Burmecian Soldier  : ...Ugh.

The burmecian soldier collapses on the ground

Regent Cid         : Take him to the infirmary!
Freya              : It's too late. He's gone...
Freya              : It's a miracle he even made it this far.
Freya              : I can't believe this is happening...

Minister Artania   : This is a problem...
Minister Artania   : Because of the festival, there are hardly any men left in 
                     the castle. It will take time to mobilize.
Regent Cid         : We have no choice... Call back the 4th aerial division 
                     patrolling the border.
Minister Artania   : But if we recall the 4th, we will lose our eyes over Alexandira.
Regent Cid         :  Burmecia is our ally. We must help them.
Freya              : Steeple-crowned hats... They might be black mages, like Vivi.
Vivi               : It can't be...
Garnet             : Could it be Mother...!?
Freya              : I must go now. I cannot sit and wait for the reinforcements.
Zidane             : I'm coming with you.
Freya              : No. This doesn't concern you.
Zidane             : What's this, I'm a stranger all of a sudden!?
Zidane             : I'm not gonna sit back and watch your home get destroyed, alright?
Freya              : ...Thank you, Zidane.
Vivi               : Um, c-can I come, too? I wanna find out who they really are.
Zidane             : Sure.
Garnet             : Alright then. Let's go to Burmecia.
Steiner            : Princess! This is a foreign matter! It has nothing to do with us!
Regent Cid         : Steiner is right. We don't know if Alexandria is involved.
Garnet             : But if black mages are involved... 
Garnet             : Zidane, you know what I'm talking about.
Zidane             : ......
Garnet             : If Mother is behind this, I'll make her stop! I promise!
Zidane             : ...I think you should stay here.
Garnet             : What!?
Zidane             : We don't know what to expect there.
Garnet             : I've already faced great danger coming here! What's the difference!?
Zidane             : Dagger, this is war. A lot of people are gonna die.
Garnet             : I know that!
Zidane             : ... How did you feel when you saw that Burmecian soldier die,
                     just now?
Garnet             : ...I felt sad, of course.
Zidane             : Just sad? Weren't you scared, too?
Zidane             : Obviously, you haven't realized how dangerous it's gonna be...
Zidane             : You could get killed.
Zidane             : This is no time to be talking about convincing your mother
                     or anything.
Garnet             : But...
Regent Cid         : Now's not the time to argue.
Freya              : He's right. We must head to Burmecia at once.
Freya              : Will you open the Dragon's Gate?

Regent Cid         : Of course. If you're going by foot, leaving from that gate is 
                     the best way.
Regent Cid         : Let us eat while we  wait for the gate to open.

Vivi               : Yay ! I'm so hungry !
Regent Cid         : The Festival of the Hunt feast is one of our oldest traditions. 
Regent Cid         : It began well over five centuries ago.
Regent Cid         : It is customary to eat everything with your hands, so go on,
                     before it gets cold.
Garnet             : Thank you, Uncle.
Vivi               : Mmmm! It's so good!
Freya              : ......
Zidane             : Let's just eat. We can't do anything until the gate opens.
Freya              : ...You're right.
Zidane and Freya   : start eating
Zidane             : Hey, not bad!
Steiner            : This is wonderful! Princess, how is everything?
Steiner            : Why aren't you eating?
Garnet             : Oh... I'm sorry.You're right. Everything is so delicious.
Steiner            : Indeed, it is. Especially this beef. It is superb!
Vivi               : Oh, I'm so full. I'm getting sleepy now...

Suddenly Vivi, Freya, and Cid fall asleep...

Steiner            : What the.... - THE FOOD IS POISONED!
Zidane             : Garnet...?

Zidane falls asleep...

Steiner            : How could I be so careless!!!?
Steiner            : Ugh... I'm starting to feel sick...
Steiner            : F-Forgive me, Princess. I should have tastied it for poison...
Garnet             : That's impossible. There shouldn't be any in your dish.
Steiner            : What...? Now that you mention it, I feel just fine.
Steiner            : !!! How did you know!?
Steiner            : Princess! You didn't!

Garnet             : It's not poison. 
Garnet             : It's just a medicinal herb Zidane gave me.
Garnet             : Believe me, this was not what I had planned.
Garnet             : Steiner, I have to make my own decisions...
Garnet             : I had no choice. Uncle Cid would never let me leave the castle.
Steiner            : That is because he is concerned about you!
Garnet             : I understand, but - 
Steiner            : No, you don't understand...!
Steiner            : War is a terrible thing! You must never experience it as I have.
Steiner            : I'm sorry, Princess. I cannot follow any orders that might put
                     your life in danger.

Garnet             : ...What is Alexandria is behind this attack on Burmecia?
Garnet             : It could lead to war between the three great nations.
Garnet             : Many innocent people will die...
Garnet             : As the princess of Alexandria, there must be something I can do.
Garnet             : I have to help Mother... I don't want to see anything happen to her...

Steiner            : ......
Steiner            : ...Very well.
Steiner            : Princess, I will follow you where you choose.
Garnet             : Thank you.Let's go before everyone wakes up.

Garnet             : I'm sorry, Zidane.
Garnet             : Come on.(talking to Steiner,not Zidane)

A few moment later....

Zidane             : Dagger... Where are you going...?

Freya      : It must've been some sort of sleeping medicine.
Zidane     : it was sleeping weed.
Regent Cid : We've been had...
Zidane     : I gave her some because she said she was having problems sleeping.
Freya      : I'm impressed. There's more to her than meets the eye.
Zidane     : Damn, what the heck is she thinking!? Maybe she's heading to Burmecia.
Regent Cid : Then you might still be able to catch up with her.
Zidane     : Vivi, wake up! We're going to Burmecia!
Freya      : Let's head for the Gizamaluke's Grotto.
             Once we pass through the grotto, we will be in Burmecia.
Regent Cid : You can leave from the Dragon's Gate, located on the Base Level .

Use the lift to the base level,and head to the dragon's gate.Head north to exit to 
the world map.


To be continued.....

This document is copyright Leon Emilio Magnuz (C) 2001.

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