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After the group's initial visit to Treno, return to the King's Mansion, where you'll find an auction in progress. Some key items and some extremely powerful equipment are auctioned off here, so set up camp and get ready to spend a huge amount of gil!

The Auction

The auctioneer starts doing his thing the second you walk in. After the screen fully loads, he'll call out a list of items for sail. To buy an item, walk up to the stage until a "?" appears over Zidane's head, then press X. A bubble will pop up, where you can make your bid.

The following table gives some suggestions of prices at which you should stop bidding in order to save money:

Item Highest Bid
Mini Cid 3,400
Dark Matter 15,400
Fairy Earrings 9,500
Promist Ring 23,500
Thieves Gloves 35,600
Magician Robe 8,600
Doga's Artifact 8,800
Une's Mirror 13,800
Rat Tail 13,700
Feather Boots 18,600
Ribbon 90,000
Madain's Ring 10,200
Reflect Ring 14,400
Griffin's Heart 7,400
Pearl Rouge 24,500
Magical Fingertip ???

Rare and Key Items that you can bid on at the auctions include the following: Mini-Cid, Griffin's Heart, Doga's Artifact, Une's Mirror, Magical Fingertip and Rat Tail. If you're a FF veteran, these item names may seem familiar. See our classics connection page for more details.

One thing to always keep in mind while at the auction is that the Treno Nobles have a ridiculous amount of gil, and will put it to good use bidding back and forth. Sometimes, the bidding will go on for a pretty long time. In order to almost always win an item, wait until it seems that the item is about to be sold, then place a bid slightly higher than the last.

Street Value of Auction Items

Some from the auction can also be sold to nobles! If you've bought any of the items listed below, take them around to the Café Carta (outside and inside the building that has the synth shop) and try and sell them to some of the nobles. They're bound to give you some great prices! Talking to some of them twice may even reward you with some extra gil!

Note: You must sell the Griffin's Heart to the Adventurer before he becomes interested in the Rat Tail. Also, the Scholar will not top his original offer of 10,000 gil.

Item Noble 1st Offer 2nd Offer
Une's Mirror Nobleman by Cafe 12,000 15,000
Doga's Artifact Scholar in Synth Shop 10,000 N/A
Griffin's Heart Adventurer by Cafe 8,000 10,000
Rat Tail Adventurer by Cafe 20,000 25,000

Important Items

Dark Matter:
Can be used in battle (inflicts 9999 damage on enemies) and can be used to learn Dagger's Odin summon.

Doga's Artifact & Une's Mirror:
Go to the Black Mage Village Inn and check the gramophone. By examining it, certain arranged versions of Final Fantasy 3 music will play. Note that this even is only available on disc 4.

Magical Fingertip:
Give it to the old man in Daguerro Library, who will reward you with Steiner's Excalibur sword. Note that the Magical Fingertip will not appear until you have bought Une's Mirror, Griffon's Heart, Rat Tail and Doga's Artifact and sold them to the nobles.

If interested in massing large amount of gil quickly, see our tips & tricks section.

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