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The term "Status Effects", in association to Final Fantasy 9, refers to a character's condition. There are good and bad status effects. Some are caused by spells, while some are caused by mere attacks. Understanding how they work is key to winning the game!

Status Effects Information

Bad Status Effects
The following status effects will disappear once battle has ended:

Confuse Lose control of your characters.
  • Cure: Remedy, or hit them.
    Prevention: Clear Headed
Berserk Strength increases, though the character can only attack.
  • Cure: Gysahl Greens.
Stop Character cannot move.
  • Cure: Remedy.
    Prevention: Locomotion
Poison HP gradually decreases.
  • Cure: Antidote / Remedy.
    Prevention: Antibody
Sleep Character falls asleep; can't move.
  • Cure: Remedy / hit them.
    Prevention: Insomniac
Slow ATB guage slows down.
Heat Instant K.O. if an attack is done.
Freeze Instant K.O. if character is attacked.
Mini Character shrinks, reducing power and defense.

Very Bad Status Effects
The following status effects will not disappear after-battle:

Petrify Character becomes petrified and cannot move.
Venom Character cannot move and does not gain EXP or AP.
Virus Character does not gain EXP or AP.
Silence Character cannot cast magic.
Darkness Character's vision is impaired, increasing the miss-rate of physical attacks.
Trouble Damage inflicted also passes to other party members.
Zombie Healing items and magic cause damage.
Vanish Character vanishes and cannot be hit by physical attacks. Magic works, though.

Good Status Effects
Enough of the bad! Final Fantasy 9 is also full of good status effects. Try and get these as often as you can:

Auto Life Character revives after dying, once during the battle.
Regen HP gradually increases.
Haste ATB guage fills up faster.
Float Character "floats", nullifying earth attacks.
Shell Reduces damage of magical attacks.
Protect Reduces damage of physical attacks.
Reflect Reflects magic back at the caster.

Remember, if all your party members are inflicted with K.O., Stop, Petrify or Venom, it's game over! Also keep in mind that a character inflicted with K.O., Petrify, Virus or Zombie will not gain EXP or AP.

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