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Every character in Final Fantasy 9 has at least one "ultimate weapon". Each can be found at different points in the game, and each are the best of the best. Some are harder to get than others, but all are worth it. For more information about these weapons, please visit the Weapons List page.

Ultimate Weapons

Zidane Tribal: Ultima Weapon

Zidane's Ultimate weapon, the Ultima Weapon, can only be found on disc 4. While on Choco, visit the exact location that the Shimmering Islands used to be (use the map for guidance). Once there, feed Choco a dead pepper. If you're in the right place, you'll find a treasure chest with the Ultima Weapon!

  • Abilities: Flee
  • Status: Sleep

Adelbert Steiner
Steiner actually has two ultimate weapons!
  1. Ragnarok
    The Ragnarok can be found in the "Outer Island" Chocograph. While on Choco, head to the island immediately to the right of the entrance to the Desert Palace. Search on that island.
    • Abilities: Shock, Thunder Slash
    • Status: Slow

  2. Excalibur 2
    This is, unquestioningly, the hardest ultimate weapon to get. You must reach the end of Memoria, the final area in the game, within 12 hours! Check our guide to this weapon for more information.
    • Abilities: Minus Strike, Climhazzard, Stock Break
    • Status: None

Vivi Ornitier: Mace of Zeus

Vivi's "Mace of Zeus" can be found in the very last dungeon in the game, Memoria. This "weapon" can be found by searching on the far (that is, farthest from the camera) left corner of the platform immediately before Lich.

  • Abilities: Doomsday
  • Status: Mini

Dagger (and Eiko): Whale Whisker

Dagger (and Eiko's) strongest racket in the game can be found just outside of Daguerro, "within" the Ocean Chocograph. This chocograph can be located just off the shore of the "long" continent to the north of Daguerro. Keep digging around!

  • Abilities: Curaga, Life
  • Status: None

Freya Crescent: Dragon's Hair

The Dragon's Hair can be found on the Forgotten Continent, near Oeilvert. You'll find it in a crack near Oeilvert. Search carefully: it's not easy to find; keep an eye on the mountains nearest the water.

  • Abilities: Dragon's Breath
  • Status: None

Amarant Coral: Rune Claws

Amarant's Rune Claws can be found in the "evil eye in the sky" room. While on the platform between the two staircases, take a left and go between the pillars. Search around until the action icon shows up.

  • Abilities: Spare Change, Demi, Shock, Revive
  • Status: Darkness

Eiko Carol: Angel Flute

Eiko's Angel Flute can be found in the room which "re-enacts" the destruction of Alexandria. Search on the left side of the slightly risen platform. The other side has a save point.

  • Abilities: Holy, Dispel, Esuna
  • Status: None

Quina Quen: Gastro Fork

This one's kinda difficult. You have to go around the world and catch 99 frogs. Once you do, Quale when come up to you and challenge you to a fight. Defeat him in battle and he will hand over the Gastro Fork.

  • Abilities: High Tide
  • Status: Stop

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