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Excalibur 2 is Steiner's strongest weapon, and the hardest weapon in the game to get! In order to get this fantastic weapon, you must reach the very end of Memoria, the very last dungeon in the game, within 12 hours. Making to the end in time is certainly not an easy task, but with dedication and a little bit of luck, it's quite possible to do.

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  • You'll be in control of Vivi. Head towards the mini theatre (in the alleyway where you got the ladder in the beginning of the game). A few things will happen, and eventaully you'll be in control of Garnet, then Eiko.

  • Head towards the Castle's front gates. You'll find Baku, and eventually will control Zidane. Go to the castle. A few events will happen and you'll travel to...


(Recommended time: 7hr 21min.)
  • Discard all of your cards and talk to Tot to get five new, stronger cards. Now you'll have to join the card tournament at the stadium. Before you begin, save your game outside the weapon shop and start the tournament.

  • Try as hard as you can to win the tournament, because you can win a Rebirth ring from the final opponent. Don't hesitate to restart the game if you want to try again.

  • You can go to Dali after the second round of the tournament to get a few rare items. If you want a lot of gil, buy a lot of Wrists while you're there.


  • You'll have to issue commands to your soldiers. Appoint Blutzen and Kuhel to gather information, then press circle a few times and you'll get a set of Angel Earrings.

  • Now Steiner and Beatrix will have to take down a load of Mist Monsters. Equip an Ice Brand, Catchucha and Power Belt on Steiner, along with MP Attack, Undead Killer and Level Up. Use Beatrix's magic to take them down easily. At the square, you can flee if you've done a good job so far.

  • Battle: Mist Monster x2
    HP: 1,472
    Attack as before. After this battle, heal and remove all equipment from Beatrix.
  • Battle: Mist Monsters
    HP: 1,472
    Steiner can take down a mist monster on his own, so let him attack first. Use Beatrix's Climhazzard.

  • When you control Garnet, go upstairs to the tower. Follow her as Zidane and several events will happen. Eventually you'll end up in...


  • Talk to Blank and choose the final option. Go to Cid's room, then back to the Guest room. You'll be charged with finding three potions.

  • Cinna has the Mysterious Potion, at Tantalus HQ in the theatre district. The painter has the Odd Potion. Alice has the Beautiful Potion where the item shop used to be (next to the weapon / synthesis shop, which, by the way, you can visit if you want). Head back to the castle.

  • If your characters are too weak, you can level up some now. Head to the island just off of the shore near the Chocobo's Forest. Learn LVL 5 Death from the Whale Zombies on the shore, then run around in the grass to fight Grand Dragons, who have levels with a multiple of five. You'll be able to gain a few levels quickly.

  • Head for the ship and go to the Black Mage Village.

Black Mage Village

  • Go straight to the cemetary, then the Chocobo House. Return to the ship and head for the Eastern Shore. Enter the whirlpool that does not smoke.

Kuja's Hideout

  • Go to Kuja's room and decide who to take to Oeilvert. We recommend Zidane, Steiner, Amarant and Freya.

  • Head towards the airship dock and you'll eventually arrive at the Forgotten Continent.

Forgotten Continent / Oeilvert

  • There are Chocobo footprints right next to the marsh near where you landed. Call Choco and ride all the way to Oeilvert.

  • Save and buy items as necessary, then enter the massive building.

  • Go upstairs and press X at the crystal to make it turn red. Head back downstairs and enter the room on the left. Enter the only unlocked door. Press X at each projector to learn some information about a new ship. Cross the large bridge to see some information about a mysterious world. Go into the other room that you missed before and watch large faces talk. Finally, enter the room on the right as you enter, save your game, and enter the final room.

  • Boss: Ark
    HP: 20,008
    Be sure to have Clear Headed, Bird Killer, MP Attack and Counter equipped. Have Amarant throw a Rune Tooth or Needle Fork to cause massive damage. Have Zidane steal / attack, and the others should focus on attacking.

Desert Fortress

  • Pass the Hedgehog Pie carefully, then use the heaviest weights on the scale. Eventually you will gain control of Eiko.

  • The Desert Fortress is a beast of its own, so be sure to check out our Disc 3 Walkthrough for further information. Several of the enemies here have levels with multiples of 5, so use LVL 5 Death a lot if you have it.

  • Boss: Valia Pira
    HP: 12,000
    If you got all of the Bloodstones, this boss will not attack at all. If you deplete all of its MP the battle will end. Otherwise just keep attacking.

  • Warp out after the battle, and yo'll control Zidane.

  • Go to Kuja's room, making sure to grab the Namingway Card. After some discussion, head for the Blue Narciss and you'll travel to the Outer Continent.

Esto Gaza / Mt. Gulug

  • Go to the Weapon Shop and buy an Octagon Staff for Vivi.

  • Enter Mount Gulug and grab 9,693 gil from the room on the left. Pull down on the well three times and slide down the rope.

  • Battle: Red Dragon x2
    Red Dragons are weak against Ice, so use that and attack with Bird Killer. Make sure to heal.

  • Equip Steiner's Flame Tongue and Zidane's Devil Killer. Don't forget to heal before you continue on...

  • Boss: Meltigemini
    HP: 24, 348
    This battle is not very difficult. Just keep attacking, and use Vaccines if you want. Eventually you'll return to...

Lindblum / Treno

  • Save in Lindblum, then head for Treno. Beat the monster under the Weapons shop to get Running Shoes. Equip them for Auto-Haste. Head for the Forgotten Continent and Ipsen's Castle.

Ipsen's Castle

  • Equip the WEAKEST weapons you have. Ignore the revolving door and elevator and head straight for the boss.

  • Boss: Taharka
    HP: 29,186
    Steal for an Orichalcon, and keep attacking. He'll die eventually.

  • Find Amarant and save your game. It's time to head to...

The Four Seals

  • There are four seals that 2 members each need to go to. They are:
    1. Water Seal: Just south of the castle.
    2. Fire Seal: Mt. Gulug
    3. Wind Seal: Just south of the Water Seal
    4. Near Kuja's Palace

  • Boss: Lich
    HP: 20,756
    Equip Auto-Float, Devil Killer and MP Attack. Quina can use Matra Magic and eat the boss if he / she has the abilities.

The Shimmering Islands

(Recommended Time: 10hr 9min.)
  • Save your game, then head for the Shimmering Islands to arrive in Terra.

Terra / Bran Bal

  • Follow the mysterious girl to Bran Bal. Fight some Hecteyes on your way to gain EXP.

  • Enter the "inn" (for lack of a better term), then head across the pond to a room where you'll find a Moogle. Save and buy: Defender, Avenger, Holy Lance and Hypno Crown. Exit town and you'll find yourself in Pandemonium.


  • After a few scenes, you'll face several enemies, so be sure to check your equipment before you head face first into this area. We recommend having Auto-Haste equipped, and several Antidotes in your inventory. Auto-Life doesn't hurt either.

  • Battle: Amdusias
    HP: 5,462
    Just wait until Freya arrives. When she does, attack once and wait until Amarant arrives. When you've got your party of three, start fighting. Bird Killer helps in this battle.

  • Battle: Abaddon
    HP: 10,926
    You'll start off with Steiner and Quina this time. Attack a bit until Zidane arrives, then unleash all you've got on this monster. Bug killer works great on this boss.

  • Battle: Shell Dragon
    HP: 10,920
    You can't damage this beast at all until Garnet shows up, so you will get hit. Don't worry. Garnet will appear and heal you. When she does, attack with Zidane and heal with Garnet.

  • All of your friends will re-appear. Save.

  • Go forward and set the pedestal to 4, then go upstairs. Save with the Moogle, and prepare for 3 hard battles. We recommend you set Bird Killer, Man Eater, MP Attack, Auto Haste and Auto-Regen, as well as any items that nullify or absorb Thunder and Wind attacks. Have plenty of potions, because you're going to want to attack here as much as possible.

  • Boss: Silver Dragon
    HP: 24,055
    Attack with your fighters and use Blizzaga with Vivi. If you have Amarant, use Throw command to cause lots of damage.

  • Boss: Garland
    HP: 40,728
    Attack and use Vivi to cast Blizzaga and / or heal. Keep at it until he's down.

  • Boss: Kuja
    HP: 42,382
    Use the same tactics as Garland. This boss is slightly harder because he has a full-party attack that causes a fair amount of damage. Be prepared to heal a lot.

End of Disc 3

(Recommended Time: 11hr 13min.)
  • Head to the Invincible and escape.

  • Save your game.

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