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Along your travels you are bound to meet up with many, many Moogles. These furry little creatures are such a vital part of the storyline that they even have their own quest! Starting at the beginning of the game, the Mognet Central quest becomes a vastly long-running and complex quest that reaps a good reward. To fully complete this quest, you must first find all of the Moogles! Below is a list of every moogle, where they are and what you're supposed to do.

Moogle Locations

Moogle Location Mail to hand / receive
[ - ] Moogle Locations
Kupo Alexandria / Bell Tower Letter to Mosh and to Monty at the Evil forest
Mosh Alexandria castle / Guard Room Letter from Kupo to Mosh
Mosko Evil Forest / outside the ship Letter from Ruby to Zidane
Monty Evil Forest / Spring Letter from Kupo & Stiltzkin
Mois Ice cavern Letter to Gumo
Gumo Village of Dali / Inn Letter from Mois
Kumop Dali Underground / Warehouse Letter to Mogki
Mogki Lindblum Castle / Guest Room Letter from Kumup / To Atla
Moodon Lindblum / Inn Letter from Ruby to Zidane
Moonte Lindblum castle / Dragon's Gate Letter from Stiltzkin
Mogmi Gizamaluke's Grotto Letter from Moodon to Mogmi
Grimo South gate / Boden Station Letter to Nazna
Atla Burmecia / Treasure House Letter from Mogki / To Monev
Nazna South gate / Resting Area Letter from Grimo / To Mochos
Mogrich Treno / Weapons Shop Letter from Stiltzkin
Mochos Gargan Roo/ Hatchway Letter from Nazna
Monev Cleyra's Trunk Letter from Atla / To Mopli
Mopli Cleyra / Inn & Cathedral Letter from Monev / From Ruby / To Serino
Serino Red Rose/ Cabin Letter from Mopli / To Moodon
Mosh Alexandria Castle / Chapel Letter from Kupo / To Monty
Monty Pinnacle Rocks/ Path Letter from Mosh / Letter from Stiltzkin
Moodon Lindblum / Inn Letter from Ruby / From Serino / To Moonte
Moonte Lindblum / Dragon's Gate Letter from Mosh
Mogki Fossil Roo / Cave Letter to Kuppo
Kuppo Fossil roo / Digging Letter from Mogki / To Kupo
Mogmatt Conde Petie / Item Shop Letter to Suzuna
Mogryo Black mage village / Water Mill Letter to Mogki / From Stiltzkin
Suzana Iifa Tree / Root Letter from Mogmatt
Mocchi Iifa tree / Roots Letter from Momo / From Stiltzkin
Kupo Alexandria / Bell Tower Letter from Kuppo / Morisia to Kupo/a mail from Stiltzkin to Kupo
Mogrich Treno/ in front of the house of Knight Letter from Kupo
Mogki Lindblum castle/ guest room Letter to Moodon
Moodon Lindblum / inn Letter from Mogki
Mimoza Oeilvert/ entrance Letter to Mooel
Mooel Oeilvert / room of stars Letter from Mimoza
Mogsam Desert Palace/ prison house receive a mail from Mozit to Mongul
Mogrika Esto Gaza /belvedere Letter from Artemesian / To Moolan
Moolan Mount Gulug/ inside a room Letter from Mogrika / To Mogtaka
Mogtaka Mount Gulug/ passage Letter from Mogtaka
Mogki Lindblum castle/ guest room Letter to Kumore
Kumool Ipsen's Castle / small room Letter from Mogki
Morlock Bran bal / warehouse Letter to Mozme
Mozme Pandemonium/ maze Letter from Morlock
Kupo Alexandria / bell tower Letter to Atla
Atla Burmecia / treasure warehouse Letter from Kupo / To Mogryo
Mogryo Black mage village / water mill Letter from Atla / To Kumool
Kumool Ipsen's Castle / small room Letter from Mogryo / Letter to Mois
Mois Qu's marsh / bush(the entrance of fossil rou. You need Quina with you) Letter from Kumool / Letter to Noggy
Noggy Daguerreo/ the hall on the right Letter from Mois / To Kupo
Kupo Alexandria / bell tower Letter from Noggy

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