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by travelling through the game with Quina in your party, a new type of magic becomes available: Blue Magic! Blue Magic is a specific type of magic that depends entirely around what attacks your opponents have. That is to say, you quite literally eat your opponents to learn their abilities. There are a number of pre-set Blue Magic spells that can be learned.

Blue Magic

How do I learn Blue Magic?

Once you've got your opponent's HP down to 1/8th of their total HP (or less), use Quina's "Eat" command. If Quina is in Trance, "Eat" becomes "Cook", which allows you to devour enemies at only 1/4th their total HP. If the enemy has an attack that you do not have yet, it will be learned. If not, it'll die anyway.

Note: There is also a text version of this list.

1000 needles
MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
8Reduces the enemy's HP by 1000-Cactuar-Outer & forgotten continent

Angel's snack
MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
4Cast remedy on all party members-Ironite
-Burmecian Kingdom
-All over the continent,disc 4

Aqua breath
MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
14Water damage to all enemies-Axolotl-Qu's marsh near chocobo forest

Auto life
MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
14Automatically cast Life when KO'd-Stilva
-Gimme Cat
-Carrion Worm
-Vile Island
-Outside Daguerreo
-Cleyra's Trunk

Bad breath
MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
16Causes Confuse, Darkness, Poison, Slow, and Mini to enemy-Malboro
-Worm Hydra
-Pandemonium, In the continent north of black mage village (Cazedil Plains)- disc 4
-Mount Gulg,northwest of chocobo's lagoon,Forest Outside Daguerreo,in Uaho Island near Chocobo's Paradise
-Outside Daguerreo
-Qu's Marsh on the Forgotten Continent

MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
12Cast death after a 10 count-Ash
-Ipsen's castle,Memoria

Earth shake
MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
20Cause Earth damage to all enemies-Earth Guardian
-Shell Dragon
-Earth Shrine
-Dark plains outside Qu's Marsh Lanar Island southwest continent near chocobo's lagoonm,Uaho Island near Chocobo's Paradise

Frog drop
MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
10Amount of damage depends on the number of frogs you have caught-Gigan Toad-Qu's Marsh near chocobo forest

MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
8Causes Freeze to the enemy-Chimera

Goblin Punch
MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
4Non-elemental damage to the enemy-Goblin
-Goblin Mage
-Mist Continent
-Outer Continent

Limit Glove
MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
10Causes non-elemental damage to the target when your HP is 1-Manddragora
-Axe Break
-Blazer Beattle
-Patch of forest to the west of south gate
-Outside Lindblum
-Forgotten Continent
-Shores outside Madain Sari

Level 3 Dev-Less
MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
12Reduces defense to enemies that levels are multiples of 3-Lamia
-Grand Dragon
-Gizamaluke's Grotto
-Outside Daguerreo
-Madain Sari Mountain Path

Level 4 Holy
MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
22Causes Holy damage to enemies that levels are multiples of 4-Feather Circle
-Fossil Roo,East of lost continent [icy continent]
-Desert Palace

Level 5 Death
MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
20Causes Death to all enemies that levels are multiples of 5-Draco Zombie
-Whale Zombie
-IIFA Tree
-Shore outside Esto Gaza

Magic Hammer
MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
2Reduces enemy's MP-Magic Vice
-Ring Commander
-Burmecian Kingdom

Matra Magic
MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
8Reduces target's HP to 1-Zaghnol
-Trick Sparrow
-Pinnacle Rocks,Outer Continent
-Forgotten Continent, Outside Ipsen's Castle
-Outside Treno
-Oeilvert,Desert Palace

Mighty Guard
MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
64Casts Shell and Protect to the entire party members-Myconid
-Ant Lion
-Forest Maze,IIFA Tree
-Outside Linblum Dragon's gate forest/shore
-Outside Desert Palace,Cleyra

Mustard Bomb
MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
10Causes Heat to the enemy-Bomb
-Forest outside Linblum
-Mount Gulug
-Esto Gaza,Mount Gulug

MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
14Causes Sleep to all targets-Grim Lock
-Seeker Bat
-Desert Palace
-Shoreline path west of Cleyra
-Fossil Roo

Pumpkin Head
MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
12Damages with the difference between your max HP and current HP-Hedgehog Pie
-Lady Bug
-Outside Linblum Dragon's Gate
-Outside Gizamaluke's Grotto
-Burmecian Kingdom
-Gizamaluke's Grotto
-Outside Burmecian Kingdom
-Mist Continent

MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
18Randomly cast Death to a target-Zombie
-IIFA Tree
-Terra,Forgotten Continent,Black mage village forest,CD 4
-Outside Treno

MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
22Causes Wind damage to all enemies-Abadon
-Red Dragon
-Mount Gulug

MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
8Makes a party member disappear-Vice
-Outside Gizamaluke's Grotto
-Gizamaluke's Grotto
-Desert Palace
-All over the continent - disc 4 or area near Iifa Tree [Pualei Plains]

White Wind
MPDescriptionLearn fromLocation
14Restores HP to the entire party members-Zuu
-Cleyra's Trunk
-Fossil Roo,Forest outside Black mage village,outer continent
-Esto Gaza,Forest from alternate exit of Gizamaluke's Grotto
-Forest Maze

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