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Excalibur 2 is Steiner's strongest weapon, and the hardest weapon in the game to get! In order to get this fantastic weapon, you must reach the very end of Memoria, the very last dungeon in the game, within 12 hours. Making to the end in time is certainly not an easy task, but with dedication and a little bit of luck, it's quite possible to do.

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Black Mage Village

  • If you have time, shop a little bit in the village to upgrade your equipment. If you don't, head towarsd your new airship. Either way, head for the Iifa Tree.


(Recommended time: 11hr 23min.)
  • Battle: Nova Dragon
    HP: 54,941
    Make sure Vivi has the Octagon Staff, and your fighters have Bird Killer and MP Attack equipped. Keep attacking and have Vivi cast Blizzaga repeatedly, and eventually this monster will fall.


  • Keep following the path, grabbing Kain's Lance and The Tower along the way.

  • Boss: Maliris
    HP: 59,497
    Equip Demon Killer and MP Attack on your attackers, and have Zidane set Auto-Life. Keep attacking and use Blizzaga against this boss, and you should be fine. Its final attack, Sword Dance, deals a lot of damage, so make sure your character with Auto-Life doesn't die during the battle.

  • Boss: Tiamat
    HP: 59,494
    Equip Body Temp on all of your party members, along with any equipment that can absorb or nullify wind attacks. Otherwise, use the same tactics as Maliris.

  • Boss: Kraken
    Attack with your attackers and heal and attack with Vivi. Heal with Dagger or Eiko, if either are in your party. Equip any equipment that reduces water attacks, along with Auto-Regen. Keep attacking its core and you should win.

  • Boss: Lich
    HP: 58,554
    Lich uses LVL 5 Death, so be sure none of your party members have levels with a multiple of 5. Equip Auto-Float if you have it, and / or equipment that absorbs or nullifies earth attacks. Also equip Gaia Gear on as many people as you can. Keep attacking with your attackers, and be sure to heal!

You did it!

  • Check out the right side of Lich's platform, and a "!" should appear above your head. Congratulations, you got the Excalibur 2!

  • You are now free to return to the world map and level, get many of the items you missed, or just finish the game. Be sure to check out our Disc 4 Walkthrough for complete end-of-game coverage.

[ Disc 1 | Disc 2 | Disc 3 | Disc 4 ]

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