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Excalibur 2 is Steiner's strongest weapon, and the hardest weapon in the game to get! In order to get this fantastic weapon, you must reach the very end of Memoria, the very last dungeon in the game, within 12 hours. Making to the end in time is certainly not an easy task, but with dedication and a little bit of luck, it's quite possible to do.

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Excalibur 2 Information

Some basic tips
  1. Don't hesitate to reset your game.
    As you travel through the world, you will undoubtedly come across a great deal of random encounters. Though it is helpful to level up as you rush from place to place, too much fighting can become troublesome to your time. Don't be afraid to reset if too many monsters start appearing, or if something goes wrong!
  2. The first time is a rehearsal.
    Nobody expects you to be able to make it to the end of the game within 12 hours the first time through. Memorize the shortest way through an area, then reset the game and try again carefully. When you buy weapons, go to the shop first and write down what to buy. Then reset your game and shop your heart out as quickly as possible.
  3. Skip all of the FMV's
    FMV's take too much time, and still count as "in-game" time. You can skip them by opening the lid of the Playstation, or the tray of the Playstation 2.
  4. Skip all of the ATE's
    As nice as the ATE's in this game are, they also take up too much time. Only watch the required ones. Don't waste your time on the others!
  5. Decide who will fight the last battle, and boost up those party members. Ignore the others.
    The original author of this guide went with Zidane, Steiner, Amarant and Vivi. He didn't do any healing.
  6. Learn that Blue Magic!
    If you use Quina, we recommend you learn Limit Glove, Resurrect and Matra Magic.
  7. Use a tent on Bosses
    Some bosses actually get hurt when that happens! Yep, tents can actually hurt enemies in battles. Who'd have thought it?

Times to aim for

Disc Time Author's Time
Disc 1 3h 5m 2h 25m
Disc 2 7h 5h 31m
Disc 3 11h 13m 8h 55m
Disc 4 12h 9h 28m

You don't have to fight to get experience. All of the battles you encounter will be enough. Remember to only use the party you wish to use at the very end!

You should save your data as often as possible. We recommend you use several Memory Cards, so you don't lose previous save data.

Ready to go?

If you're ready to go, then grab your favorite chair, a drink and a bag of popcorn and pop in your Final Fantasy 9 CD. Press "new game", skip that first FMV, and off we go!

[ Disc 1 | Disc 2 | Disc 3 | Disc 4 ]

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