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Final Fantasy 9, just like roughly every other game on the market, has its fair share of Gameshark / cheat codes. There are tons and tons of commpletely different combinations that perform different results. We have some archived here; more can be found at

Gameshark Codes

Gameshark Codes (JP)

Infinite Money:
8008FFB0 967F
8008FFB2 0098

99 of All Items:
3008FFC4 0000
3008FFC5 0063
5000FF02 0000
5000FF02 0001

Time Does Not Pass While in Town
800243DE 0040
D00243DE 0045

Cards Are Always Equal
3008270E 0000
50006406 0001

Gameshark Codes (NA)

The following codes are for the North American version of Final Fantasy IX. They are all taken from and are all tested on a 3.2 version cheat device (Gameshark Pro 3.2).

Note: If you use the "Unlock all abilities" codes for each character, you MUST use another code (click or see bottom of page) to enable the equip option. Also, please do not use any codes for any characters that you do not have yet. For example, do not use a code for Amarant if you're on Disc 1; if you do, a bug will distort his face when you get him in Disc 2. For more codes not listed here, visit or CMGSCCC.

Zidane Tribal

Name Code
Zidane Tribal
Unlock all Abilities 3008B296 00FF
Level 99 3008B297 0063
Infinite HP 8008B29C 270F
Max HP 8008B2A4 270F
Infinite MP 8008B29E 03E7
Max MP 8008B2A6 03E7
Inf. Magic Stones 3008B2A3 0063
Max Magic Stones 3008B2AB 0063
Max Speed 3008B2B0 0063
Max Strength 3008B2B1 0063
Max Magic 3008B2B2 0063
Max Spirit 3008B2B3 0063
Max Defense 3008B2B4 0063
Max Evade 3008B2B5 0063
Max Magic Defense 3008B2B6 0063
Max Magic Evade 3008B2B7 0063
Max Trance Meter 3008B2AC 00FF

Garnet Til Alexandros 17th / Dagger

Name Code
Princess Garnet / Dagger
Unlock all Abilities 3008B3B6 00FF
Level 99 3008B3B7 0063
Infinite HP 8008B3BC 270F
Max HP 8008B3C4 270F
Infinite MP 8008B3BE 03E7
Max MP 8008B3BE 03E7
Inf. Magic Stones 3008B3C3 0063
Max Magic Stones 3008B3CB 0063
Max Speed 3008B3D0 0063
Max Strength 3008B3D1 0063
Max Magic 3008B3D2 0063
Max Spirit 3008B3D3 0063
Max Defense 3008B3D4 0063
Max Evade 3008B3D5 0063
Max Magic Defense 3008B3D6 0063
Max Magic Evade 3008B3D7 0063
Max Trance Meter 3008B3CC 00FF

Vivi Ornitier

Name Code
Vivi Ornitier
Unlock all Abilities 3008B326 00FF
Level 99 3008B327 0063
Infinite HP 8008B32C 270F
Max HP 8008B334 270F
Infinite MP 8008B336 03E7
Max MP 8008B336 03E7
Inf. Magic Stones 3008B333 0063
Max Magic Stones 3008B33B 0063
Max Speed 3008B340 0063
Max Strength 3008B341 0063
Max Magic 3008B342 0063
Max Spirit 3008B343 0063
Max Defense 3008B344 0063
Max Evade 3008B345 0063
Max Magic Defense 3008B346 0063
Max Magic Evade 3008B347 0063
Max Trance Meter 3008B33C 00FF

Adelbert Steiner

Name Code
Adelbert Steiner
Unlock all Abilities 3008B446 00FF
Level 99 3008B447 0063
Infinite HP 8008B44C 270F
Max HP 8008B454 270F
Infinite MP 8008B44E 03E7
Max MP 8008B456 03E7
Inf. Magic Stones 3008B453 0063
Max Magic Stones 3008B45B 0063
Max Speed 3008B460 0063
Max Strength 3008B461 0063
Max Magic 3008B462 0063
Max Spirit 3008B463 0063
Max Defense 3008B464 0063
Max Evade 3008B465 0063
Max Magic Defense 3008B466 0063
Max Magic Evade 3008B467 0063
Max Trance Meter 3008B45C 00FF

Amarant Coral

Name Code
Amarant Coral
Unlock all Abilities 3008B686 00FF
Level 99 3008B687 0063
Infinite HP 8008B68C 270F
Max HP 8008B694 270F
Infinite MP 8008B68E 03E7
Max MP 8008B694 270F
Inf. Magic Stones 3008B693 0063
Max Magic Stones 3008B69B 0063
Max Speed 3008B6A0 0063
Max Strength 3008B6A1 0063
Max Magic 3008B6A2 0063
Max Spirit 3008B6A3 0063
Max Defense 3008B6A3 0063
Max Evade 3008B6A5 0063
Max Magic Defense 3008B6A6 0063
Max Magic Evade 3008B6A7 0063
Max Trance Meter 3008B69c 00FF

Freya Crescent

Name Code
Freya Crescent
Unlock all Abilities 3008B4D6 00FF
Level 99 3008B4D7 0063
Infinite HP 8008B4DC 270F
Max HP 8008B4E4 270F
Infinite MP 8008B4DE 03E7
Max MP 8008B4E6 03E7
Inf. Magic Stones 3008B4E3 0063
Max Magic Stones 3008B4EB 0063
Max Speed 3008B4F0 0063
Max Strength 3008B4F1 0063
Max Magic 3008B4F2 0063
Max Spirit 3008B4F3 0063
Max Defense 3008B4F4 0063
Max Evade 3008B4F5 0063
Max Magic Defense 3008B4F6 0063
Max Magic Evade 3008B4F7 0063
Max Trance Meter 3008B4EC 00FF


Name Code
Eiko Carol
Unlock all Abilities 3008B5F6 00FF
Level 99 3008B5F7 0063
Infinite HP 8008B5FC 270F
Max HP 8008B604 270F
Infinite MP 8008B5Fe 03E7
Max MP 8008B606 03E7
Inf. Magic Stones 3008B603 0063
Max Magic Stones 3008B60B 0063
Max Speed 3008B610 0063
Max Strength 3008B611 0063
Max Magic 3008B612 0063
Max Spirit 3008B613 0063
Max Defense 3008B614 0063
Max Evade 3008B615 0063
Max Magic Defense 3008B616 0063
Max Magic Evade 3008B617 0063
Max Trance Meter 3008B60C 00FF

Quina Quen

Name Code
Quina Quen
Unlock all Abilities 3008B566 00FF
Level 99 3008B567 0063
Infinite HP 8008B56C 270F
Max HP 8008B574 270F
Infinite MP 8008B56E 03E7
Max MP 8008B576 03E7
Inf. Magic Stones 3008B573 0063
Max Magic Stones 3008B57B 0063
Max Speed 3008B580 0063
Max Strength 3008B581 0063
Max Magic 3008B582 0063
Max Spirit 3008B583 0063
Max Defense 3008B584 0063
Max Evade 3008B585 0063
Max Magic Defense 3008B586 0063
Max Magic Evade 3008B587 0063
Max Trance Meter 3008B57C 00FF

Enable equip option code

D01FBF88 0001
801FBF88 0101
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