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When a character enters Trance, they will be surrounded by a magical aura that will make them considerably stronger, both physically and magically. For many characters, a new magic command will become available. We have compiled some facts and information about trance, for your convenience.

Information on Trance

About Trance
  1. The trance guage increases as you take damage from the enemy.
  2. The trance guide does not increase if you take damage from a party member.
  3. If you get afflicted by zombie or die, the trance guage will go down completely.
  4. When the trance guage fills completely, it's party time!

Conditions that stop / prevent Trance
  1. End of battle. Once the battle is over, the trance guage will go down to zero.
  2. Zombie / Death. If you are afflicted with either of these, your trance guage will go down to zero.


Zidane's "Skills" ability changes to "Dyne". With "Dyne", Zidane can use special attacks that are incredibly strong against either a single enemy or multiple enemies.

VIVI: Dbl Blk
Vivi's "Blk Mgc" ability changes to "Dbl Blk". "Dbl Blk" allows Vivi to cast more than one spell during his assigned turn. "Dbl Blk" depletes some of the trance guage with each spell cast.

DAGGER: Eidolon

Dagger's "Summon" ability changes to "Eidolon". When you use "Eidolon" in battle, Dagger will summon an Eidolon that will continue to attack throughout the battle, even though it was only summoned once. This is negated by summoning another eidolon


Steiner does not have a trance skill. Instead, his power increases considerably, allowing him to deal devastating damage with a regular physical attack.


Freya does not have a trance skill. Instead, when she jumps, she stays in the air for a longer period of time, raining spears on the enemy every time her turn comes.

EIKO: Dbl Wht

Eiko's "Wht Mgc" ability changes to "Dbl Wht". "Dbl Wht" allows Eiko to cast more than one spell during her assigned turn. "Dbl Wht" depletes some of the trance guage with each spell cast.


Amarant's "Flare" ability changes to "Elan". With "Elan", Amarant can cast any spell that he has on everyone in your party or all of the enemies.


Quina's "Eat" ability changes to "Cook". Using "Cook" allows Quina to eat enemies that have 1/4th of their HP left, instead of 1/8th.

One final note...

You could say that the origin of Trance comes from hostility. The hostile energy of enemy attacks induces Trance, so that's why being attacked by your allies can't cause Trance. To see your Trance guage at any time, check it out under the main menu.

Zidane In Trance Mode

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