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Excalibur 2 is Steiner's strongest weapon, and the hardest weapon in the game to get! In order to get this fantastic weapon, you must reach the very end of Memoria, the very last dungeon in the game, within 12 hours. Making to the end in time is certainly not an easy task, but with dedication and a little bit of luck, it's quite possible to do.

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Excalibur 2 Walkthrough: Disc 2

South Gate
  • If you got the Mithril Sword in the battle with Beatrix, equip it on Steiner. Equip a Multina Racket and Feather Hat on Garnet.

  • Enter the main waiting area and talk with the station attendant at the desk. Walk back out into the cable-car area to spot Cinna and Marcus. Walk back into the waiting area and talk with them. Then talk with Steiner. Talk to Marcus. Enter the cable car.

  • Boss: Black Waltz #3
    HP: 1,292
    Set Man Eater on Steiner. If Steiner dies, reset and try again. Otherwise, just be prepared to kick some proverbial ass.

  • After you reach South Gate, leave and save.

Treno - Gargan Roo
  • You control Steiner. Run around town and force the ATE's to get a Power Belt.

  • Go to the auction and join Garnet.

  • If you like, go to the weapons shop and buy a Mithril Sword.

  • Go to the tower, talk with Dr. Tot, enter Gargan Roo and save.

Gargan Roo
  • Head down the left path, pull the lever and grab the Chain Plate. Head back and down the right path.

  • Pull the two levers and set off.

  • Boss: Ralvurahva
    HP: 2,296
    Have Steiner and Garnet attack and Marcus steal. You don't receive any AP for winning, so keep fighting even if some party members are killed.

Cleyra's Trunk
  • Now you control Zidane and the gang. Save and enter Cleyra.

  • Have Vivi use Blizzara all the way up. Get the Wizard's Shoes and Ether on the path. Save at the moogle. Have Quina learn Auto-Life from Carryon Worms, if possible. Zidane should wield a Mithril Dagger. Keep running!

  • As you enter, do not choose to take the tour.

  • Now you control Zidane. Buy some items at the Inn. Grab some items around town, then run to the Cathedral at the top and talk to the guys inside. Run back down to the entrance of town. There, you'll see a guy frantic about the Antlion.

  • Boss: Antlion
    HP: 3,938
    If you can, use Limit Glove. Otherwise just keep fighting.

  • After some story events, take Freya down to the Inn and save. Run back to the Cathedral and get the Emerald, then head towards the Windmill and get Thunder Gloves. Finally, head towards the entrance and down the Tree.

  • Battle: Female Soldiers x2 x3
    HP: 522
    Set Man Eater on Zidane and Freya. If you are lucky you can beat them with one attack.

  • Puck enters and asks you to return to Cleyra. More fighting!

  • Battle: Black Mage Type B
    HP: 526
    Kick their asses with one attack by Zidane or Freya

  • Battle: Soldiers x3
    HP: 522
    Have Zidane kill one, Freya another, and Vivi the last with Blizarra.

  • Battle: Black Mage Type B x2
    HP: 526
    Have Zidane and Freya each attack one.

  • When you direct people around, choose Right, Left, Right.

  • Battle: Female Soldiers x2, Black Mage Type B
    HP: 522, 526
    Have Zidane, Freya and Vivi each attack one.

  • Battle: Female Soldiers x2 x3
    HP: 522
    Set Man Eater on Zidane and Freya. If you are lucky you can beat them with one attack.

  • In the Cathedral, , get an Ether and Phoenix Down from the priest and save, then head outside.

  • Boss: Beatrix
    HP: 4,732
    If you can, have Quina cast Auto-Life on him / herself. Then kill him. If he comes back to life with 1 HP, use Limit Glove. Otherwise just attack a lot.

Alexandria Castle
  • Now you control Steiner. Follow the instructions to set yourself free and run towards the ladder on the left. You can avoid the female soldiers if you move quickly, but you may get into one or two fights anyway.

  • (Optional) Boss: Tantarian
    HP: 21,997
    You DON'T HAVE TO fight Tantarian here, but if you beat him you can get some good experience and the Running Shoes (which give Haste). A good way to begin this battle is to attack steiner for a few hundred HP, then have him use Minus Strike for a guaranteed 150-200 HP attack. Once the boss actually appears, have Vivi use Fira.

  • Battle: Female Soldier
    HP: 458
    Just attack. They're easy.

  • Keep running, and you'll eventually run into Zidane, Freya and Vivi. Run down to the basement of the castle.

  • Boss: Zorn, Thorn
    HP: ~2500
    Set Man Eater on Zidane, Steiner and Freya. Equip a Power Belt on Steiner. Vivi should use Blizzara. When one is given a magical attack, attack them to negate the spell. Once one is dead the other will give up.

  • Go upstairs. At the Queen's bedroom, you'll find the one and only..

  • Boss: Beatrix
    HP: 5,708
    Make sure Zidane, Steiner and Freya have Man Eater. Vivi should use Blizzara.

  • After an event, you control Beatrix and Freya.

  • Battle: Bandersnatch
    HP: 898
    Just attack. Or use Climhazzard. Whichever tickles your fancy.

  • Now you control Zidane, Vivi, Steiner and Garnet. Keep running down the steps.

  • Battle: Black Mage Type C x3
    HP: 622
    Kill one with Steiner, one with Vivi (Blizzara) and one with Zidane. If they're not dead in the first round, have Dagger attack too.

  • Battle: Bandersnatch x2
    HP: 898
    Use Blizzara.

  • Steiner leaves the party.

  • Battle: Bandersnatch
    HP: 898
    Use Blizzara.

  • Now you control Beatrix and Freya.

  • Battle: Bandersnatch x2
    HP: 898
    Use Climhazzard.

  • Battle: Bandersnatch x2
    HP: 898
    Use Climhazzard if you can. If not, use Stock Break and have hte others attack.

  • Now you control Zidane, Vivi and Garnet again. Go downstairs to the basement. After the event down there, you'll run into...

  • Boss: Ralvuimahgo
    HP: 3,352
    Have Vivi use Blizzara 3 times. Zidane should steal the first two turns.

Pinnacle Rocks
  • After the escape from Alexandria, you arrive at Pinnacle Rocks. Talk to the old man and save your gae.

  • You can ignore the event here. Go straight to the exit. Don't forget to get the Mithril Vest and Organics. Choose "Give up" and leave.

  • Go to the Business District. After you get Gil from Cid, head towards the Weapon shop and Synthesis Shop. You need a Power Belt. You should have two of them; three if possible. If Quina has learned Limit Glove, you don't have to buy Exploda. Buy some other good things, too.

  • Don't forget to rehearse once, write it down, reset and go through again as quickly as possible! Then save your game.

Qu's Marsh / Fossil Roo
  • If you don't have Quina Yet, get him here. Seriously, you'll need him now. Head into the bushes and he'll lead you to Fossil Roo.

  • Inside Fossil Roo, keep running from Armodullahan. If you get caught, reset and try again. You should kill Quina before the next battle.

  • Boss: Lani
    HP: 5,798
    Make sure Quina is dead, and use Life. Hopefully he'll come back to life with 1 HP. If so, use Limit Glove. If not, reset and try again.

  • Save.

  • Get a Fairy's Earrings at Turning Point #2 (You need about one minute to get tihs. Even if you give up, you can get one by synthesizing one at teh Black Mage Village for 4300 gil. So if you have the time, get this. If not, don't worry.)

  • Go to the right and hop on a Gargant. Change the switch at the Turning Point #2. Ride on the Gargant again. Change the switch at the Turning Point #1. Ride a Gargant...again. Save if you want to avoid monsters. Go to the right and ride, you guessed it, a Gargant. Ignore the switch at Turning Point #4. Ride on...oh, you know. Change the switch at Turning Point #3. Go to the right and ride a camel (just to be different) to the exit.

Donna Plains
  • Run run run. Keep pressing the Square button. As the moogle is coming, you can keep running without enemy encounters. When the Moogle finally arrives, save.

Conde Petie - Withered Forest
  • Go southwest, towards Qu's Marsh. At the tracks near the marsh, call a Chocobo. Head towards Conde Petie (the free-standing thing over a gorge).

  • Get 2,700 gil at the entrance. Go to the Item Shop and talk to Vivi, then go downstairs. After seeing the Black Mage, head outside.

  • Ride your Chocobo towards the raised Forest thing in the forest. Save, then enter.

  • At the Withered Forest, go Right, Right, Left, Left and Right. By the way you can't go through here without enemy encounters.

Black Mage Village
  • Go to the left side of the pond and watch the (required) ATE. Then meet Vivi at the Inn. Don't forget to go to the weapons and synthesis shop. You should buy the Oak Staff, as well as a Rune Tooth and Madain Ring.

  • Ride your Chocobo back to Conde Petie.

Conde Petie
  • Go to the second floor and talk to the Guard there. Go downstairs (to the left) and talk with the Priest. Choose the first choice. Then go to the weapons shop.

Conde Petie Mountain Pass
  • Save Eiko, and save your data at the Moogle. Ignore getting the Moonstone. Keep running until you find...

  • Boss: Hilgigars
    HP: 8,106
    Set Man Eater on Zidane. Zidane should attack, Vivi should use Bio. Eiko or Dagger should use Silence on Hilgigars.

  • Once you win and reach the world map, save.

Madain Sari
  • When you control Zidane on his own, go to the left and talk with Vivi. Then return to the Square and watch the ATE. Go to Eiko's house and talk with the moogle in front. Go to the entrance of the village and talk to Garnet there. Go to the Eidolon Wall. Go to Eiko's house. After eating, try to go out of the house. Choose to "rest". Now leave and head for the Iifa Tree.

  • Before entering the Iifa Tree, save.

End of Disc 2
(Recommended time: 3 hours 9 minutes)
  • This is the end of Disc 2. Save.

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