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Final Fantasy 9 has, in addition to its rich and interesting story, a vast number of very interesting characters. Each have their own back-story and revelations and each, throughout the story, become just as important as the next.

Final Fantasy 9 Characters

  • Zidane
    Our hero Zidane is the "leader" of Final Fantasy 9's group of friends, and an all around good fellow...
  • Dagger
    Young, beautiful, caring and extremely naive, Princess Garnet (a.k.a. Dagger) is the heir to the throne of Alexandria and the love-interest in Final Fantasy 9...

  • Steiner
    Steiner, or Rusty as Zidane calls him, is the oldest member and the comic relief of the party...

  • Vivi
    Vivi is the second youngest and undoubtedly most pensieve member of the party...

  • Freya
    Freya is a Dragon Knight from the realm of Burmecia, travelling the world looking for her long-lost love...

  • Quina
    Quina Quen is, without question, the most bizarre member of the party...

  • Eiko
    Eiko is the youngest member of the party, clocking in only 6 years...

  • Amarant
    Amarant is the outcast of the party in Final Fantasy 9, wishing to do whatever he wishes and not really caring what others think of him...

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