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Eiko Carol

Eiko is the youngest member of the party, clocking in only 6 years. Very rambunctious, fun-loving and yet also sometimes a brat, she is considered to be the "last surviving summoner" from Madain Sari. When the party runs into her, she lives with a group of moogles who take care of her and spend a great deal of time with her. Including one very important one, Mog.

Being the last surviving summoner has put a toll on Eiko, not because she has nobody to interact with but because she has nobody who can take care of her. As a result, with the help of her moogles, Eiko commonly visits the nearby village of Conde Petie in order to scrounge for food. What she doesn't realize is that another summoner will soon be in her midst...

Eiko, like Vivi, lacks physical strength but makes up for it with magical abilities. She has the ability to call upon Eidolons, just like Garnet, and also use White Magic. Despite her extremely out-of-place attitude, she is an asset to any party.

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