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Freya Crescent

Freya is a Dragon Knight from the realm of Burmecia, travelling the world looking for her long-lost love. Her travels have recently brought her to the realm of Lindblum, where she runs into one Zidane Tribal, and eventaully joins his gang. After a disastrous event in Burmecia and Cleyra, Freya vows to take revenge on the one person that causes her so much grief: Kuja.

For many years, Freya lived in Burmecia with fellow Dragon Knight, Sir Fratley. After leaving Burmecia to "travel the world" and not returning, Freya set out looking for him. The answers she may find in this adventure may be too much for her, though...

With spear / javelin in hand, Freya is undoubtedly one of the most useful party members. Her "Jump" command allows her to, quite literally, leave the battle and avoid any damage that others might receive. After a few turns she jumps back down, inflicting damage. She also has several Dragon Knight skillls that are extremely useful, such as Dragon's Crest and White Draw.

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