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Quina Quen

Quina Quen is, without question, the most bizarre member of the party. No one is quite certain whether this creature is a he or a she, although several references in the game suggest that Quina is, in fact, a he. Quina plays be no man's rules, doing whatever he wishes under any circumstances and being, for the most part, completely carefree.

Quina has been living in the Qu's Marsh just outside of Lindblum for a great deal of time, on occasion visiting Alexandria to help out on important events (such as one Princess's birthday). For the most part, however, Quina has never left his native homeland. Quale, his mentor, feels that he needs to see more of the outside world and begs you to take Quina along.

Some people consider Quina to be one of the, if not the most useless character in Final Fantasy 9. While, indeed, Quina's attacks are extremely unpredictable (their damage varies based on nothing in particular), his Blue Magic skills are extremely useful. Gained by eating other enemies, Quina can learn a variety of skills that can be extremely useful in many parts of the game.

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