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Adelbert Steiner

Steiner, or Rusty as Zidane calls him, is the oldest member and the comic relief of the party. He is also the captain of Alexandria's Knights of Pluto: a misfit gang of male Alexandrian soldiers who gain no respect and live up to their nonexistant titles. Despite these facts, however, Steiner is extremely obedient, always following orders down to the "T"--even unto the face of danger.

Steiner's past is for the most part unknown: all we truly know about him is that he has been the captain of the Knights of Pluto for a while. As previously stated he is sworn to his duties until the last, and gladly follows an orders given to him. Even when Princess Garnet willingly escapes on an airship bound to who-knows-where, he follows, intent on "saving the Princess" and bringing the gang of thieves in.

Always with sword at the ready, this Knight is the main physical attacker of the party. His attacks are always extremely powerful, and coupled with Vivi's magic (Sword Magic), he can deal devastating attacks.

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